Tier List


I know it’s sort of early, but does anyone know of any tier list to this game that’s out yet?


Tiers [for a game that hasn’t been officially released for even a week] are for queers. If you want to play a “top character” just make sure your team has Sentinel.


Good job outing yourself as a Smasher, homo.


Sort of early? The game just came out this week, and your expecting to have a tier list?

Nothings definite at all other then Sentinel in lvl 3 X Factor kills any, and everything.


Forget tiers altogether. Focus on the characters you think are fun and if it just so happens that one character is supposedly top tier, then work to try and find ways to beat that character. Any tiers made in the next 6 months are going to be nonsense in a few years anyway.


Sent is top tier as assist for sure.
Deadpool is top tier for projectile for sure.

Even though you can wave dash Sent is rather very slow, can’t really say hes top tier but then again he also does a truck load of damage.

Don’t forget you can also X factor during rocket super and dash forward into a launch kick into the air and repeat it over again which would pretty much be over kill on any character. Or if it’s in the corner you don’t need X factor and you still can launch them again for an over kill.


CR M/S/SJ M,H,S/light rocket punch/Sentinel Force or Shock

The only combo you need to know with him


If you can’t say it I will say it for you, sent is god tier. :rofl:


Arthur is Roll(TvC version, of course) Tier. Do not mess.


It’s too early for making tiers IMO…


Its too early to making threads like this if at all. Stick around for awhile and the tiers will make themselves known.