Tier Lists

Hi everyone I have just rescently got the game and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I just wanted to know what the tier lists are because I kinda want to go competitive in this game. I’m just curious what the tiers are, and who the most used characters are.

Now I know that the god/toptier list goes something like this (in no particular order):

God tier:
Chun Li

That is correct right? Well then if thats the case…who is high tier. Is this game like GGXX where most characters are used in tournament play, or is this like Marvel where only the 3 gods are played?


every so often a tier thread comes up, so you can have a fun read over there :wgrin:.

so regarding your questions, the general consensus for top 3 is as you posted. with regards to character usage, i have to say that most of the characters (if not all) appear in tourney play. by that i mean that there’s at least 1 guy who’ll use a bottom feeder. the only thing to consider is that on average, you’ll have more Yuns, Chuns & Kens than say, Dudleys or Remys or Oros.


Thank ya very much Kal El…you kinda play in the same area as I do…so if your ever at a lanwerx tourny…I look forward to playin ya!

Mickey D’:

i was @ the Northwest Regionals back in March, i think it was. LTB and i have played each other a few times. Ondrej knows me too :wgrin:. 3s isn’t very big in Seattle though. if you want 3s action, come up to BC. LTB knows it :badboy:.


speaking of tier lists, whats the point? i mean we all have a clear view on who’s the best but does it really matter? no other info comes from any of these lists and not one has fully in detail showed the advantages and disadvantages without a universal agreement on it.

also these lists look so bleek and shallow. chun ken yun r top while 10-15 charaters down the line u’ll see either twelve, hugo or q. why cant the list show the difference in performance between the top and bottom? ppl get false ideas from these lists because they dont know how far off a charater really is from moving up/down a tier. maybe a point system derived from the attributes and possibilites a characters has would more efficiently document a tier list. the mid tier in this game is SO QUESTIONABLE.

5 point system could work, but I’m kind of sick of all this Tier stuff. You can’t rank play style. The Tier Listing also mostly shows which characters have outright advantages against another character with tier 1 being the easiest to tier whatever being the hardest.