Tier lists for some snk games (mainly KOF)

Uhh, yeah, what the title says. I need some help on tiers for certain games, although I am somewhat sure about some of them. To me, these are the top tiers:

KOF '94-I think Heidern is top, as well as Kyo, but I’m not too sure why.
KOF '95- I think Kyo, Iori, and Kensou are top, but I’m not too sure either.
KOF '96- I have no idea
KOF '97- Orochi characters are obviously top. I’m not sure about the regular characters.
KOF '98- If I’m not mistaken, Daimon and Chris were top. Correct me if I’m wrong, and explain why they’re top
KOF '99- I have no idea
KOF '00- Again, no clue
KOF '01- Supposedly Lin and Foxy are broken, but I don’t know why.
KOF '02- Athena, Billy, Choi. Everybody knows this.
KOF '03- Duolon. Suprisingly, I don’t why he’s so broken

Lat Blade 1- Need info, even though LB2 outdoes it
Samsho 3- I heard a lot about Bust Haohmaru, but I’m not too sure
Samsho 4- I have no idea

I think that’s all. Basically, I just wanna know who’s top tier/broken/crap/etc. in the KOF games, as well as the more unplayed SNK games. Lots of people say that OG SNK’s games are beyond broken, and I want to know why.

94- kinda hard given the set teams. probably Heidern
95- Kyo/Iori/Heidern
96- Chin/Clark/Iori/Mature
97- Orochi Iori/Orochi Leona/Benimaru/Mary/Terry
98- Daimon because of the damage and because of the bug (see huge KOF 94-02 thread). Chris for combos in general. Kyo and Iori and Orochi Yashiro are quite strong as well.
99- King if I’m not mistaken
00- K’ and Kyo
01- Foxy/Lin/Iori/May
02- Aside from ABC, Leona and Vanessa are quite strong as well.

SS4- Sogetsu iirc
Edit- Here’s an old thread on SS4 (post #2 at least).

95- Rugal, Heidern
96- Mature (all the way), maybe Iori. Chin is only top tier against the CPU.
97- Orochi Iori Orochi Leona, Terry, Iori.

Why do people nearly always forget Mary in 97 (only 4neqs seems to remember her goodness) or RB2 Terry in 98 (best damage combo without super in the game, fast, good pokes, don’t need super in generel). 95 Ryo was also near Top or even Top in KOF 98. He could do well against Goro and O. Yashiro, which is great … His CD, the far s.B, the dp+A and fireballs out of every situation made him great in that game.

Samurai Showdown 2 = Ukyo, Charlotte
Samurai Showdown 4 = Amakusa (Bust), Galford (Bust), Sogetsu (Slash, yeah infinite water geyser for the win) and maybe Nako or Haohmaru in Bust (what combo potential) …
Samurai Showdown 5 = Yoshitaro, Yun Fei, everyone knows this
Samurai Showdown 5 Special = very hard to tell, nearly everyone can own but Suija, Amakusa, Gedo or Genjuro can be fantastic if played right out of my experience and tournament vids… But still to this day I never found or heared of a real SS5SP list …

Gah, forgot alt.Ryo and alt.Terry in '98. Thanks for reminding me. Alt. Terry’s b&b takes off around 1/3 life IIRC.

Oh yeah, Lin’s top tier in 2000 as well, since he’s sort of similar to Kyo (Counter and Armor Mode nastiness, rushdown).

For Kof2000, it is dependent on what striker you are using. For combo potential, Joe is probably the best, so anyone that can do easy 100% combos off a knockdown with Joe would be top tier most likely. Those people include Iori, Clark, Ralf (maybe, he seems to have some trouble without Joe). Chang is definitely top tier in that game due to his rediculous armor mode, and doesn’t even need a striker (although Seth is always great with him). K’ with Another Iori (or maybe with Joe/Cool Choi) is probably top tier as well, although not many people actually use Cool Choi as a striker. King using Chang or Ralf striker is probably high tier as well, if you go the fireball spamming strat (and calling Chang and taunting when they jump/roll a projectile). The only consistent way to beat that strat is to call Yamazaki or someone similar when they call Chang, so that Yamazaki grabs King as Chang is being called, or baiting King to call Chang when she shouldn’t be. Other than that, I don’t know.

As for kof2002, I seriously think Angel and May Lee are the best in that game. However, they are the hardest to learn, so you will rarely see any of them used at max potential. However, I believe the best Angel/May Lee user would probably be able to beat the best Athena/Billy user (not sure about Choi though). Other than that, ABC is top, with the next tier consisting of Vanessa, Iori, Yuri, Leona (I think), Benimaru and a few others.

God I’m forgetting characters again. ;_;

Chang is excellent in ‘98 through 2000. Striker Seth in 2000 is a bastard as well. (Kyo+Seth and K’+Seth gave me the most grief).

re:Chin in '96

Nah. I think he can do fine in vs. as well. He was listed as one of the top in the old Arcadia, and I’m sure those rankings included vs./tourney experience into consideration. Those lie-downs and other confusion stuff can work. But as noted, they’re just prominent against the bastard AI.

Clark’s definitely up there too, kills you in three command grabs in that game more or less.

[KoF 2k2]

[Top] Billy, Choi, Athena

[Near Top] Yuri, Vanessa, Kim

[Upper] Iori, Chris (both), Benimaru, Ramon, Leona

debatable: Angel

[Mid] -Rest-

[Low] Seth, Chin, O.Shermie, Chang, Ralf, Mature

Aren’t Cham Cham and the ninjas near top as well?
Cham Cham has that ridiculous cross-up throw, and the ninjas have a lot of bugs.

KOF95: Iori, Eiji

Leona was also top tier in '96. She was at her best in that game. YOu could do Batlic Launcer to grand sabre, didnt come back until 03

03 - the new team

Sure, but still the Ninjas need knockdowns first to bring up their SPD guessing game, which is extremly good and the thing they look out for. But Ukyo for example can runaway the whole match against them maybe get one good combo in (like j.AB, s.B, qcf+CD) and win. He also has way better pokes and range … Charlotte just has way better pokes then the Ninjas and doesn’t ever need to come to close either … But Galford and Hanzo are near top with Gen-An and maybe Jubei/Cham Cham out of my experience.

KOF96: Kyo, Iori, Krauser

I’m not too sure about '96 Kyo. It was the first game where he had the Aragami chains and I must say he felt rather odd in that game. Krauser too, I don’t know what he has aside from Blitzball spam.

Kyo: His angled R.E.D. Kick and his Aragami fists are more quicker.

Krauser: Blitzballs are easy to avoid. His throws are good and when on low vital/MAX meter, his Kaiser Wave is damn good and spammable.

Okay. I’ll give that I try when I can. I think I believe the Eiji '95 one. Those slashes and the reflector are nuts. The overall damage potential in that game is crazy.

What about Geese in 96, I remember him pretty strong with good far s.C, j.A/C, far s.D, Counters, RS and easy BnB stuff … Maybe he is near Top in that game?

Btw, the japanese thought of Chin and Iori as Top Tier in KOF 96…

4neqs: There is a KOF95 tourney for download available at the Hameko Uploaders. About 31 matches and the top players in the final teams were Iori and Eiji for sure.

Geese_nb: He kinda plays different bit I’ll study it a bit. I know his normals are great and Reppukens are okay. His Raising Storm though is only one hit (I think) and can be easily avoided but RED + MAX can do about 52%.

It’s been about a minute or two since I’ve last posted on SRK (about May of '05) but I should be able to contribute something to this thread. Starting with the KOF’s. I’m leaving out the bosses, by the way, since anyone knows that they’re going to be overpowered. I’ll stick the Low Tiers in another post. Everyone not listed here or there would be somewhere in between.

KOF '94: As 4neqs said, the set teams make this a little difficult to determine, so I’ll do it based on chars and teams.

Chars: Heidern (Huge range, very little charge times on his specials, little recovery, good priority, the Moonslash / Final Bringer drain glitch [evident in all Heidern appearences, except for possible 2k1) where his drains did a lot more damage after a Moonslash], and a 100% damage counter-hit Moonslash glitch).

Teams: Art of Fighting Team: Not a weak link in the bunch.

KOF '95: Heidern, Iori, Eiji, Chin (in the red).

Heidern is up there for the reasons listed in '94, except for the 100% Moonslash glitch (doesn’t have that anymore). Extraordinarily safe in most of his moves (particularly his specials).

Iori is really solid, and his Maiden Masher is not only fast, but has a good amount of invincibility.

Eiji is fast as hell, extremely damaging, excellent pressure, and specials for nearly every situation. When he’s in MAX, he can kill you in one combo.

Chin in particular gets special mention because once he’s in the red, he can do his Flame Breath super as many times as he wants. This is the best super in the game for a number of reasons.

  1. Can’t be jumped over.
  2. Can’t be sidestepped (lasts longer than a sidestep).
  3. Does more damage on a block than on an actual hit.
  4. Can’t be reflected.
  5. Very little recovery.
  6. Long ranged (few attacks are long enough and low enough to do anything against this move, and Chin’s likely to win on trades).

KOF '96: Mature, Iori, Goro, Choi, Ryo, Big Boss Team.

Mature: Her speed, great A’s, the Despair (dp+P), Metal Massacre (bdp+K) all help her here. Her real gift is the and the instantaneous, long-range, high damage, anti-airable CD.

Iori: As solid as he ever was, but now he has the dreaded Scum Gale (hcb, f+P), which, if memory serves, he was able to use as an infinite (A or B, Scum Gale, repeat).

Goro: Great pokes, new throws, and being the only char in the game with a sidestep (BCD), mark the beginning of his reign of terror.

Choi: Really fast, awesome cross-up C, hard to catch, and does more damage than he really should for his size.\

Ryo: Really solid, can do huge damage with fairly easy combos, and his standing B one of the most annoying pokes in the game. Although it’s clearly overshadowed by Mature’s insane CD, it will become the single most annoying poke in KOF '98.

Big Boss Team (Geese, Krauser, Mr. Big).

Geese: His power in 96 is in his normals. Decent pokes, an air C that’s made for guard breaks, as well as an infinite with that air C. If you can master the Raging Storm, you’ve got a no-fly zone.

Krauser: Huge range…there are chars with weapons that don’t have this kind of range. Awesome pokes, huge projectiles in the Blitzballs, above average throw range and his qcf+K…his playing style is strange in that it emphasizes on his range and his pokes, but he’s also bulldog aggressive, like someone charging at you with a spear.

Mr. Big: Once again, great pokes. A great air C, 3 crouching normals with good range that hit low (B, C, and D) His California Sunrise (or California Romance, depending) dp+P is a great anti-air. In fact, he’s the only person on the Big Boss Team with a good AA.

That’s all for the moment. I’ll get to the other KOF’s in my next post. If anyone’s reading this, that is. :lol:

I’m reading it and I wanna learn '95 Chin and '96 Mature. :tup: