Tier Lists For Some Categories

If this is a stupid idea, then let it die as Feist said.

I don’t mind seeing what characters people think are the best overall, although I think that’s really subjective. But can we also get some facts in here about who’s the strongest, who’s the fastest, who can take the most damage, who delivers the strongest blows, whose supers are the most powerful, whose supers are most difficult to evade (probably subjective too, and should be labeled as such), who has the best projectile based arsenal… and just have separate lists of character rankings for all these and other areas of attributes?

most damage-Per hit-Hakumen/tager combowise-Nu, Rachel, Arakune
strongest blows-hakumen/tager
most powerful super-eh…subjective. most damage is tager though
most difficult to evade-Nu’s sword portal-burst-combo crap(supers should be used in combos anyways!)
best projectile based arsenal-definately Nu…
That’s just my opinion I guess… I"m probably dead wrong on a few o_o

You are wrong on Arakune being one of the fastest. His moves are pretty quick but overall speed he isn’t really that fast especially on the ground. It is just that he has a lot of options to move around in the air and to attack there. I actually think Noel is the next fastest after Tao.

On the super front, no Super armor is as effective as Bang’s dash super, I’ve yet to see anyone hit him out of it, but there are plenty of dodges.

best zoning - V13

best rush down- taokaka

most versatile-Jin

best character once they nerf the top 3- Jin

best supers- Carl

most damage- Carl with clap loop

quickest to die- Carl

most difficult to use- very subjective but I have to say Arakune

easiest to use- for me it was v13

most life- noel vermillion(by far)
Most damaging combos- noel vermillion
best zoning- v-13
most versatile- jin by far has no bad matchups (the supposed top 3 all have bad matchups)
best supers- hmm between taokaka and carl
worst supers- definitley litchi, then bang
least damaging combos- racheal
most effective to use super- tagers magnetic wheel, by far is one of the best supers
lowest life-carl
most difficult to learn- arakune
most easiest- between jin and ragna
best rush-for me is noel vermillion then taokaka


Also, Bang and Tao are the fastest in the game. Bang having the best mix ups in the game.

most virtuous - bang

oh awesome, alex073088 has arakune as the most difficult to learn :V

Nu also has no bad matchups, but I agree that Jin’s the most versatile.

I would say Litchi is the winner here. Some of Racheal’s combos do awesome damage.

Carl is way more difficult to learn than Arakune.

Bang is the only character in the game with an invincible super. His auto combo distortion drive is pretty much guaranteed to land if the oppenent uses any special move outside of a combo. Once he has 50% heat, no more projectiles, no more long range, none of that.

btw, here’s my list

Highest learning curve: Carl
Most damaging single hits: Hakumen, Tager
Most damaging Combos: Rachel, Nu
Best all-around Character: Jin
Best zoning game: Nu
Coolest Character: BANG SHISHIGAMI, THE MANLIEST OF ALL MEN (seriously, he’s like Dan Hibiki, but actually viable!!!)
Best Distortion Drives: Bang, Carl
Fastest Characters: Taokaka, Bang
Best DP: Litchi, Jin
Longest combos (seconds, not # of hits): Taokaka

that was all i could think of

Carl is clearly the hardest character to learn. I think Litchi is pretty hard also.

Easiest would be Tager or Jin.


Highest learning curve: Carl
Character you have to have patiences with Hakumen,Carl
Most damaging single hits: Hakumen, Tager
Most damaging Combos: Rachel, Nu,tager,-with 8stars Hakumen
Hardest to rushdown: Jin, Taokaka
Best all-around Character: Jin
Best zoning game: Nu, and Jin

I was going to add Ragna, but I’ve never actually played as him so I felt I had no right to put him down with Tager and Jin.

worlds greatest post award for 2009


Most damage: Carl
Shittiest damage: Carl
Most scientific: Tager
Most LOLCLONE: Nu and Noel
Best VA (JP): Ragna
Best VA (EN): Tager
Worst VA (JP): Haku-men
Worst VA (EN): Carl
Most annoying: Taokaka and Litchi
Best LOLWUT moment: Ragna BK through Tager 720
Best car driver: Jin
Best character: Bang
Best zoning: Nu (who didn’t see this coming?)
Best DDs: Tager (Magnatech Wheel), Carl (Gear super)
Best use of BEES: Arakune
The ignored award: Rachel

does not compute

Makes sense to me. Unless you have the clap down, his damage sucks. If you can clap, hes amazing.

it was kind of a joke, but it’s true at the same time