Tiers for non-fighting games?


Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door partner tiers:


Koops, Bobbery

Ms Mowz, Yoshi


Mega Man 10 character tiers

Proto Man


Mega Man

Mega Man X8 character tiers

X, Axl



This plus Navigators:


Zero, Layer (interchangeable)
Alia (She’s X…Minus everything that makes X good.)

ZX Advent forms:
Model ZX

Model A


Bifrost (Too damn big to be of much use.)

Why would you ever use this outside of the first level:


I had a conversation with a friend about this the other day in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2.

This is first-game playthrough only, and not grinding to ridiculous levels.



Anguished One




Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Est (as a Swordmaster)
Barst (as a Berserker)

Palla (as a Sniper)
Lena/Maria (interchangeable)
Palla (non-Sniper)

Barst (non-Berserker)
Est (non-Swordmaster)
Sedgar (Reclassed)
Wolf (Reclassed)

Everyone else


I can agree with this list, the only change I would make is to put Jungo dead last in the rankings. He is admittedly a beast at the start of the game, but he’s quickly outclassed by every other physical attacker, including the other Strength-based attackers. Keita quickly overtakes Jungo in usefulness because Jungo waits until he’s a much higher level to put enough points in Agility to equip some of the more useful passives and Deathbound. Jungo also gets torn to shreds by damn near every late game enemy due to his non-existent Magic rating to the point where he becomes a liability.


Oh yeah, I forgot about the navigators. I probably should have included them too.


I admit, I didn’t play Jungo a ton. I used him only when I needed to: One of the battles where you go with one of the city-teams. My friend was the one who swore up and down that he good lmao.

I personally thought he was bad, too. Though, I didn’t consider bottom-tier bad. Considering how much my hero started to struggle at end game (Mainly Strength build), he probably does become very bad at the end without any REAL chance to compensate as well as the Hero’s stats. That’s a great point about his late game Agility gain through; I remember Keita getting that a lot earlier than him. And with all the reflects at the end of the game, yeah, he’d drop off hard.

Curious… Any thoughts about Anguished One? I anguished (;p) over his placement for a while.


I agree with your tier list otherwise, including Anguished One. AO has good resistances from the Fate System, but he’s just too average stat-wise. There are too many other Magic-oriented characters that have a better stat spread, including the ability to equip resistance passives earlier than AO. AO tends to spread out his attributes too much at level ups, so he doesn’t put down a serious hurt with his spells. AO’s only really useful as a healer with Drain equipped. I’d much rather give my Dance moves and other magic attacks to other characters that beef up their Magic sooner. I did like your pun with anguish though, I love puns.

BTW, as much as Daichi annoyed the hell out of me, I cannot deny that he isn’t brutal. Multi Hit and Multi Strike are both way too strong. If they do a DeSu2 Overclocked, they need to nerf those skills like they did Drain from DeSu to DeSu Overclocked.


Yo. Daichi lost his spot once Hinako came onto the scene. Didn’t matter on stats, I wanted him out out on principle, lmao. But yeah, Multi-moves are ridiculous. Rips through Wall Auto-Skills like butter and Drain Hit makes life a breeze. Even on this New Game +, he’s way under leveled for this special battle, and still does a grip of damage. Beast.

AO’s HP/MP are actually higher than anyone else’s. Even his speed is better, according to the Wiki(?). But his problems are as you said: Way too average on stats which suffers HARD in this game. Furthermore, the last boss sequence makes him a huge liability that needs to focus on healing or risk a game over. He couldn’t attack the boss even if he wanted to, either. 2x Liabilities.

I’ve never heard of DS Overclocked… To be fair, I didn’t even finish the first game haha. Is it a rebalanced remake or what?


There are so many things wrong this tier list:

Ok first off, we don’t know whether this is an ONLINE vs INGAME argument. But, lets just stick with INGAME for now. Sedgar reclassed into a General is hands down the best unit in the game, essentially speaking on easy mode. Wolf actually gets better luck growths, but there’s almost little reason to have two Generals running around with Sedgar being that good. So, people usually make Wolf a hero and he gets the job pretty damn done for some placement at medium tier.

This tier list also fails to demonstrate Catria’s usefulness a Swordmaster, quite possibly the best Swordsmaster in the game. Est is good, but she far excels at being reclassed into Sniper easily especially if we are talking about ONLINE MODE where Snipers and Swordsmasters go together like peanut butter and jelly. Ceada is FAR from being Top Tier, there are much better units than her because she has low strength and low HP which makes her difficult to use ONLINE. INGAME she has her usefulness, but I don’t even think she will beat out Catria or Palla reclassed into Wyverns.

Tiki is only really good for INGAME. ONLINE she gets raped free by faster Rangers and Snipers with Forged Bows. Navarre won’t even come close to a reclassed Swordmaster Catria, period. Merric gets no mention when all he really needs is some Magic Tomes to fix his average magic growth, from there he can obliterate foes with powerful Swarm spells from far away which should count for something. And, he’s usuable online.

The best ONLINE team goes as follows:

3 Beserkers
1 Mage
1 Scout (Paladin or Wyvern Lord)
Special Card: No Criticals

The strategy gives you 3 heavy hitters with 30 ATK caps who cannot be doubled, with the exception to Brave Weapons, which you will be running yourself. A Mage can pick off unit with Swarm, though I don’t think it can be forged it still can target a units crappy resistance and the Scout has good movement for spotting enemies in FoW (while still have high HP and Defense to survive a round of combat).

As good as Marth is INGAME, he is quite seen as useless online for his speed caps at 25. Swordmasters and Snipers can double him and he won’t cause enough dmg to poweful Wyverns with 30 cap defense.


Stone Protectors SNES

S Tier: Angus

Angus has the most broken move in any side scrolling beat-em up. “STEALTH BOMBER” This move causes him to camouflage into the background of the stage and be ignored by enemies for several seconds. It has no start up time, does not drain health on use and can be done repeatedly. His Headbutt throw is also strong and he has moderate strength with his punches. Angus is also strongest with the flamethrower which can be found in most stages. Even on the games hardest difficulty, using stealth bomber makes the game a breeze. Its not flawless on bosses though. There is no reason not to use Stealth Bomber.

A Tier: Clifford

Clifford’s “B” throw is the strongest attack in the game, even more powerful than instrument supers. He has good moving speed and the whip weapon he can get on some stages is very powerful. (when he is the one using it of course) He would be the best character in the game, if Angus did not have Stealth Bomber. His weapon attack is slightly good, but weak against bosses.

B Tier: Chester

On the game’s max difficulty, (not the default one which is set to easiest) you will spend a lot of time punching and throwing. Chester has the strongest punches and his Y and A throws are strong as well. Surprisingly, not stronger than Clifford’s B throw even though Chester is the wrestler on the team. His dropkick (jumping A) can be abused on bosses recovering if timed right and does decent damage. Unlike the other characters, Chester does not have a weapon that he can pick up and take through the stages. He can however lift stones that rarely appear on stages and toss them. This only works once, unlike the other chatacters who can use their extra weapons until they get knocked down.

C Tier: Cornelius/Maxwell

2nd fastest character in the game and does it with style. His weapon attack is probably the strongest in the game, but on the max difficulty they are useless because you have to punch and throw a lot. His Y and B throw do fairly decent damage and he is the strongest with the shuriken weapon which works as a good projectile. His instrument super is also nice and powerful, but hard to do.

Maxwell is faster, but his weapon and punch attack are weak. His Y and B throws do decent damage as well. He may be the only character in the game that should kick more than punch, but still throw. He does have access to the games strongest weapon, the hockey stick but it only appears on a couple of stages.

Truth be told all characters are S tier if you consider their instrumental attacks. Each character can perform with their instruments (Stone Protectors are a rock band) which will hit all enemies on screen for huge damage. It cost no health, are easy to execute and even works on bosses. You could technically go threw the game without getting hit if you know how to perform each of their musical supers. This tier list assumes you aren’t using instrumental attacks which is almost the same as cheating, but the game does tell you how to do them.

The Genesis version which is a watered down prototype does drain health when you perform an instrumental or special attack.


Orlando in Final Fantasy Tactics is [S]broken[/S] S tier.


What Tier list for Virtua Tennis 4, i know Federer is top, just want to know who strong beside Federer


The Fire Emblem games have a tier list.


That’s for FE7 though, and it’s outdated pretty badly. It’s already determined everywhere that Matthew is god tier, since he single handedly solves the funds ranking and should be your main thief for most of the game. Another thing to point out is that Hector is high tier, his defense and strength is top 5 in the game. He shouldn’t be ranked in the same tier as Lyn, who struggles to do anything consistently on HHM.


Guild Wars 2

As a disclaimer, I’m not going to go into detail about each possible weapon combination (or lack thereof in the case of the Engineer), because there are too many combinations to put in one post.

S Tier

  • Mesmer - Their ability to kite is unparalleled. Although in PvP, one can find the real Mesmer by using the tab button, that takes valuable time that the Mesmer will surely be using to blow up their illusions to but several conditions on you at once. They and the Thief also have stealth, which is huge in this game.

  • Warrior - Their Greatsword moveset is the most unfair thing in this game. They can literally kill anything in seconds flat. It also helps that they are durable and have utility skills that allow them to break snares.

A Tier

  • Guardian - Almost as powerful as the Warrior, but trades in a lot of the Warrior’s damage potential for durability and buffing utilities. This class does mediocre damage, but its hard to kill without a group or Warriors. This class dies for free to the Warrior, but is the best counter to the Mesmer.

  • Thief - Their steal mechanic is crap, since you get a random item, but the damage and stealth are on point with this class. They die to Guardians and Mesmers for free since the Thief lacks good defensive options, so can easily be made into a paper tiger by the Mesmer’s conditions and Guardians have a lot of stun and condition removal, which is half of the Thief’s game.

B Tier

  • Elementalist - This class is merely decent. Its a lot more versatile than people give it credit for, since most people just use fire attunement the whole time for its superior damage output, but has the most options on how to play in the game. Its problems are that its a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, so it won’t do anything exceptionally well, and this is the least durable class in the game when not using Earth Attunement. They can literally die in one hit from most classes.

  • Ranger - This class is supposed to be the most versatile class in the game, but due to how the pet mechanics were implemented, it isn’t. If one wants to use a pet, they have to dump every point possible into Beast Mastery, which has obvious problems. Otherwise, its only viable build is a crit build, since this class relies on a lot of weak attacks as opposed to strong attacks. This class is too dependent on luck if going crit-based, and helpless once the pet dies if going with a Beast Mastery build.

Engineer - Piss poor damage is what kills this class. Engineer players will weep when they see that unloading their whole moveset will net as much damage as a single auto-attack from a Warrior. This class is also the least versatile class in the game since it has the fewest moves due to not having a lot of options for weapons.

C(rap) Tier

  • Necromancer - This class just sucks right now. Its only viable build is a condition build, since its support is based on its wells (PBAoE), which means that many players will run away from the well, making it useless to half, if not most the party. Its minion master build is literally broken at the moment, since some of the skills and trait upgrades that are required for it are broken and don’t work. Death Shroud also sucks because its too easy to smack the gauge down in seconds. Its a shame to see what ANet did to this class, since it was beastly in GW1.

Of course this list is for PvP, since the PvE is stupidly easy and IMO, boring in this game.


Presenting the 100% true, perfect and non-debatable, one and only Tetris Attack tier list:

Elder god tier:


Shit tier:

Everyone else

Keep in mind this tier list has been worked on for many years now with input from many scientists and researchers from around the world.


Borderlands 2 tiers. gogogo


You gotta be more specific. You want class tiers, gun manufacturer tiers, or what? I’m assuming class tiers, in which case I think it’s too early for that. I’m sure someone’s gonna say that the Assassin is bottom tier, but nobody’s gone in-depth with that class.


yea i’m talking class tiers and I know it’s way too early. Playing the assassin so far and he’s not pretty great. Though my friend is saying Commando is where it’s at this time around.