Tier list of technical games

Spinning off from the thread about links got me thinking about the order of least to most technically demanding fighting games

Obviously super subjective, whether thinking technical upfront to even start on the game or super technical high level game play. But regardless feel free to use whatever metric you like (complex characters, tight links, etc)

I believe vesper arcade at some point listed off the tier list of difficult trials in games. But let’s just do the games in general.

I’ll kick off. (from my relatively small repertoire)

Fatal fury
Smash bros
Tekken 2/3 (yeah that’s when I stopped playing tekken)
Smash bros 4
Sf alpha
Rising thunder
Smash bros melee
All arc system works games

Yeah my list may not be the biggest. But rather than only complaining about my list (yeah I know it’s coming), show us your.

The character matters more than the game though… Also what’s so hard about RT period? Not only everything is 1 button press, but also the scaling removes the point of doing any hard combo.

SF2 is not technical?
Pretty fucking hard to consistently uppercut in that game and there’s a ton of option selects and other shit that is insanely hard to do.
Honestly if you think RT or SFxT or MK2 are harder than SF2, then I don’t know what you’re smoking.

Easy to criticise! Lay your hand for us to see :smiley:

Arc Systems games at the bottom? as in the least technical?

If so i completely disagree.

Nah, you got it backwards. Top to bottom, least tech to most.

Top tier - Games I play and like
Mid tier - Games I play and am meh on
Bottom tier - Games you play

-Has a Morrigan AV
-Doesn’t tier any game in the Darkstalkers series or any crossovers with Morrigan

Fraud alert

Why is sf3 technical

also what is the definition of technical

cuz in terms of practical play I think most characters in 3s have some difficult to execute things but probably no more difficult than any other game

The most is Fate Unlimited Codes or some Anime Fighter. Everyone else is just playing for not being last. Fate Unlimited codes where the average combo requires a dozen TK’s where you have to cancel the move within 2 frames to not jump or else your damage is shit and you should feel bad.

I don’t even play marvel. But dat morrigan. Hot damn!

My interpretation of this list is. How much can you get out of the game if you got crap execution / game knowledge

I feel there’s a trend in my list for games to get more technical as time goes on. With then arc (and other anime games) in there own league. Which is a shame cause I really loved gg1 back in the old days, but I feel there style is just immense systems now (even in xrd which was supposed to be toned down)

I realised something earlier talking to friends about sf5.

As much as we like it there was a general sentiment that the game has less “depth” than sf4

This made me think that perhaps my tier list is more a depth tier list, from most shallow to most deep.

My original list kinda matches up with this. Any others have thoughts on this? Their own list to battle mine?

Get new friends.

Being complex or convoluted does not mean more depth.

Yeah, 2 or 3 days with a beta really shows the depth of a game

This post conveys no content unless you define your terms. What counts as depth and how would you know when one game is deeper than the other? How would you know anything about sf5 from playing the beta a few games?

I suspect you and your friends don’t have the game knowledge to understand any of these games. This is a common problem with internet fighting game theory btw - very few players are good at any game or have any understanding of it. The odds of a random player having enough knowledge about multiple games to compare anything about them is very low.

SRK is a good example actually. If you read SRK as an outsider you would think we are a bunch of fighting game knowledgebases. Once you actually play one or two of these games well enough to matter, you realize 90% of what is written on SRK about X game is either untrue or stupid.

For fuck sake, i know for a fact that none of you have played the game enough to be coming with that kind of conclussions, not to mention that i can bet 1000000000 bison dollars that neither of you have a correct concept of what makes a game deep in the first place.

you are too genereous, i would say 99.9% is stupid.

I’m surprised people are so reluctant.

I imagine most people have a gut feeling but either are too worried to get bashed to post (clearly not a concern of mine) or… (I dunno)

Like I said before I think there’s a general trend where things get more complex over time. You know people master tekken 4 so tekken 5 has to up the ante.

But intermingled with that are franchise complexities (e.g. Blazblue vs mk) and the occasional reboot to get back in with the beginner market. (e.g. smash brawl and sfv)

But ya know if you don’t wanna raise your controversial opinion and just dis that’s fine too. This is the Internet after all

Rising Thunder over Melee

Specials assigned to single buttons versus a game with a fifteen year competitive lifespan that requires its players to perform shit just to succeed at a modern basic level

No King of Fighters on this list either? lmao

you have no idea what you’re talking about