Tiers for non-fighting games?


FFTA Jobs Tiers (Revisited)




Blue Mages
Mog Knights
Red Mages
Time Mages



Low Tier


Tier Explanations: Assassins are broken. They can one shot anything, even moreso with the concentration boost. Godly stats and speed, they break the game in several ways. The Thieves in this game are very close to being S tier also, they can steal literally anything in the game (including abilities which is broken lol) and they create jobs for humans without having to endure AP grinds. Everything else either has an Ultima ability or can do an insane amount of dmg in properly built. It should be noted that Red Mages are the only real ones that ignore that annoying damn dmg2animal law, and doublecast is one of the best abilities in the game. Paladins have Holy Blade and superior equipment selection, combined with Fighters abilities and ATK growth you have a very good melee fighter capable of pwning his way through the game. Sages are extremely good, and very balanced. Templars have usable abilites, and options to haste to make your bangaa faster than normal. Hunters are probably the best ranged units in this entire game, and Hunting automatically gives you 10JP to summon a powerful Totema. Juggler and Time Magic can quicken allies.

One might argue why Ninjas didn’t make Top Tier. In fact, I’d say they’re overrated. Don’t have any useful abilities to throwing weapons and spreading status effects (which a Red Mage/Elementalist does better). The only thing they really have going for them is Double Sword and above average speed growth. To obtain Double Sword, you are basically forfeiting the Concentrate ability, which imo is one of the best supports in the game. Seeing how Double Sword only affects the “Fight” command, you are prone to misses and cannot use abilities more than once with two swords at one time. This makes Concentration better because it will raise the ACC level to ALL your attacks. Snipers are not very good either–doubleshot is nice, but overall their abilities don’t transfer over to post game very well and Human Hunters are waaay beter. Bishop Bangaas are gimmicky, but they can work. I’d rather have an Nu Mou cast my magic, though. Gunners are decent but terrible stat growth and won’t peak potential without help from the Mog Knight set. Elementalist is good, but are outclassed by Summoners in general. Alchemist isn’t as useful than the Sage class, even with the item command I’d rather a Sage with Black Mage magic.

Gadeteers are very bad, but they are suppose to have great stat growth. In general, they are too gimmicky. And, most of the time, their abilites seem to backfire on you more than the CPU. Morphers are useless. They are too slow, and only take the abilities of the monster they captured. I’d rather have somebody ready to attack other than to waste a turn, only to do average dmg at best.


I agree with a lot of your list, but there are a few classes I think are off.

Ninja- I agree that they tend to be overrated a lot, but they’re still a solid class with the best speed growth for Humes (the most important stat in the game) and Throw is still really good to smack somebody at range. Their skillset outside throw is mediocre but they’re still a bunch of shanking machines that get more turns and have good evasion while not being made of paper. Double Hands is one of the few ways to get around laws, due to how the game reads actions.

Morpher- The value of the Morpher is directly proportional to the amount of time you invest in them. A morpher with very little effort put into working on your monsters in your monster bank is going to be terrible. A morpher who has several maxed-out monsters to choose from of some of the stronger types is the strongest character in the game. Yes, even moreso then Assassins. Many monsters have access tor far stronger attacks (and many interesting properties) that no class in the game gets access to, but of course must be raised well on the Monster Farm before being worth using.

Sages are horrifically slow and nothing on their spell list makes them worth ever using over a Black Mage, outside somewhat early-game access to Wind and Water elements (which are not only less powerful then the later Black Magic spells, but are much rarer elements to get boosting equipment for.) Giga Flare is comically over costed and while getting a splash of status and healing magic is nice, I’d pick different spells then Blind and Raise to do it with. Ironically, despite how low you placed them compared to the Sage, I think the Alchemist does the Sage’s job as a mixed-purpose caster much better (especially with access to Meteor, Flare, and Toad, while getting free access to items for healing)… and I’d still probably not use one over a Black Mage except in limited circumstances.

In fact, it’s weird you don’t have any of the more ‘basic’ classes on the list, because I’d place Black Mage and White Monk over any class that comes from them for Nu Mou and Bangaa, respectively

Summoners and Red Mages can probably be moved into the broken tier because Doublecast works with Summons in this game, and Doublecast also lets you game the laws about things like casting elemental magics or targeting an area. These two facets let you basically break the game over your knee.

Fighters, Mog Knights, and Gladiators are all pretty overrated here, especially the last one. They get some nifty attacks but are only decent stat-wise outside of Attack and their skillsets are basically Air Render (a decent but not exceptional skill, which Gladiator don’t even get). Blitz (for when that attack absolutely must land, even at lowered power) and a bunch of skills you’re never going to use except maybe Mog Shield on Mog Knights.


hydras or rather tiamat level dragons are not that good, the spells have a random AOE effect and the breath can never crit. on top of that they can not enter water and like most monsters cant guard against status attacks like charm confuse etc.


Very argumentive post, and I see (and for the most part agree with) a lot of your points. I will try to respond to everything:

The problem with the Ninja is that his options are very limited, and Double Sword is his only options of getting 200+ dmg. He can only get decent dmg from “Throw” command if he throws some of the best weapons in the game (which the player is not going to elect do). There are still some weapons in shops that are very usable with the Throw command, but you still have to buy them in bulks and that is just an inferior strategy to Ultima Shot Hunters or Holy Blade Hunters. The Ninjas stat gains are pretty good, but that still does not ignore the fact that the class is general should not be mained or even used secondary. No matter how many turns the Ninja gets, he still has to be close to something to use Double Sword or be forced into the Throw command (or wait).

For Morphers, they have spend at least one turn at a time to even “Transform” into a creature from the Monster Bank. As you already mentioned, speed is a very important stat line in this game. This does not favor Morphers (or Nu Mou’s in general), especially post game where everything outspeeds them. Most collections from the Monster Bank involve creatures that the Morpher must be close to. So, he has to spend even MORE turns just getting next to an enemy to even do dmg to them. Without a Juggler hitting the Morpher with smile toss, he won’t have many opportunites to do much on the battlefield.

The **Sage **class is the most balanced class for Nu Mou’s. The Black Mage gets hits with Color Magic Laws, Fire Laws, Ice Laws, and Thunder Laws very early in the game which is a bit of an annoyance. All Black Mage spells have a target of two panels, which means that they are also affected by the Target Area Law. The Sage has a panel movement of 4 squares, selectable magic that you can abuse early (and still use post game), and a Ultima ability to OHKO a target. The Sage can heal allies, as well as heal himself using the Drain ability which only affects one panel. The Black Mage is simply inferior to the many options the Sage has. Sure, he causes more dmg, but is hindered to 3 movement panels. In fact, the only true thing I’d say the BM has over the Sage is Geomancy. The Sage can use Geomancy, and it should fix his dmg problems quite nicely with spells like Water or Aero. You would only want to use an Alchemist for those 3 reasons, and all of their attacks are not affected by Geomancy because they are non-elemental. The free items command is good ingame, but post game it is not needed and seen as useless from there.

I didn’t list Black Mage or White Monks because there really is no other reason to, other than they can give other classes certain advantages in terms of dmg control and selection. Most of the promoted classes have better gains and abilities, and that’s why I listed only the Thief because he actually “opens” other jobs from stealing abilities. On second thought, I probably should of raised White Monk a bit higher because he is so good from beginning to end.

Assassins are the only things broken in this game. A red mage without summoning magic is not a good unit, and a summoner without Doublecast can’t manhandle the battlefield. Assassins become broken from the getgo, and the moment you get one it makes the game totally free in your favor. We must also remember that Doublecast is 999AP, which will take so time to master completely and you would of already mastered 2-3 Assassin abilities by then. Assassins have good growths, speed, ultima, they only really need concentrate support ability to really dominate the field without the aid of secondary abilities.

**About Fighters, Mog Knights, Gladiators: **The Fighter is pretty medicore unit only in terms of being defensively used. Fighters not only get the Strikeback R-ability, but they get Bonecrusher as well. Fighters get Far Fist which compliments Air Render very nicely, and they get Air Blast which is very helpful against shells that are weak against wind. When you combined this with their high physical attack gains, it’s easy to see why the class is tops. Despite all this, their equipment selection is very bad and their abilites should be used secondary with the aid of the paladin class.

Mog Knights have similiar growths to Paladins, but Paladins have better abilities than Mog Knights. The Mog Knight still somewhat gains an advantage by getting access to a powerful ultima, and when you combined with other classes to fix their speed growth they can be a force on the field. In truth, the Mog Knights abilities are actually very useful on a Gunner, yet the class by itself has superior equipment selection, movement, and power. The Mog Knight gets Mog Lance (basically Air Render), Rush, Guard, and Ultima which all are very useful.

I’ll give you the Gladiators credit, seeing how they don’t have impressive abilities like the other two on second glance. Ultima Sword is their only means of doing powerful dmg. Beatdown is inaccurate, and they don’t fill other classes secondary slot as very well.


Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage

God Tier - Raoh
Top Tier - Mamiyah, Thouzer (Souther), Bandit
High Tier - Rei, Shin, Jagi
Mid Tier - Toki, Kenshiro
Low Tier - Mr. Heart

If you want further explanation just ask.


I really really really wanna hear why Shin and Rei are below Mamiyah, and Toki not Top Tier


Legend of Dragoon tier list

main character tier
Dart- you have to use him anyway throughout most of the game since he can’t be switched out except for special story events. Good thing too, because he’s ridiculously powerful. Between high and balanced stats, high HP and probably the most useful and easy to do additions, his dragoon is the only dragoon in the entire game with useful magic attacks after chapter 1. Trust me, you’re going to use final burst A LOT since it’s the only dragoon magic attack that does any real worthwhile damage that doesn’t take stupid amounts of MP. Equip Dart with Amulet and magic hat and he’ll have 250MP, the maximum possible amount. With this, his final spell at the final boss, Divine dragon cannon, can be done a total of 5 times before having to reload with a sun’s raphsody. To put that into perspective, the final boss has 4 phases, and with this and a speed up and power up, you can basically skip any one of these phases by blasting him with your giant dick gun. FURTHERMORE, in the very beginning of the game, you get to use only dart in one level that has EXP balanced for 2-3 characters, so you can rack up 3-5 levels in an hour or two, making him a freaking tank throughout the entirety of disc 1, possibly one-hit-killing the first couple of bosses.

Rose-give her a physical ring/dragon helm and she’s the best character in the game for discs 1-3, and then by far the best during the final battle using the dragon buster. She also has a high natural evasion, so at higher levels, or with a speed buffing item, she can dodge like half of the attacks thrown at her. Her ‘real’ achilles heal is how terrible her dragoon spells are. Astral drain stops being useful after disc 1, as does death dimension. Demon’s gate only works on minor enemies, and this really only ever fully useful during the ghost ship against the 3 magicians. Her best spell is the black dragon, which does ‘ok’ damage, for some reason, but it’s still weaker than Dart’s final burst and it takes WAY too much MP. If you go dragoon with Rose, you’re primarily going to be doing dragoon additions, and those have always been kinda tough imo.

Albert/Lavitz-relatively easy additions, high damage, fantastic dragoon lvl2 spell in rose storm, which doubles EVERYONE’s defense for 3 turns. (basically if you use albert you’re entire strategy will involve rose storm usually) high hp and attack throughout the game, his only weakness is his magic attack and defense, so just don’t use items with him and give him a magic defense buff item and you’re good to go.

Haschel-not really included in the element metagame so no element attack can destroy him, and similar stats to albert, save for a low HP, which, again, can be fixed easilly with the right item. His additions are the toughest, but that’s skill, and possibly a matter of preference, so I don’t know if it should count against him. You’re gonna want to not use him with Albert because that leaves Dart the only one who can throw magic attack/multi items and have them do anything worthwhile, and you need dart doing other things. His dragoon is probably the second best in the game, with essentially non elemental attacks that do high damage, despite Haschel’s mediocre magic stats. Thunder god attack especially does good damage and just looks awesome. But if you can help it, you’ll probably only do additions with his dragoon also.

Meru-honestly joke tier for the most part throughout the entire second chapter where she’s introduced, with the worst starting addition in the game, low attack, low defense, lowest HP, and no dragoon until the end of that chapter. she needs a lot of buffs to be usable even after her dragoon, which, outside of healing breath, is meh. With dancers shoes, dancers ring, and dragon helm, she is not only the fastest natural character, but now she’s stupidly fast and can move up to 3 times a round, and now her HP is kind of acceptable (still lower than dart’s natural HP even in chapter 4) besides that, she has a high natural magic attack/defence, so she’ll be your primary magic item thrower. Also she has a similar, if not higher evasion rate to Rose. She also has arguably the best addition, but her natural attack is really low. However, you get more turns as Meru so if you’re good with her, you can basically take that attack total and multiply it by two. However, if you’re using Meru, chances are you’re not doing much attacking.

Miranda/Shana- basically only good for throwing magic items and healing people. Really should only use if your team happens to have Rose or Albert in it. With no addition, high magic is really the only thing going for her. The way you prioritize your items will likely change if you use her. Her dragoon revolves around healing (big surprise)

Kongol- pretty much the worst. High HP and defense is really the ONLY thing going for him. His attack is high, I guess, but Rose’s, Dart’s, and Alberts are higher. And even though his HP is high, his magic defense is so stupidly low that most magic attacks will put him in the red, especially if they’re against his element. His Dragoon is also fucking horrible, with only 3 spells, none of which are any good. The only good thing about his dragoon is that it only does 4 hits for additions, so you only have to do four rotations, making it easier and you can rack up damage better, but that’s basically it. Also unless you happen to go to lohan and get his dragoon at the shop, you won’t get it till the VERY END of chapter 4, making it hard as hell to level it.


In terms of full potential Meru and Haschel are the best because of their final additions being so strong and how fast they are, they often get to attack twice sometimes even twice in a row.

Tier explanations for Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage

Rei - Being a Nanto warrior he has access to a super mode dubbed Nanto mode. This mode gives him access to very long powerful combos, makes him much stronger and allows him to juggle and chain attacks with ease. Think Genei Jin for dummies. In Nanto mode his ground strong attacks change and gain increased crowd control and his jumping strong attack has him do a swan dive with enourmous power and range. He can repeatedly jump cancel this for an easy mode infinite loop that wrecks crowds and bosses. Because of Nanto mode he is not meter dependent, but instead can horde meter for powerful level 3 sigs when he wants to use them. Alternatively he can stick with his really useful level 1 sigs as he has some of the best level 1’s in the game. Rei also has one of the best special moves. Wave Run is invincible with instant start-up and can be done repeatedly allowing Rei to wavedash. When done perfectly he can wavedash straight through beam attacks without taking damage. Rei can wave run cancel out of almost all his grounded attacks and after jump cancelling anything. His weakneses are a poor grab game, being overly reliant on Nanto mode and having poor guard breaks. But when he does reach Nanto mode he is a monster.

Shin - He also has access to Nanto mode giving him incredible combo prowess. His special move fighting spirit lets him detonate any enemy that is afflicted with his yellow aura. Good crowd control but underwhelming overall since he has to set-up for it. In Nanto mode his strong attack has him release a giant pillar of energy in the shape of a vertical claw. This does huge damage and travels far with a wide hitbox so his crowd control is amazing. This move is JCable so it can be done repeatedly. His sigs are average as is his throw game but it can still be used to start combos. He has several good guard breaks to deal with blocking opponents. Very strong character overall and while being reliant on Nanto mode once he is there its ggpo.

Mamiya - Poor sigs, decent ground chains but doesn’t use Hokuto Shinkin or Nanto Sei Kin. So why is she top? Her charge attacks are amazing and give her amazing crowd control. Combine that with her running speed and you just can’t catch her. Her level 3 strong attack is an automatic crowd control meridian shock. That can be JCed into her ground R1 charge that releases a huge energy blast for masssive damage. She has decent guard breaks and since she is not reliant on meter she can save them for powerful level 3 sigs. Her gameplan is straight forward and effective. She deals out massive damage with little risk and sits on a ton of meter that she can use for sigs if she is ever in trouble.

Toki - Good damage output overall but alot of sigs are average in damage with high cost. Has a very good level 2 though and a solid level 3. His other stuff is lacking in damage or heals him/boosts his power. Throw game is average. He has a ground pound loop though which is nice for crowd control. His parry special move is JCable. This move will interrupt anything and Toki will push back at his opponent opening them up to be comboed. This even parries beam sigs. It’s safe to throw out because it’s JCable as i mentioned. He is solid overall but ends up as mid tier because most of the other chars are insane in some way while he is just good.


What’s wrong with Kenshiro?


Kenshiro has probabaly had the most development metagame wise since when the game first dropped. At first everyone thought he was garbage. But as more stuff was discovered he went up little by little in the tiers. At this point he’s probably high tier, but I still consider him worse then Rei and Shin.

His damage on his chains is low and he is one of the few chars that doesn’t use any type of beam attack in his chains or his sigs. He needs his sigs to do real damage, but luckily his sigs are very powerful. His level 3 Heavenly Destruction is the best level 3 in the game. Huge damage and huge AoE and its unblockable. His throw game is amazing because he can run with his enemy as a shield. He is fully invincible during this and it’s great crowd control while building tons of meter. He also has a true infinite that takes no special condition. Its just grab, attack, strong attack ~ cancel into backstep, attack ~ cancel into grab, rinse repeat. he rapes bosses with this. He also has a ground pound loop for added crowd control. His dream step is really good too. Fully invincible roll or backdash that can be jump cancelled.

Honestly when you look at what he can do he is def high tier material. He is not as mindless as the top tiers or his older brother but he has alot of great tools and rapes bosses. He just “feels” mid tier to me. He is slow and cumbersome and he has a slow pace to him. Dream step special is good and cancelling into it goes a long way towards speeding him up. But when you go from Rei or Thouzer to Ken it feels quite different. Maybe I’m just hating because he feels underwhelming and doesnt seem to have the same flow as alot of other chars. He seems like a mesh of alot of good traits but no real flow, if that makes any sense.


God tier: Soundtrack + Narrator

I hear the bellows is retarded good. That said, the game’s so easy I just went through with the repeater and the hammer the whole way.

Butt tier is saved for the machete.


Dragon Age 2 Tier List

S Tier


A Tier


B Tier


C Tier


D Tier



I played through Chrono Trigger DS recently, so I’m gonna take a stab at doing a tier list

S Tier
Crono: He excels at everything. He’s fast and does great damage. He’s the only character who can triple tech with everyone (except Magus). All of the best dual and triple techs involve him. Basically, he’s good in any team. The Rainbow sword is a must-have weapon, but there’s an even better sword for him(!) in the post-game.

A Tier
Magus: very strong offense. Best caster in the game, and can even provide support against enemies who use strong magic attacks. He doesn’t work well with others (i.e. he has no dual or triple techs without using special items), but his magic power makes up for that.

Ayla: Best physical attacker in the game. Has some amazing dual techs with Crono (Falcon Strike). Her Charm skill is the only way to get certain gear; that could be a bad thing in situations where you want someone with more variety in their skillset, but in the post-game dungeons it’s not a factor since the bosses don’t have items to steal. If you get her level high enough, all of her crits do 9999 damage.

Robo: High-damage fighter with above-average support. He’s just really slow to act, so give him a Haste helm. Has a really great triple tech with Crono and Marle. His ultimate weapon will let you do 9999 damage if you land a crit, so it would be a good idea to give him some crit-raising gear.

B Tier
Frog: I find him to be a hybrid support/offensive character who doesn’t excel at either, and must depend on dual/triple techs to be more effective. Good choice if you need strong dual tech healing. The triple tech with him, Robo and Crono is cheap but powerful.

Lucca: Her fire magic is strong, but that’s all she really has. Her ultimate weapon can do high damage, but it’s random so you can’t rely on it. She’s not essential to have in any party.

Marle: Good support character, but needs to rely on dual/triple techs for the strong stuff. Arise is good since it gives you full HP. Even using low-level healing will give you tons of HP, so you could save some MP with her.


I did believe Raoh to be the best during my time with the game, but I’d like to hear a detailed analysis if it’s no trouble. As well as one for Souther.


If someone is up for intense tiering action, you could go for Warriors Orochi 3… I’ll present some speculations but I haven’t played the game long enough and am not good enough at it for these to be very serious, but still here goes.

I’m guessing at least both Orochis, Musashi and Liu Bei are top tier. Other possible ones are the other ‘strongest fighters’ like Tadakatsu Honda, Keiji Maeda etc, since Koei usually makes them powerful. They might not be quite at the top though. One thing to note, however, is Lu Bu, who suprisingly to people only used to Dynasty and not Orochi has been complete garbage in the previous games. I haven’t played him enough to see if they fixed him, so he might be anywhere between the best and the last position (really, he was regarded by many as a bottom 3 character in Orochi 2).

Noticeably improved:

  • Dong Zhuo. He was a generic sword fighter before, now gets a completely unique bomb throwing moveset which seems pretty amazing at least to me.

Noticeably worse than before:

  • Sun Jian. Some might wonder what he had before to begin with. Those people have missed his broken R1 move in O2, which could let you spam constant musou attacks with the right setup. He doesn’t have this anymore, so he’s just an average sword guy.
  • Kunoichi. A character who is so pointless she doesn’t even have a name, and was one of the best in O2, for 2 simple things; being incredibly fast, and yet again having a totally broken R1 move which made her invincible, massively boosted her damage, and lasted for a significant amount of time. This is unsuprisingly removed, and she isn’t fast either, but keeps her otherwise crappy moves, so do the math.
  • Hinako. A complete machine gun battery in O2, she now seems to shoot about half as many bullets… Which means about half the opponents just walk through now and kick her ass. Probably near the bottom.

As for the worst, I would think all the slow fatasses are here, the super armor they get helps on the easier difficulty levels, but you can’t really afford people to nail you with unavoidable hits on hard, much less chaos. So I don’t know what characters like Yoshimaru Shimizu are supposed to do, or I am missing something. Gyuki seems the candidate for the worst character, although if you only bring him in to spam his R1 you can get some use out of him.


Musashi sucks in WO3. At least he’s not as good as his past WO iterations (and nowhere near his SW2 version)

If anything, right now Xu Huang is top (along with some others). I haven’t played everyone yet with maxed out stats and good weps. But all the WO3 talk (mainly placings for most) is going on in the DW thread anyway.


Guys, it’s all about Yoshitsune Minamoto. That range boost mode and his 6th triangle move. Pure win.


Xu Huang being Top Tier for once is the most baller thing ever.


To revive this thread like a phoenix from the ashes, I’ll post tiers for the weapons in Bastion

S Tier

  • Fang Repeater - Depending on the situation, either this or the Pistols are the best weapon in the game. Both guns can be used to pick stuff off from off screen, the only enemies that don’t fall for that tactic are Ura and birds. This weapon is the ultimate ranged meta because you can fire from behind cover and with the final upgrade, the bullets will home on stuff. The Snooze Dart skill is one of the best skills in the game for strong foes since it disables for a really long time.

  • Dueling Pistols - Just as good as the Repeater, except both secret skills are pretty bad and that this gun does more damage. This doesn’t have the range or utility of the Repeater, since you have to reload constantly and lacks the homing, so you can’t abuse cover.

  • Brusher’s Pike - Best melee weapon easily. Its customizations allow you to adapt to whatever you’re fighting, both secret skills are useful, and it does a crap ton of damage. Unlike the Machete, the throw attack is reliable. This weapon also has pretty good range. If you use Werewhiskey, this weapon can 1 hit kill nearly anything in the game, except the burrowing enemies in the Wild and armored enemies, if you’re not rocking the ignore armor upgrade.

A Tier

  • War Machete - Another great melee weapon. If you’re abusing the Leechade/Bastion Bourbon combo, you can keep your health topped off at almost all times since this weapon does the most sustained damage if you have the DoT upgrades. If you have both Werewhiskey and Doomshine, every hit will be a crit and do a lot of damage. The only reason this isn’t S Tier is that both secret skills are ass and this weapon suffers against most of the enemies in The Wild, since they tend to move around and the machete toss sucks dick, except against stationary enemies.

B Tier

  • Flame Bellows - Completely outclassed by a properly upgraded War Machete. This has natural DoT effect, but the Machete can be upgraded to have better sustained damage. The Kid also moves really slowly and has a slight delay in which he can’t block after using this, which has him get raped by Ura fighters. This weapon also rarely hits Ura gunmen since they’ll teleport away if you get close. The range is ass on this weapon. This weapon will generate the most health under Leechade, so its a good weapon for defense. Basically, this is a good weapon for most of the Who Knows Where stages, but is unreliable on the field.

  • Calamity Cannon - This is the most damaging ranged weapon in the game, and 2nd most damaging weapon, just behind the Cael Hammer. This weapon has pretty good secret skills and allows near constant fire when upgraded, but this has trouble against many animals since they tend to move quickly and the damage field in the final upgrade is too sexy to bother with the homing feature. This weapon would be broken if it had lock on like other ranged weapons.

  • Army Carbine - This weapon is basically as functional as the Calamity Cannon, except that this trades damage for locking on. The secret skills for this weapon suck and is not buffed appreciably from any of the spirits.

  • Breaker’s Bow - This is a great weapon for the Wild since the birds are the most annoying enemies and they tend to line up. If you can’t reliably get power shots, then this weapon will be useless to you, since many other weapons have better damage. Dancing Shot is a good skills for crowds. Apart from the Wild and Zia’s Who Knows Where, there are usually better options for weapons since the line attack is all this weapon has going for it.

C Tier

  • Cael Hammer - This weapon does the most damage, but its attacks are slow. This weapon is useless when fighting enemies found in the Wild and Ura because those enemies either do heavy damage when killed or move too fast to be able to use the Focus Attack, which is necessary to get the most out of this weapon. This weapon also kills too quickly to be able to take advantage of the broken Bastion Bourbon/Leechade combo, since you’ll get at most 2HP back per foe. At least this has good secret skills as a “get off me” button.

  • Galleon Mortar - A poor man’s Calamity Cannon. The Calamity Cannon does everything better than this weapon. The CC charges faster, does more damage, can be upgraded for more spread, etc.

D Tier

  • Scrap Musket - Worst weapon in the game, drop the “S” in scrap and you have what this weapon is. Its only good point is that it does the most knockback, but it has nothing range and does shit damage, so you may as well bust out your melee weapon and kill the enemy if they’re close enough to use the Musket. The secret skills for this weapon are also useless.


WipEout Pulse:
Top Tier:
Goteki 45

High Tier:

Mid Tier:
AG Systems

Low Tier: