Tiers for enemies in non-fighting games


I thought this would be equally as interesting as the normal TFNFG thread.
It works the same way as that thread, only instead of listing weapons,
characters, etc. for characters you play as, you’re listing tiers for the
enemies you fought against.

Note : Goes without saying, but let’s be respectful. Not everyone breezes
through or has difficulty with the same enemy.

I’ll start with Quake and it’s expansions (Excluding the X-Men one,
since it was terrible.)

The funny thing is, I had the hardest time figuring out how to kill
this bitch. She doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t move, attack, nothing.
And after killing all the enemies on the stage, you’re essentially
stuck with a boss that can’t be killed via your weapons, yet doesn’t
do anything to you. There’s literally no explanation or hint given as
to how to kill this thing. I FINALLY managed to kill this thing 20
minutes after I had cleared the stage via walking into the teleporter
just as her eye went in. Honestly, who would ever think to do this? :confused:

Had that ridiculously hard to dodge lightning bolt, would tear you
to shreads in seconds up close, and would ALWAYS seem to spawn
on you in the worst places. (-_-)

Although not as strong as the Shambler, they have one thing that
annoys the shit outta me. Their goddamn homing bomb. Sometimes
it will go around a corner and hit you! Which of course, deals a lot
of damage, and since it’s a bomb, it can do some slight splash
damage to you. One thing to note is that you can make this bomb
follow you and hit other monsters, giving you some breathing room
and even taking the heat off you.

Moves fast, can jump really really really far, and said jump is also
a strong leaping attack that after they land from it, they just go
to town at ripping at you. Probably the only non-boss enemy to
be as equally dangerous and threatening as a boss enemy since
you have to keep moving and be very choosy as to which weapon
to use (explosives are a bad idea unless you’re in an open area or
you can trap him into a pit he can’t get out of).

Can do a lot of damage to you if you’re hit by him, but what
puts him in mid-tier is the very easy pattern to damage him,
and that he’s actually rather simple to beat. As long as you
use some caution, you’ll have no problem. For a boss he’s
really not that bad.

IMO, the second hardest non-boss enemy of the game. These
things move amazingly fast, can hit you hard, and eventually
they explode (or if you kill them) and do a lot of nasty splash
damage! If you have more than one chasing you, prepare to
get messed up bad.

Very common, have grenade launchers, and a long reach with
their chainsaw attack. Not too difficult to kill since you can
knock them down, allowing them to take free damage, but they
can be quite the headache if not dealt with immediately.

Death Knight
These guys are tough, taking a good beating, dealing lots
of damage up close, having a spreading projectile, and can
move fairly well, but can still be killed without too much
difficulty compared to the higher tier’d enemies.

About the same as a Knight in terms of damage and durability, but
can fly and is usually in pairs or small groups, making them very
annoying. Luckily like Knights, they die without much effort.

Move somewhat fast and can do some damage, but they’re about as
durable as the Enforcer. Probably the strongest of the weakest enemies.
As long as you move backward and shoot, they actually get stumbled,
allowing you to kill them rather quickly and easily.

Can’t be killed by non-explosive weapons unless you use a quad damage
powered double shotgun. But are ultra slow, and can be very easily
avoided. They can also be used as a great distraction. Because they
can’t be killed via explosives, a lot of enemies will just keep hacking
away at them, and not stop since the zombie can’t die.

A grunt that does slightly more damage, and takes slightly less damage,
but is ultimately as easy to kill.

Can be annoying in groups, but is otherwise very very weak and
easy to kill. Can be two-shotted by the shotgun, and one shotted
by the double barrel shotgun. Any other weapon is overkill on them.

A fish version of a Rottweiler. Just as weak and easily killed as one

Little damage, and very weak. Not a threat in the slightest bit.


Armored Core 2 Another Age (Hard mode)

God Tier

Nineball Seraph - One of the hardest video game bosses…ever. Easily one of the top ten. Seraph has overwhelming attack power, speed, and solid defense. He’s also relatively small making him a difficult target once he converts to jet mode. There aren’t any tricks to beating him other than not dying long enough to do some actual damage. Beat Doku in Ninja Gaiden 1st try. Beat Night Terror in Soul Calibur III first try. Lost to Seraph 89 times before beating him, using a normal AC. He’s a monster.

Top Tier

Nineball - Good at close and long range fighting. If he didn’t have unlimited ammo like all the CPU ACs do he wouldn’t be as tough.

Phantasma - Ridiculously high defense, and high attack power. All you have to do is hop on his back and fire downwards. Until you figure that out, he’s not easy to beat.

Stinger - A beefed up version of the original. His weapons are far better than normal ACs, but he’s weak at long range combat. Close range he’s dangerous.

Mid Tier

Massive MT - This guy has the highest defense in the game, and ridiculous attack power. Good thing he’s slow and has terrible manueverability.

Stealth Bomber - Really high defense, and hard to catch with normal boost. More annoying than dangerous, but if you don’t have the right AC you can’t kill him.

Stolen MT - Another boss which is only tough because of his sidekicks. He flies very high though…and has pretty good defense for his manueverability. This guy actually killed me the first time I fought him. Not the second time though.

**Bottom Tier **

Queen Bug - Not really that tough. You fight her in an enclosed area, and have to deal with her minions. She can kill you if you’re not careful. Her weapon is probably the best overall weapon in the game…better than Phantasma’s Laser Shower, or the Massive MTs bombardment.

All other ACs - Most of these guys are only difficult…because they double team you. Not because they have good equipment or AI.

Garbage Tier -
All the other enemies. Especially the Indies.

Everyone else


the Armored Core series has some very tough boss fights, last boss version of Zinaida from last raven is also an exceptional tough one


Viewtiful Joe 1

**Insane Tier **
Fire Leo

Top Tier
Another Joe
Omnipotent King Blue
Captain Blue (Final)

Mid Tier

Low Tier
Charles III
Captain Blue (Regular)

Bottom Tier
Gran Bruce


every kirby game ever :



everything else.


Technically, you can kill her with your weapons, it’ll cause the game to crash instead as Shub has no standard monster death function.

Chthon would be moved to God tier had his level not been his personal suicide booth.


Young Blue was a much harder battle for me. I had to lame him out with Voomerangs just to prevent him from running his strategy against me, and when I ran out of those, I was screwed. The enemy using Mach Speed against me? and Lightening? Shit, I didn’t know what to do. What made it real tense was the fact that you had to fight him and King Blue in the same take, so if you lost all your lives, you had to go back to the long drawn out fight with King Blue again.

Leo was annoying, but predictable. Sure, he got X-factor when he was low on life, but he wasn’t that bad. You just had to predict his charge, jump over his fireballs and be mindful of the meteors falling from the sky. T

I would also put Hulk at the bottom of the list. He would just stand there and swing his ax at your legs, and you could easily air dodge (without slow) then pummel him with slow zoom punches. He would then charge at you, hit the wall, and get stunned for big damage opportunity. Rinse and repeat. Of course, if you run away from him, attack him too much while he’s blocking, or break his ax, then shit gets hectic for you as he’ll throw his ax for ricochet, summon homing missiles, or swing his ax vertically out of blockstun which is hard to dodge and takes a lot of life.

Of course, all the bosses are challenging when you’re going for all rainbow V’s. Still haven’t been able to do it.


Any FF game:

Top: Malboro
Bottom: Everyone Else


Fixed that for improved tier list


Payday The Heist

SS Tier

  • Taser - Cheap as hell. There is a glitch that allows them to tase through walls in some areas of the game and their taser has long reach. These guys can down you pretty quickly with the taser and causes you to discharge your whole clip, which is problematic since ammo is scarce in this game

S Tier

  • Bulldozer - Really hard to kill without explosives or headshots, plus their shotgun hurts like hell, being able to down you in two shots, or three if you have the armor upgrades
  • Cloaker - They can down you in one hit, which will happen if you’re caught in tight quarters. They are thankfully relatively easy to kill since the tell-tale night vision goggles takes a lot of the guesswork out of getting headshots. Their gun is also the most damaging in mid and long range of all the enemies in the game

A Tier

  • Swats and Mercs - They take more work to kill due to armor and they have better weapons, but they are still normal enemies at the end of the day. It isn’t worth the effort to get these guys to surrender to use as hostages, since they take a lot of work to make surrender.
  • Shield - These guys are a joke for a special enemy. Their gun does pathetic damage, only being beating gang members, security guards, and normal cops. They die quickly if you jump over them and shoot them in the back. They are often easy to jump over because they usually kneel down and walk that way, which makes them even slower movers than Bulldozers.

B Tier

  • Everything else - Cops and security guards are just ammo dispensers. FBI can be annoying because they move very fast, but are programmed to rescue hostages and only engage you if you’re too close to hostages.


diablo 2 hell

bone fetish
monster w/ thorns (if you’re melee)


Link’s Awakening Bosses:

S Tier

Eagle Tower Boss - OMG this guy is really a pain in the ass. He can take two hearts away, force you into defense, and perhaps the most annoying thing of all is blowing you off the platform (if you get blown off he recovers ALL of his health). I usually kill him with exploding arrows, but it takes a whopping 4x to down him. Just an annoying boss, and clearly above the others.

A Tier

Catfish Maw Boss - Ugh, this fight can get dragged on if you don’t have a piece of power. I’m not even sure exploding arrows work on this guy, just another
headache to overcome. He doesn’t dish out much dmg but instead he has a variety of tricks up his sleeve. You can’t even touch him unless you use hook shot, and even then sometimes he sends out an exploder to injure Link.

Nightmare - Last boss in the game. He’s no push over, but once you have a feel for all his forms and what to do he will fall fairly quickly.

B Tier

Bottle Grotto Boss - This guy can take a full heart away and at that stage of the game that’s not a good thing. His fireballs are not very accurate but if one hits you there’s a good chance you will probably get hit by an extra one. Fight can last forever but he doesn’t have a lot of tricks like the Catfish boss.

Tail Cave Boss - First boss in the game but why is he not F tier? Well, it’s because he can knock you off platforms and respawn his energy. At the same time he can take one heart away so you only have 3 tries before it’s game over. This guy can be annoying to fight against.

C Tier

Turtle Rock Boss - This guy gets owned by the flame staff. But, he can take a whooping 4 hearts away! Don’t let this guy touch you!

Key Carven Boss - This can be hard only if you don’t know how to split the eye in two. From there it’s just picking your spots carefully and avoiding the ground stun with jump attacks.

D Tier

Angler Tunnel Boss - This fish is an hit magnet. He uses a charge attack that can take a few hearts away but if you have good reaction skills you can kill him before he even moves. I like to use bombs.

Face Shrine Boss - Possibly the easiest boss in the game. Bombs will do the trick, very easy to avoid the shit he throws at you.


Don’t forget gloams.

1.10 Single player anything FE was S++++ tier rendering all HC characters in that version automatic ranged fighters.

Blizzard done wronged us with 1.10.

Edit: is willowisp the hell version of gloam? Been a while


Persona 3 boss tiers in terms of difficulty

S Tier
Sleeping Table

That is all.