Tier Lists: Who Says?

Maybe this thread should have been called “Tier Lists: Who cares?” But, anyway just jumping back into Street Fighter after a long hiatus, I’ve been picking up ALOT of information/misinformation on the whole scene, and it seems like people are so busy jocking lists, top players, and theory fighting that the core of what I remember the original games to be has turned to a mishmash of watching Daigo vs Justin Wong and believing everything knuckleheads on this forum post about how to fight, when to fight, and this “flowchart” style of play that I personally think is what ruined the fighting genre in the first place.

Before Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, I don’t really remember a multiplayer fighting game for consoles that appealed to the masses, and I’m sorry to say, but at least 60% of the country doesn’t have a bustling arcade scene within a fair driving distance. When good fighting games first started hitting the consoles, anybody could pick up a controller and at least have a fighting chance, no pun intended. That was what would make it fun, anyone could come to your place and play, and maybe win, regardless of how much you had been practicing. This is all personal opinion, so please don’t attack me on how throwing matches are better than mashing matches regarding WW. Well, through the various iterations of the Street Fighter series, (even MK noobs know that it is a weak game, increasingly so over the years…) a kind of elitist club has been formed in the cities that DID have access to arcades, and knowledge of the exploitability of the game(s) that a normal SNES owner could never attain in his shitty little farmhouse in Texas at an age too young to travel to Dallas (apply it to your state and dont tell me that I’m trailier trash. w/e.)

I’ve always loved the internet as far as competitive gameplay goes, but I think that this “NorCal, SoCal” arcade scene has fucked up the fighting genre for the masses in the states. Flowcharts and tiers dominate what your average player thinks is going to win so much that almost no one is willing to experiment and play the game that they’d like to…(Rufus, Fei; from Justin Wong.) Once a top player proclaims that this is the way to win, people, especially on this site, (jesus in 3 posts I lost over 9000 rep in just asking pretty basic questions that hadn’t yet been asked,) people will pay such close attention that they will actually main Fei or Rufus, when before they were stuck on Sagat, because he is GODLY.

TL; DR version:

The people that BEG for more competition, for a larger player base in ALL fighting games are the same elitist fuckers that are shaping the community into a theory fuckfest that no average player can just play, even influencing developers to shape a game around their hardcore ideals to the point where if you don’t play in the arcade where Jwong or Valle lives then you just don’t stand a chance attempting to play the character that you enjoy (I always liked Fei Long for flame kick…not because flame kick had enough invincible frames to beat out most jump-in normals…) because this set of ideals that 80% of the people don’t agree with, yet conform to in fear of being ostracized or alienated, is the one that is pushed onto an ENTIRE genre, causing a web 2.0 nation to be confronted with the fear of LOSING (omg!) or adapting to **** that have been slipping quarters down the chute after smoking 2 lbs of medicinal marijuana in california, just to find out that they actually push Capcom to make games that push you out of a loop that makes the company money. Who cares if the new command for SRK is df, df+P. You do! Because this community tells you to! Bottom line, wah wah, sf 4 lacks depth, when 2-3 years ago people HATED every game past alpha, but now 3s is LOOOOVED because they told you to. Play with fuckin Dan if you like him, and maybe Capcom will realize that these snugfags that spend 60 bucks a game will turn into 12 noobies that play EVERY sf game religiously will equal higher profits for a genre that is “dying” and has been dead since SNES. Capcom needs to realize that it may piss off a few “hardcore fans” to make a profit, when we were the ones making them money in the first place. Also, let regional competition lie where it does, they are better than us, deal with it. If japan wants something different, give it to them, otherwise don’t lose an entire market to 1,000 people or less.

TL; DR; DR that version. SRK is full of people that think what others want them to think. Even the owner of the site is terrified of what the community has become, and has such changed the layout of the site, even googleads in case your hardcore junkies go to hadoken.net lol. At least he has a grasp on what will help the genre, when all you knuckleheads are worried about is winning in a tournament you never even had a chance to compete in. The gaming community has changed, accept it, or be stuck forcing developers into games like Dark Void to make money. Your call. Plz flame. kthx.

TL;DR just play the damn game.

They make almost one billion bucks per year.
I don’t think it’s a revelation to them that one should ignore elitist pricks and just aim at casuals.

only retards like 3S
cvs2 is the best capcom fighting game without marvel characters

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all this topic is ever gonna turn into is why x sf game sucks and why y sf games rocks - everyone that participates in the discussion are the same assholes that can’t grasp the concept that sf games are supposed to be different from one another

btw we all know that sf 2010 is the only PURE street fighter game

I work at a company that makes fiberglass composite pipe, and in this recesssion they are making money cutting the FAT from their expenses, while Ono is begging for a Darkstalkers (which I would love to see!) Do you think that Capcom is making enough of their money from Street fighter, and preorders of Super Street Fighter 4, and related SF4 products to really want to push new games into a same failing genre that isn’t shooting games? Apparently, including refreshes, 10,000 people or so give a rat’s ass about Super Street Fighter 4’s new ultras on youtube, mind you, that is a regional number, but any smart company is going to STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM this market, except for TvC, which won’t do as well as forecasted, especially with the wii’s unique controls, that Capcom will inevitably completely back away from this type of game. It took 10 years for SF4, expect even longer for SF5, maybe, if the hype among 5000 ppl that have a hard on for a game that no one else cares about will spend 40 bucks on a Japanese game.

Let me get back to the business aspect of this, my company is based in Asia, where we do a majority of our business, the fact that the American recession is crippling the market for our product is directly relative to this sector of the gaming industry, they may make the money with the same amount of employees in Japan, we are NOT going to see enough business in America for them to always push a TvC type project through our rough economy with all the developers they’ve been trimming to make the part of the market even to the amount of money they are investing into a FAILING market, and I think part of the reason the market is failing is the fact that they listen to America too much when we don’t understand exactly what developing a game that Americans will play in this genre is, in part to sites like this, where we DEMAND, in an obnoxious American way, what 1/5 of us will pay for, then expecting them to take the tomatoes off of our already fatty American pig burger wants. It can not be an attractive market. After TvC they will stop, even if DarkStalkers gets an import copy, we will be stuck eating SSF4

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Flowcharts and tiers dominate?

Don’t know about flowcharting your way to Evo but tier list in fighting games have ALWAYS been around. Seriously, no secret at the time that CE Bison was beyond OP. During the Alpha series, if you played in an arcade, your group was going to figure out eventually who were the better characters. Its no freaking secret that if you play Rose for half an hour and then Sagat for half an hour; that a good portion of people are going to figure out that Sagat is a beast in 4 compared to Rose. No theory fighting there, if you play some characters, you will have a harder time winning.

We care that the reversal window is bigger and that the SRK motion has a shortcut because people can mash the shit out of it for no reason. nobody told us to hate it, we just happened to play online and saw more reversal SRKs in one match against ken than in a 30 game set on ST. And all this coming from somebody who can’t do a tatsu. Personally, I don’t like it. This means a friend of mine can murder one of my sticks and be rewarded with something to keep murdering my stick (nope, that person is not nothing it again). Its not all that fun either because it means the meaties only exist against non-srk having characters (although those are dubious).

The reason why you think we are bandwagoning is not what you think. Seeing a top player play a character helps you understand the basics of it. There’s a huge difference in reading a thread saying to do XYZ and seeing XYZ being done and the situations in which it is being done. I wanted to main rufus until I played him. Didn’t fit my style. Shitload of people rep characters because they like him. You don’t see Flash Metroid rocking that Ryu when he damn well can do any combo for Ryu since they are shit ton easy than vipers. Eduardo Perez counterpicked Honda against Sanford’s Akuma.

i don’t know if Mr. Wizard is afraid of the community. But he is a pretty big guy and I’m sure he can take me. So…yo Mr. Wizard is mad hotness in a bottle (no homo, unless necessary to avoid a punch in the face).

Flowcharts winning tournaments…I got trolled so hard.

So are you mad that some guys you’ve never met are probably better at Street Fighter than you or. . . what?

And a lack of arcades when the SNES games were being released? Shit, we had arcades in Michigan back then.

I can see where you’re coming from. This has been discussed numerous times. Tier list evolves based on the tournament out come and which character(s) the player uses. Tier lists some times evolve over time. I remember a time when Dhalsim and Sakura was considered top tier (believe it or not) in MvC2.

Elitists? LOL, I honestly don’t think the top players are elitists. They share their opinion and if others want to listen, then they can. They don’t have to. This is why numerous “top” players don’t post anymore. It’s cuz of posters like you. All you do is whine and complain. Well, there’s really no point of me going on. No one really knows who the fuck you are. So when you do make a name for yourself, be sure to come back and troll you want.

In most cases, anything you like in life, you want to get good at. (Unless you are just someone that is unmotivated.) You can have fun mashing all day, and getting your wins time to time, or even having fun losing. But if you enjoy playing, and you enjoy the game, you want to seek more of it, at least in my opinion. You can relate this to school, careers, or sports. If you want to become the best graphic designer, do you sit at home with MS Paint? Or do you seek information that says “Hey, Photoshop and Illustrator would be good for you!” These people could go more in detail, and talk about compositions, layouts, etc, which in the field, is where the bar is set. These details allow the designer to create a design with structure, but it does not refrain the designer from their artistic talent, or creativity.

Now take this into context, where you have a fighting game scene. You have people that are brought up in an arcade scene or a strong local scene. These people show us those details on where the bar is currently at. Sure, we can innovate ourselves, and thats how you have certain players stand out, but you have to be sure to look outside your box to see where the scene is, cause otherwise you could waste your time innovating poor tactics. That is, if you are seeking more, because you enjoy the game. These players dont tell you exactly how to play, they just give you good pointers like bnb combos, spacing, normals, etc. If you could actually deliver the correct answer to every situation in SF, then that destroys the point of a mind game. And to overcome mindgames, you have to be creative, hardworking, and talented. Just like in the real world of design :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you dont like getting better at things, then you could just listen to the first reply, and just play the game :expressionless:

This is absolute bullshit.

I was ten when WW came out on SNES, but I was the only one of my friends who had the game. None of them stood a chance against me with any character. I’m sure there are thousands of people like me who ended up having nobody to play against before the rise of broadband and GGPO as none of their friends would play them anymore.

Well pryde, you close this thread as you damn well please, but I dont think the top players even bother posting here, aside from Sabre, who I actually think is pretty l33t, the top players don’t post here because they know better. They make money from their knowledge of the game, it’s not because people share ideas on this forum, it’s because people question like you are still bothering defending them. Yeah, let me make a name for myself, because I can beat Daigo, that’s not what I’m saying. It’s cute that you changed your avatar from a gay pride flag to a woman, because it shows how easily influenced you are, if you love cock, fuck it, love cock, but if you want to pretend to be a woman, then you’re no better than the Tier whores I’m talking about in this thread. I don’t see you beating Valle, SabRe, Wong, Daigo. Because you’re a ****** poser. This account means nothing to me, but you’ve obviously based your life around a false identity, so keep doing that, but leave innocent gamers out of it.So, yknow, whatever, alienate me for my belief, especially considering the fighting genre, because that is totally what wizard spoke against during the new year. Great. you found a forum to *** thread on, i hope its worth 10 bucks a month, because im not paying shit to live my happy family life and call you a ******. And honestly if you want to test you leet tactics against me that you learned from pros that won’t post because I posted a thread on a forum with 8000000 posts dogging/prasing people that make a living off of people like you, then please bring your PVR, DVR, DVRDCR WTFEVER to a match with me, and fuck, id spend enough to play you on ps3, just let me know, and jesus christ, id spend enough playing you on an arcade machine, since you know enough, as long as its recorded to show that you’re a phony that i could make you look like the wannabe bulldyke that you are. StillPie on xbox 360 if you have another method of playing that shows that you are somehow more qualified to speak on the subject of competitive gaming then by all means hit me up PM, but as i’m sure you will, close the thread. I’d love for our vid to be on youtube to prove my point. BRING IT OR PUSS OUT BY CLOSING THIS THREAD. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE

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And here I was wondering how 2010 could actually be worse than 2009.

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