Tiers for non-fighting games?


I was going by memory and couldn’t remember how to rig her slots, if she could. Is it opening the disc cover or something like that?


Don’t you need some restoration to do the restoration glitch potion? Unless they patched that out, that made you able to make broken shit without even having a high level yet.


I’ll contribute a Skyrim tier list of my own: Standing Stones.

S Tier
Atronach (50% spell absorption alone makes this the best endgame stone hands-down. Combine with the Atronach perk in Alteration to bump this to 80%. The halved magicka regeneration is an absolute non-issue for Warrior types, and Mages can also overcome it with an advanced enough Enchantment tree, making gear that reduces the magicka cost of their favorite school to literally nothing.)

A Tier
Lord (Good for Warriors in the mid-game, with its 25% magic resistance and 50 free armor points a nice help until you reach the more advanced armors and get a higher Alteration and Enchantment.)
Steed (Good for those using heavy armor early- to mid-game, in particular, thanks to weightless armor and no speed penalty, and anyone will love the +100 to carrying capacity.)

B Tier
Warrior/Thief/Mage (The ones you get at the beginning of the game, making the relevant skills level faster. Good early on, or whenever you need to grind skills. Once you have your skills the way you want them, more or less, move on to the stones tiered higher.)

F Tier (Yup, that much of a dropoff, because the rest of them suck)
Ritual/Serpent/Shadow/Tower (The stones with a once per day power, and they’re all terrible and/or nothing that can’t be accomplished with even apprentice-level spells or appropriate perks.)
Lady (Vegetable Soup and Venison Stew. That’s all it takes to make this one useless.)
Lover (Trap option. This disables the Rested/Well Rested/Lover’s Comfort bonuses. If you need to grind skills, use Thief/Warrior/Mage instead, rest in your house for the Well Rested bonus, or get married for the even better Lover’s Comfort.)
Apprentice (Take double damage from magic. I shouldn’t need to explain why that’s a bad idea, and double magicka regen is worthless, too, considering how many easy ways there are to improve magicka regeneration and/or reduce the cost of spellcasting.)


Well I’m playing the final version (v.5)

Basically, he’s the best crowd controller in the whole game imo. But, without full meter his specials leave much to be desired because the bullets don’t do a whole lot of dmg (sure you can use cheats to keep your max meter and spam your machine gun, but the tier list shouldn’t be based of that exploit). He actually does more dmg with basic BnB combos, and he has impressive throws. However, he can’t pick up any weapons seeing how he is already holding a weapon to begin with. That means no light sabers, swords, machine guns, etc. that do a whole lot more dmg. He doesn’t approach Jets very well, but everything else he can handle.

I should probably explain my reasonings on the tier list to avoid confusion:

SoR2 Shiva is S+ because he has a slight pause dely which can extend his combo strings. He has a usable dash attack, decent throw, and can grapple hit a character up to 3 times (which no other character besides the other version of Shiva can do). Basically put, a SoR2 with 3 stars is practically unstoppable in the right hands.

Max is S tier because there’s no other character that has the stamina and sheer force than him. His only real weakness is that he can get surrounded easily when played alone on harder settings. Max is the only character that can use the frames of a weapon to hit back and front almost simultaneously, which solves his surrounding problems. Max with a Light Saber is very, very deadly and he can lift fattys with no issues.

SoR3 Shiva is S tier for the same reason SoR2 Shiva is S+ tier. The only difference is that SoR3 Shiva sacrifice a little bit more strength and power for slightly better speed and attacks–which isn’t need for a character with this design. Not being able to use special attack summons hurt this character more than SoR2 Shiva.

SoR2 Axel is A tier, but possibly S tier varying the player. His Grand Upper at 1 star I found actually better than his 2 or even 3 star dash attacks. 2 stars won’t cause a knockdown depending position of the enemy, but in general he has very little weaknesses and has a infinite he can use. He’s also pretty good against a majority of the bosses in the game.

SoR3 Blaze is A tier because what she lacks in power she makes up in variety. Bascially, she can do anything with any weapon at her disposal, and she’s not THAT weak than previously mentioned. If you stick to her strengths, she’s hands down the best Blaze avalible. All Blazes have one of the best 3 star dash attacks in the game.

Rudra is the most fun character in the game, it’s not even close. Her speed, specials moves, special attacks, even can backbreak fattys and the best (IMO) dashed attack in the game. Her only weakness, of course, is that strength getting in the way. But other than that, best ninja in the series imo. A Tier hands down.

SoR1 Axel is A tier. People claim he’s better than SoR2 Axel, only because SoR2 Axel has a better jump which isn’t particularly needed most of the game. He has all the strengths and tools to get the job, but he loses out on SoR2 Axel infinite.

Adam is also A tier. He’s not better than Axel, but he’s extreme close to being on par. That said, he’s very well rounded even though his combos seem a bit slow.

Elle - Elle is amazing. Good reach, specials, dashed attacks, but slow combos and struggles against some bosses. That said, her and Rudra are the only other characters that can use special attack on any screen of the game.

SoR1 Blaze is a bit more powerful than all her other counterparts, but SoR3 Blaze is particularly better skilled with weaponary.

For the rest of the characters, they just don’t exploit certain strengths and speed better than the top tiers. Some are too gimmicky that rely on exploits (cheats), waaaay to weak (skate/roo/etc.), or just don’t have enough flair for battles (Ash/Zan).


Disgaea 1 class tiers? Anyone have any idea? This is by far the most interesting thread on SRK to me. :3


Can anybody tier Deus Ex: Human Revolution to get me off my lazy ass and actually play that goddamn game?


Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines clan tiers:

Malkavian (come for the powers, stay for the awesome dialog)

Tremere (magic through the power of blood!)
Ventrue (classy, refined, and you can make anyone do anything)

Brujah (Probably the best all around fighters)
Toreador (good gunfighters and have no trouble getting blood)
Gangrel (melee fighters that suffer a bit in social situations; unfortunately, half the game is social situations)

Nosferatu (can’t be seen in public, have to travel everywhere by sewers, only thing that makes up for it is Obfuscate)


I’m curious, Fist of the North Star: Kens Rage tiers? this includes DLC characters.


Retro Game Challenge game tiers:

S Tier
Guadia Quest: A very good Dragon Quest clone with an interesting combat system that could be something special if fleshed out more for a full standalone game. I was actually surprised at how involving the game is.

A Tier
Haggle Man 3: Only related to the first two games by name. I got a Ninja Gaiden/Metroid feel playing this game. Another game with a good amount of content.
Star Prince: A fun shmup that is reminiscent of classic game Star Force. It even has that special bonus for killing the stage 1 midboss before it finished combining.

B Tier
Everything else


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Tier List

S+ Tier
Silver Surfer
Iron Man

S Tier
Moon Knight
Dr. Doom

A Tier
Captain America
Luke Cage
Ms. Marvel
Human Torch
Mr. Fantastic
Ghost Rider
Doctor Strange
Nick Fury

B Tier
Black Panther
Invisible Woman

C Tier

D Tier

**Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Tier List

F Tier
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2


i always found weapons to be a disadvantage in Streets of rage (although I never owned sor3)

I was never able to beat SoR2 on Mania difficulty but I would always get pretty far, stage 6 beach

SoR2 tier list, Axel > Max > Blaze > Skate.

Axel was simple mode with his easy infinite and spamable dash attack.

Skate was the worst of the lot. he had tricks with his Run ability but his punch range was so poor that I would reset the game if I ever picked him

and to hell with those impossible to hit jetpack bad guys


Yo how about some Age of Wonders tiers?


DotA 3.7 (pre AT changes)

S tier
Void Demon
Tormented Soul
Dragon Knight

A+ tier
Stealth Assassin

A tier
Purity’s Disciple
Virtue’s Disciple

B tier
Demon Magess
Phantom Lancer
Dwarven Sniper

C tier
Troll Warlord
Lunar Matriarch
Frost Maiden
Flame Lord
Bone Fletcher
Krovikan Vampire
Titan of the Order

D tier
Sidereal Engine
Pit Lord
Commander of the Abyss
Storm Spirit
Forest Nymph



Top Gear 1:

  • Cannibal - You can actually break the game with manual transmission
  • Sidewinder - Good car all around if you don’t know manual transmission tricks
  • Weasel - Like the Sidewinder, but worse
  • Razor - There is NO REASON to use this car whatsoever unless you want to make the game harder for yourself


I can’t tell if this thread is serious or not, but here goes:
Hydro Thunder (original)
S Tier - Midway, Damn the Torpedoes
A+ Tier - Miss Behave, Banshee, Rad Hazard
A Tier - Cutthroat, Razorback
B Tier - Every other boat.


Tactics Ogre PSP tiers? I did a search, and the question was asked but never answered.


Bastion weapon tiers. Go.


Pike + Musket combo was god tier


Final Fantasy Tactics (based off job traits alone)
Orlandu (Holy Swordsman)

Everything else

Would really like to see someone do a Streets of Rage Remake Tier list, or a Tierlist involving all versions of SOR characters.
(SOR 1 characters come with police car)


Majins are the best class in the game period.