Tier Ranking of the Teleports

How would you rank the teleports? Me I think its something like this:

Spiral (best)
Akuma (worst)

I think all the teleports are useful but the best for me is still spiral’s and the worst is akuma. I rank both akuma’s and sakura’s teleports low because the can only teleport while on the ground and their teleports are “visible”. Im not a pro so I could have the rankings wrong. anyone care to clarify the rankings (your own opinion will be fine).

i think sakuras should be up higher since it has zero frame recovery which lets her teleport one after the other. Atleast after dhalsim


Spiral – easy control motion and zero frame startup. It’s a major reason why Spiral is still a viable character if you know what you’re doing with her.
Sakura – ugly control motion, but zero frame startup AND recovery, so potentially the best way in the game to kill the clock on a lead if you don’t screw it up
Dhalsim – zero frame startup, but tricky control motion
Strider – fairly easy control motion, but it’s got another move with a similar motion that can get you and your assists killed if you do it by mistake. Try dropping an assist on Cable and going to the wall some time. You lose, right there.

…and then the others.

make me cry :sad:

I would choose Bison’s teleport over Psylockes as…

  • Bison is comparable to the four corners of the screen where the opponent is
  • Psylocke teleports are located on the ground area of the screen

don’t psylockes teleport happen in 4 places? ground and air?

you can avoid AHVB in reaction with Bison

Yep, but I believe it has horrible recovery time. (air)

Could blackheart be considered a teleporter, the way he goes into the ground and comes up?

I think if you hold the stick forward after doing the dash, he’ll appear about as far as half the screen from where he was. I don’t play him enough to know for sure, but a good BH player at my arcade told me this.

The only plus with bison IMO is that it is instant. The big down fall is, well, two things. He has to appear around the opponent anywhere on the screen. Like in flyscreen or not. Also your opponent automatically faces him.:tdown:

bison is not instant

best ones are spiral and strider

if it is, then it would be at the bottom of the list. too much vulnarabliity and not that much functionality.

the only teleports to be used in battle consistently are strider and spiral.

everyone else’s is probably only good for like 1 or 2 times per match cuz u might catch someone by surprise with them but then they would get used to it and punish u

just about every single time i use the psylocke assist by accident (not covered by an assist) i get punished

Me i never considered blackheart’s dash as a teleport becasue of its vulnarability during the “teleport” part. Also to me I tend to rate a teleport’s ability to mess around with cable. The reason for this is that 95% of the matches I play at the arcade are against sombody with Cable. I played like 25 people in the last two days and about 23 of those people were playing cable. the only two who weren’t were a MSP player and a Santhrax Player

I agree with you on that list. God, I love spiral :smokin:I have dodged so many specials… mag’s shockwave, ironman’s proton cannon, cable’s AVHB, etc. Chasing jumping dooms/cables/blackhearts/flying sents are easy as hell too. Spiral vs any of them is a no brainer (1v1 that is). all thanks to her teleport. it’s too good.

One thing though. I would move bison up one because he reaches the far sides of the screen

  • far top left
  • far bottom left
  • far top right
  • far bottom right

Psylocke does that too, but it’s not far and as close to the walls as bison’s. Plus theres only 2 things psylocke can do since when she teleports. She can press HP and do that drill RIGHT after (opponents usually block it cause it can be seen from miles away) OR wait till she touches the ground (quite some time) then she can attack, sadly. (this gives the opponent plenty of time to punish her, thats if they guess where she’s coming from) If only the recovery time was faster OR if she could cancel that drill XX into a move or super, now that would bump her up the list. Bison can attack right after he appears so thats why I would rank him up there.


… Strider is too bad at start up… :sweat:

how can he to be one of the best???

Spirals is the best…
Dhalsim’s next, IMO, cuz you can teleport and reset your ability to air dash
Strider is next for obvious reasons.
Then everybody else…
Bison’s, IMO is the worst.

because he has almost no recovery.

i say almost because there is a frame of recovery. try teleporting into the captain sword.

imo, psylocke has the worst since it has both noticable startup and recovery.

at least bisons startup is very minimal. you just cant teleport against the ahvb on reaction.