Tiers for non-fighting games?


Advance Wars: Dual Strike CO tier list

S Tier (So Good They’re Banned Tier)
Von Bolt (no downsides, huge upsides)
Nell (massive good luck bonuses that break the game)
Hachi (no downsides, SCOP is broken)
Colin (on predeployed, he’s F tier; with bases, he gets ridiculous very quickly)
Grit (artillery is all you need)

A Tier (Really Good Tier)
Kanbei (undisputed king of predeployed, pluses outweigh minuses on deployment maps)
Sasha (you will never get your powers if she doesn’t want you to; minor day to day boosts but no downsides)
Sensei (the best in the game with two of the best units in the game; SCOP is goddamn ridiculous)
Eagle (rules the air; SCOP is amazing; a team with him and Sami is S+ tier)
Sami (mech flood kekeke; best in the game at capturing; see Eagle)
Jess (fantastic at big ground-based maps; her downsides are easily compensated for with a good partner)
Kindle (most maps revolve around properties, and no one is better than her at dominating properties)

B Tier (Still Usable Tier)
Hawke (good day to day, but his powers are overpriced)
Drake (not as good at sea as he should be, but his annoying powers compensate)
Lash (nerfed from AW2 where she was borderline top tier; pretty balanced, and Prime Tactics is still arguably the best SCOP in the game)
Sonja (in fog of war, near S tier; outside of it, she’s okay and counterpicks Lash and Kindle pretty hard)
Rachel (neat little bonuses, but nothing too powerful; SCOP is nice when the missiles land where you want them to)
Jake (day to day boosts are nothing special, powers make him much better)

C Tier (I Hope You Know What You’re Doing Tier)
Andy (arguably underpowered, his saving graces are fantastic synergy on any team and an awesome SCOP)
Olaf (snow powers were changed dramatically from AW2 to here, making him more offense-based; random weather is no longer quite so feast or famine)
Max (not enough firepower boosts to make up for ineffective indirects)
Koal (his abilities actively hurt his defense; poor tag power synergy with most of the good COs)
Adder (discourages tag power usage thanks to his good COP; poor synergy with most of the good COs)
Javier (depending on the map, can be anywhere up to and including S Tier; this positions reflects if he has no com towers)

D Tier (Too Damn Random Tier)
Flak (Too damn random)
Jugger (Even more too damn random)

F Tier (Grimm Tier)
Grimm (almost anyone can oneshot his units with most things; if he gets the first strike he’s great, but he’s too bang or bust and his powers don’t help his downsides)


been forever since I played advance wars but I do remember sami + eagle being broken.


Sami+Eagle+small map = you better know what’s up.


How many +s are on the S for the Colin/Sasha team?


Skyrim Perk Trees Tier List (Feel free to make any suggestions)

S Tier
Enchantment (One of the easiest to level up and the most versatile. What really puts it over the top, however, is that it makes the two other crafting trees [Blacksmithing and Alchemy] completely ridiculous)
Sneaking (You know how overpowered this is? 30x backstab damage. Also, sneaking upsets the entire market system of the game because you can just steal what you need)
Blacksmithing (Insanely easy to level up if you grind it out, the main benefit of this is that it turns the warrior build into the best in the game.

A Tier
One Handed (More versatile than 2-handed and adds a bonus to the ridiculously overpowered 15x/30x dagger bonus)
Archery (Provided you have good aim, archery can be very good. I’d actually call this a “balanced” perk tree, although you’ll need to use it with blacksmithing to get the best value)
Speech (Takes a bit of time to level up, but the perks here allow you to take advantage of breaking the game’s economy. The investment perk, sell stolen items to invested shops perk, and ESPECIALLY the perk that allows you to sell any item to any shopkeeper are all really good. Add in the bribing guards perk, and you can easily avoid the normal repercussions to stolen items. Plus, this is a perk tree that pretty much anyone can use.)
Conjuration (Insanely easy to level up, and while it does suffer a “cap” like Destruction does, the cap is much higher.)

B Tier
Illusion (The perks here are great, but illusion will still suffer due to how many higher level enemies you can’t cast it against. On the plus side, quiet casting is amazing, and dropping the cost of invisibility is also very good.)
Two-Handed (The main problem with this tree is that two-handed weapons just aren’t as good as one-handed weapons, and the perk trees are similar. Sure, you get a ton of power, but you get close to that same power with dual-wielding. However, this tree still has some very nice perks.)
Light Armor (Better perks overall than heavy armor. The main problem is that protective perks aren’t really that great.)
Heavy Armor (Good perks, but some useless ones like Cushion)
**Restoration (Thanks for the reminder): Recovery and Regeneration are both very good perks, since pretty much every character has reason to heal at least once. The main problem with this perk tree is that other than that, it’s a bit limited; I’ve never found Wards that useful, and Necromage is useless unless you’re packing destruction magic, Turn Undead [Which ain’t that great], or an illusion spell with quiet casting). **

C Tier
Alchemy (At first I thought the Alchemy Tree was worthless… Then I realized that only the top parts are worthless. Why? Invisibility, Fortify, and Paralysis potions are amazing, and if you invest five perks into the bottom part your potions become amazing. The main problem with this tree is that you have to grind a LOT due to how slow it goes up.)

D Tier
Destruction (Destruction itself is ass, but its perk list has some nice ones. The best one is the dual cast stagger, which actually makes destruction usable.)
Pickpocketing (Let’s be honest, the only reason to get this tree in Skyrim is the carry weight perk. Potions and enchantments make the perks worthless [Although Perfect Touch is hilarious].)

Bottom Tier
Lockpicking (Finding more gold in chests is laughable. Easier lockpicking is laughable with the availability of lockpicks. It’s funny, because I like lockpicking, but the perks just suck.)

I didn’t put Alteration and Blocking here because I’ve never tried them. Both seem decent, but not amazing (Unless you combine the alteration tree with a ton of other kinds of magic resistance)


Skyrim Tier Continued:
SSS+ Tier:
Console Codes
Mode Manager Programs




No Restoration?


Thanks for reminding me. I think the Restoration perk tree is decent, but not amazing.


Chrono, Ayla, And Robo are top tiers if you dont think so your low tier.
Anyone have tiers for dark souls and Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City


worst final fight tier list ever, cody and guy are a lot better then Haggar. Haggar is top only in the nes version which he does have a infinite


Anyone up to make a Tribes: Ascend class tier list? Maybe for both pub and comp play like the TF2 lists. I haven’t been playing for too long, but I’m feeling Doombtinger is on the lower scale of the list due to being a slow/near-immobile class in a very fast game (yet still remains relevant because of Force Fields) and because the Saber missiles probably aren’t as good as they should be, while Pathfinder is typical nimble and versatile class that ranks near or at the top.



Four Eyes


Silent Hill Protagonist Tiers?



I dont know but Alex has better combat skills then any of the silent hill characters. James is nuts, Harry is just a nice guy, is daughter is kind of hot in 3. Henry gets the hottest chick out of all them. Travis has to be the most borring out of all them, Murphy has cool backround, though the other characters might just think hes a bad person


i feel like restoration is hot ass given that potions have zero recovery and resto has like thee minutes worth of startup as you switch hands and all that



Super late, but since I’m browsing the thread…

Final Fantasy VIII Character Tiers

Though really, it’s Limit Break tiers since that what really sets characters apart. These tiers are made in touch with the idea that you’re going to break the game over your knee through Junctioning and Refining Magic…

Zell - Doing Punch Rush/Booya over and over with his 12 second Duel limit is the most damage you’re ever going to get in a turn, so long as you’re patient. Also, since Duel is based on time, he is technically the only main party member who gets his “best” Limit Break right off the bat.

Rinoa - Angel Wing boosts damage + lasts a long time + doesn’t go away. It also only uses offensive magic, so just stock up on Meteors and nothing else for offence and watch her break 100k every turn she gets easily with a speed boost and she can be healed and still maintain her Angel Wing state. Also has random Angelo bonuses which are not reliable but can save you in a pinch.

Squall - Renzokuken is pretty damn random, as is Lionheart activation, but he does good damage. The chances of him getting the absolute worst Renzokuken when low on life (+ optional Aura spell) is damn low, and in other cases, he should be able to outdamage…
Irvine - More consistent than Squall. Needs an upkeep of bullets to do good damage, and doesn’t quite get Squall’s highest damage output.
Kiros - Multiple hits here too. Not much else to say.

Quistis - Best set of Limit Breaks against mooks, especially with Degenerator. Great for leveling and the islands closest to heaven or hell.

Selphie - A roulette of more or less all spells in the game. Not very reliable. Her best attack is an instant kill on everything inthe game, but that’s not easy to get (maybe disc opening will work? Not sure.
Seifer - Single hit against all enemies. Not much to say here.
Laguna - Single hit against all enemies too.
Ward - Same for him.

Edea - Single hit and iirc only one enemy hit. But she’s hot.


Tiers for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer classes? Asari Adept and Human Vanguard have to be high, if not S tier.



  • Alchemy should be bumped up to at least A-tier (maybe even S), even if the perks past the entry one and Benefactor do suck. Not only for the amazingness of the potions themselves, but also the fact that certain recipes are INSANE moneymakers (particularly those involving Giant’s Toe). Plus you can make powerful Fortify Smithing and Enchanting potions to boost those other two crafting skills immensely, allowing you to make disgustingly broken-tier gear.

  • Block is A-tier. Very solid all around. A note on blocking, the right side of the tree (the bashing section) and Quick Reflexes are usable by two-handed weapons as well. That means Deadly Bash, which is simply gorgeous. If you do use a shield, the left side is really pretty necessary (especially Elemental Protection and Block Runner, and Shield Charge is also a lot of fun).

  • Also on that note, I’d bump two-handers up to A, since unlike with dual-wielding you can actually block and use the lovely Deadly Bash.

  • Alteration is A-tier at least, maybe S. If you’re a Breton, all you need are the magic resistance perks from this tree and a max-Enchantment (perks and all) Resist Magic piece of armor of some sort and I think you’ll be at 100%. Atronach is awesome, too, and combines beautifully with the Atronach Stone for 80% spell absorption (which is hand-down THE best endgame standing stone for Warrior-types). And at higher levels magic is a bigger enemy threat than physical attacks are.

  • Speech being A-tier is correct, but it should be noted that it’s pretty much an endgame investment (level 60 or higher), after you’ve gotten everything else you want.

  • Light Armor should be A. Wind Walker is incredible, and pretty much THE reason light armor is better than heavy. Protective perks aren’t an issue, since any light armor can eventually break the damage resistance cap with only the first level of the entry perk and Custom Fit, along with good Smithing.

  • Also you should note that Smithing is more difficult to grind up after the latest patch. It takes item value into account, so you can’t just spam-create Iron Daggers anymore. The best way to grind it now is Transmuting every Iron Ore you can find into gold, using that spell from Halted Stream Camp, and spamming the creation of gold rings (and better things if you have any jewels on hand), which is fairly effective but still more tedious than it was pre-patch.


I must have played an earlier release, but Mr. X was easily broken as he could spam bullets which nobody had a way around. He didn’t kill as fast sometimes, but he was powerful enough.


selphie needs to be at the top in her own tier due to THE END and slot rigging and rinoa below zell, squall and irvine, as she definitely can’t match their dps.