Tier listing for non-beam projectile assists?

For those projectile assists that aren’t beam-types, which would you say is best/worst?

I think gambit’s cards might be high up there, they fly fast and are more effective than one might think, but i don’t know if its the best.

Edit: Lets forget about storm’s and sent’s for a moment.

Tron’s is one of the best (if not the best non-beam proj assist), definitely. Sets up way too much shit and deals tons of damage in the long run.

Silver Samurai’s and Spiral’s respective proj assists deal good chip, and leave the opponent in blockstun long enough for you to set up whatever. Best used with pixies, methinks.

cables gun

I don’t think Tron’s counts as its not really a Projectile, despite the assist wording. Samurai’s stars work great with Charlie(and probably any other character who primarily relies on up-close attacks).

That is a BEAM assist, but while we’re on the subject: Iceman’s beam assist owns cable’s beam assist any day.

sentinel easy, which ever one of his assits u consider to be projectile. storm’s typhoon is good, so is spirals knives, dooms rocks, striders bird lol. Just follow the regular tier list and take out the beam projectiles and ull get ur list

Storm. No question.

Spiral? (circle knives)

you WOULD start this type of thread and then have the audacity throw your opinion about what you consider projectiles and what you dont.this is just another chance for you to brag about your s.samurai/charlie shit.** your a joke to marvel.**

trons proj. shoots out little rings that have little range but its still a projectile that wrecks.
Storms stays on screen even if she gets hit, good for snap outs.
Sents dont even need to be mentioned
Gambits work really well as a gimmick trap with dr.doom calling him then throwing out sj photon problem is it knocks down the opp. if it hits

spiral works really good for chip along side her team (cable/sent)
sam good for chip.

aside from team dynamics and all that shit. i’d say


Thanks, i appreciate such enthusiasm but I’m still not going to be your nemesis. Sorry mash :sweat:

i know she doesn’t get played but bbhood’s projectile assist is supa trill lol

I was thinking for another entry and suddenly realized that this topic is stupid.

Why are you asking for non-beam projectile assists? Does it really matter?

That’s a bloody lie. Iceman’s beam assist may do a bunch more chip damage, but it can be ducked under by some characters. Cable’s can’t. That makes a much bigger difference than you’d think.

Iceman’s beam not only does good chip damage but it acts like bleach, it’ll wash away and pass through/stop almost anything.

Thats why icebeam is annoying, it has good chip and takes priority over a lot of stuff its fired at.

what cant vipe pass through?

Got a good point there

Off the top of my head I dont think it can pass through sonic booms. I also have my doubts bout it passing through magnetos beam.

Viper beam pretty much passes through everything that doesn’t overpower it by sheer volume of hits. However, most of the things that can do so (which is usually a much bigger beam) typically release a lot slower; the viper beam releases about as fast as Magneto’s disruptor with a bit more chip damage but less damage when it hits. Sentinel/Cable-A can pretty much lock down with it if you time the assist button slightly before the fierce, and it will combo from fierce to viper beam to drones if they don’t block it on the ground. Makes for a deceptively good alternate trapping option. Plus, the viper beam will hit crouching pixies as well; the ice beam won’t.

Iceman’s beam will plow its way through a lot of stuff, but I believe it stops at the first character it hits. If you, for instance, were to call Juggernaut doing the punch assist, if he got significantly ahead of the point character in his run across the screen, the ice beam would blow Juggernaut away but wouldn’t bother the point character at all.

Plus, icebeam doesn’t come out very fast. It does do alot of chip though.

In terms of sheer stopping power, cable’s is better.

nope. I’ve faced allot of people with iceman’s assist. It can hit the assist and the point most of the times given the assist isn’t the size of jugs or sent.

And icebeam comes out fast. Sentinel/Iceman has a better lockdown then Allot of Sent/Proj assists, plus the massive chip damage it has… and no about the ducking part. i’ve ducked icebeams and still gotten hit.

iceman’s good… but personally… i like cable’s more, mainly because it’s random…

eg: if i see it come out, and i’m cable… and i go ahvb late (so he’s up higher) you can pass over iceman’s beam (know that he’s got invincible legs). if you’re against cable… shit, i’ve done straight air dashes over the cpu calling cable’s projectile, and gotten hit because it sporadically projects the beam upwards.

Sent/Doom/Iceman is awesome. You can do sents ff > rocket punch air combo with the icebeam instead of mags PA. You get hella chip with c.lpxxfly(icebeam)xxunflyxxc.fp.

No problems with this team other than a sent with a good AAA mowing you over.

I think the best projectile…wait the best non-beam projectile…no wait…the best non-beam projectile assist other than sent or storm…would have to be spirals.

tron, sent, storm, spiral