Tiers for non-fighting games?


What level and spec are you? Zer0 is a late bloomer since Deception does suck at first and many of his better talents are towards the middle and end of his trees. Before you get to about level 20, a good way to fail as Zer0 is to not go with the Sniping tree. Also, there’s no point to tiering Borderlands 2 since Gaige will be available in less than a month.

I will say that this game is a crap ton more balanced than Borderlands 1. Mordecai’s Trespass talent is the most broken thing ever in the history of shooting games whereas Brick was total dog crap after the first playthrough.


completely forgot about Gaige and yea i’m still early in. I haven’t had much time to sit down and play it let alone still trying to see where to branch off first. His later skill do look promising but can’t do much until I actually get them.


X-Men Arcade, Simpsons Arcade, and Puzzle Fighter HDR tiers, anyone?


I’ll have to load those up again and try them. Especially on the Simpson’s one, those games tend to be the same between characters with just a different character.


True, though the X-Men game, I think has some differences between mutant powers. I’d assume collossus is low tier compared to Nightcrawler.


me and some friends played some Super Dodge Ball (NeoGeo) last weekend and i can definitely say Misuzu is top tier. Kunio may be next. anyone have a better list for this game?


Tier list for FIFA and PES or Winning Eleven

S Tier
Barcelona, Real Madrid

the rest
Everyboy else

Damn too many people in online use Barcelona or Real Madrid, this is remind me like fight Ryu or Sagat in vanila SF IV:(
Too many Barca, Too many Ryu no diversity in online
lol people in online just want easy win :smiley:


Castlevania Bloodlines:

Dude with a Spear: God tier. Has every advantage including a super jump that deals damage. Can skip large chunks of at least 2 levels. His path is easier. And he does the same damage. Plus he can use the spear diagonally while on the ground.

Faux Belmont: Dan tier. Most difficult path. His whip swing is completely worthless but you HAVE to use it in at least two levels and it’s hard as fuck. And he can’t whip diagonally while on the ground he has to jump and greatly increases the chance at getting hit especially with bosses.


The guy with the chains (Kenji?) is great against the computer at least, but I don’t know if his shots are easy to catch in a proper game…


XCom: Enemy Unknown continent tiers

Top Tier

  • Africa - This is probably the best early-mid game bonus. Money is always useful, especially early on so that you can fund your satellites and equipment earlier. This bonus is also relatively easy to get since this continent only has 3 countries. The only ding against Africa is that its on par with South America for being the least profitable continent.

  • North America - Aircraft maintenance is always an issue, so this is a good bonus. The bonus isn’t noticeable at the start of the game because there aren’t many UFO attacks early on, but this bonus is definitely the most noticeable once your satellite coverage is expanded.

Mid Tier

  • Europe - Europe’s bonus helps minimize research time and save money on equipment. Research times can stagnate early on because the missions that reward scientists or engineers tend to be more difficult than missions that reward $$$. This and Asia take a while to get the bonus since both continents have 4 countries.

  • Asia - This bonus is only really useful during the mid-game. Early on, your priority should be building satellites, making the foundry and officer schools useless and you should have all the perks from both unlocked by the end-game. The only thing saving this from being a low tier continent is that South America is a way worse continent in this game.

Low Tier

  • South America - This continent just sucks. Autopsies and interrogations don’t take long at all and its the first bonus that would literally become useless. The only advantage to the bonus is that you save 1 month of research time with the bonus, allowing you to get laser weapons a month earlier than would otherwise be possible. In a very bad attempt to play devil’s advocate, at least this continent only has 2 countries, making it easy to get the bonus from satellites.


Skyrim perk tree tiers

SSS Tier (A.K.A. crafting is BROKEN IN HALF)

Enchanting - Can do everything from increasing your damage with weapons to ridiculous heights, to reducing your two favorite magic schools to zero Magicka cost, to making you as resistant to magic as the game will allow. Even lets you make gear that *greatly boosts the effects of the other two crafting skills *(which is where the brokenness of crafting really starts to manifest). But regardless of just how far you want to take the broken aspect of crafting, EVERYONE should boost this to 100 ASAP and take the middle path up to Extra Effect (Insightful, Corpus).

Smithing - Everyone who uses armor and/or weapons should be taking this to 100 ASAP. And this skill is also the reason weapons are MUCH better than Destruction magic as your main offense. Crafting your own stuff is cool enough (and Dragonbone weapons with Dawnguard installed are as good as it gets), but the real power comes from improving your gear. And said improvement is also assisted by Enchanting and Alchemy, which leads to some broken results.

Alchemy - Only reason this is mentioned last in this tier is because it’s, by far, the slowest crafting skill to grind, with the ingredients spawning rather slowly. But make no mistake, it’s as much a piece of the broken crafting puzzle as the other two skills. Even at around 50 skill with the available perks to that point, along with Fortify Alchemy gear (from its buddy Enchanting) you’re looking at making some ridiculously potent Fortify Smithing and Fortify Enchanting potions. Oh, and Alchemy is also a HUGE money-maker if you know the right recipes.

S Tier

Sneak - A.K.A. why assassins are powerful builds in Skyrim. 15x backstabs with daggers (30x with certain gear) is just too good. The rest of it ain’t bad, either. Silent Roll is a lot of fun and lets you move quickly while still hiding, and Silence is also nice to be able to run at no penalty to hiding. Shadow Warrior, while not necessary, is cheesy bullshit if you do want it.

Block - A.K.A. why one-handed + shield is the best overall fighting style for warrior types. Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection and especially Block Runner make you a rapidly advancing wall of death against mages and archers with your shield up. Quick Reflexes can also save you quite a bit, and the right side of the tree (bashing) is also really good. Shield bashing in general is pretty close to broken, essentially being a quick free stun any time you do it. Shield Charge is fun, too.

A Tier

One-handed - Superior to Two-handed overall, since it allows you to use a shield or dual-wield. The former of which lets you shield bash (re: stun) idiot mages and archers before killing them, as mentioned in Block above, and the latter of which is the most purely damaging fighting style. Also, only one-handed weapons benefit from the melee Sneak perks. Just stay away from the weapon-specific perks and the paralyzing capstone (really, who uses backwards power attacks?) and you’ll be fine. All five levels of Armsman, Fighting Stance, Critical Charge and Savage Strike are definitely quality and must-take, as are all the dual-wield perks if that’s the style you chose.

Archery - Very powerful, especially in conjunction with Sneak and the crafting skills. Dedicated archers will want to take every single perk in this skill, pretty much. Unlike its melee counterparts, Bullseye, the paralyzing capstone, is actually worth it since it applies to all arrow attacks.

Light Armor - Better choice than Heavy Armor, overall, since it requires fewer perks to max out, encumbers you less from the start and doesn’t slow you down. Still capable of hitting the damage reduction cap with the crafting skills in play. The extra stamina regeneration from Wind Walker is pretty huge, too.

Speech - Mostly an end-game pursuit, but the left side of this tree (the mercantile perks) is vital toward maxing out your moneymaking potential. The right side isn’t quite as necessary, though Bribery can come in handy.

Alteration - Mostly to get Magic Resistance and, eventually, Atronach. Great to have at high levels, since there magic is generally a bigger threat. With enough passive Magic Resistance from this plus Agent of Mara and/or being a Breton, your Enchanting slots will be free for other things. Also, Atronach perk plus Atronach stone lets you absorb 80% of hostile spells as magicka passively. And, of course, for pure mage builds (if that’s what you want) this is essentially their armor skill.

Illusion - Definitely one of the better schools of magic to spend perks in for pure mages and also for assassins. Assassins definitely want to get Quiet Casting so they can cast Invisibility to their heart’s content without being noticed. And for pure mages Illusion magic does wonders in creating chaos on a battlefield, and the perks that boost the levels of enemies you effect are very valuable. This is one of the best schools to dual-cast, since dual-casting also affects levels of enemies affected.

B Tier

Two-handed - Not as good as One-handed + shield or dual-wielding on the whole. A sideways power attack with Sweep to hit multiple opponents is nice, though, and probably the thing that it can hang its hat on in the face of otherwise more superior fighting styles. As with One-handed, avoid the weapon-specific perks and the backwards power attack paralyzing capstone.

Heavy Armor - The main reason, in the end, you’d want to go Heavy over Light (besides purely stylistic reasons) is the capstone Reflect Blows, which gives you a 10% chance of passively making an enemy hurt himself. If powergaming’s your only concern I’m not sure that’s worth the extra perks Heavy costs over Light (Conditioning on the other side is kinda important), but if you insist on Heavy, there you go.

Conjuration - A good school of magic to know, but the only perks that should really concern you are the extreme left side, dealing with Atronachs. Atronachs are better than undead for conjured entities, being more powerful plus being available all the time as opposed to just with dead bodies around. Bound spells and the related perks are worthless; actual weapons plus the crafting skills are way the hell stronger.

Restoration - Fairly mixed bag, perk-wise, for a vital magic school. Regeneration is definitely worth it in general for a boost in power of healing spells, and Respite is great for warrior classes. Necromage is great for pure mages since it affects spells from all schools against the undead. Recovery perks for faster Magicka regen might be appealing, as well. On the other hand, Avoid Death is generally not necessary (cool flavor though). Wards and the perk Ward Absorb are kinda tricky: They’re quite useful through a lot of the game, but outlive their usefulness once Alteration, Enchanting and armor skill max out.

C Tier

Destruction - Generally an inferior mode of offense compared to using weapons (and the crafting exploits associated with weapons), but if you insist on attacking entirely with spells, dual-casting with Impact is pretty much necessary, essentially resulting in a stunlock. You’ll also want the Augmented element perks of your choice element. Shock is the best overall, IMO, since it zaps mages’ magicka and is least commonly resisted, plus its “capstone,” Disintegrate, unlike the other elements’ is actually somewhat worth it. Rune Master is worthless.

D Tier

Pickpocketing - While the skill itself can be quite useful, the perks are mostly a waste. Only Extra Pockets (more carrying capacity) keeps this skill’s tree out of the very bottom. Poisoned could be fun, I guess, even if it’s better simply to backstab someone.

F Tier

Lockpicking - A skill that will obviously be used often, but you should never spend a single perk on it. Lockpicks are plentiful enough and cheap enough (and weightless!) for lockpick breaks to not be an issue, ever. You’ll play the mini-game enough times to get the hang of it. That’s not even getting to an item you get through the Thieves Guild questline. And if you don’t want to be detected, just make sure you’re hidden before trying to pick a lock (via stealth), since the mini-game freezes time flow.


Anyone want to compile a suikoden tier list? Any of the games will do, but I only really know 2 and 5.

Early suiko5 list

Nonsense tier


S tier



Been a long time since I played Suiko 5 but I can tell you that Georg is definitely not God Tier.

He’s godlike early on, but others quickly catch up to him and his really bad magic defense is a huge liability on later bosses.

Also Zerase is definitely higher. Putting her in your party is basically playing the game in Easy mode.


Nah dude if you use her a lot and learn to manipulate RNG it’s really good. You’ll basically get whatever you want (Full-Cure, Wall, The End/Rapture) when you want it. Also I think you generally get better damage for less effort with Renzokuken than with Duel.

FFVI Tier List (taking into account general strength and availability)

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=15px]A[/SIZE][/FONT]
[SIZE=15px]Terra, Celes, Gau, Sabin[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Setzer (w/Fixed Dice/Offering), Relm, Edgar, Locke[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Shadow, [/SIZE]Mog
[SIZE=15px]Gogo, Cyan[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Strago, Setzer (w/o Fixed Dice/Offering)[/SIZE]


Can’t say I agree with the FFVI tier list. I’m not sure about the maxed out statistics of a character, but a character with Genji Glove/Offering equipped with Illumina and Atma Weapon at lvl 99 would probably be a top tier character. Also Economizer and Gem Box is an overpowering combination.


thats bullshit to tier ff6 by that bullshit you listed. yes its the strongest shit in the game, but its only availbile at the END of the game. its short sighted and not very practical to take into account of those things because by the time you get them, all the enemies in the game are easy kills anyways

who’s useful varies depending where you are in the game. for example edgar is very useful for the beginning sections of the game because auto cross bow is good, even from the backrow. his noiseblaster is really good paired with magic attackers because it prevents you from taking damage. furthermore hes the only character that (if youre playing a version without evade glitch) that can blind opponents, making physical attacks miss. this works on BOSSES TOO.

then you get espers and terra becomes like the best thing because of her magic stats. but then if youre playing a speedrun or low level type of a game, celes is WAYYY better than terra because she can save your ass from being killed by magic attacks with runic.

and sabin is arguably the best character each time you get him for a little while. at first he does the biggest single damage with the aura canon, then after you get your second airship he gets bum rush, which again makes him the best character until you get better shit for everyone.

and what about side quests? if you want to spend an hour or two playing thru cyans side quest AND giving him quick, hes probably the most underrated character in the game. quick > quadra slice > quadra slice will kill everything same as those genji glove setups. OR you could just go and grind it out for 2 hours on a single character in the dino forest and then they’ll be super high level and better than cyan.

i dont care how good genji glove/etc/etc setups are that you mentioned, theyre not even available for use 90% of the game. if you stat a lvl99 character up right you probably can blow up the game without weapons or armor even. its just dumb to tier the game like that. hell, lets just tier terra/edgar/sabin tops because you can let them auto level up on a raft while you sleep, and they’ll be lvl99 before anyone else and kill everything easy for the first 90% of the game.

everything is relatively and almost everyone in this game is as broken as mvc2 magneto given the right circumstances. or maybe a bit more like xmvsf where there are still tiers, but everyone has an infinitie and can kill you in one hit


Yeah but tier lists are based on maximum potential not practicality. That’s like saying Cable and Cyclops are better than Magneto and Sentinel because ROM Loop and Fast Fly combos take forever to use practically in a match. Obviously some characters are better in the World of Balance than the World of Ruin, but the Espers are a factor that should be accounted for.


ff6 isnt a fighting game. it is a single player role playing game. there are no ff6 tourneys or money matches. there is no character select screen. there are no human beings you can play against. there is no story in a fighting game. there is no plot progress or plot points or side quests. these things arent even apples and oranges. its more like apples and butter. nothing alike.

tiering only what is available at the end of the game is entirely unpractical and useless when the entire game becomes brain dead easy at lvl50


there was a huge discussion on ff6 years ago in this very thread… basically it depends on the scope in which you make tiers


At the end of the day Deus is right, get flustered at the internet frog picture for using a fighting game reference in response to his MvC2 Magneto comparison.
In non-fighting game tier news, tier list for Rival Turf:

God-tier: Oozie Nelson
Twelve year old tier: Jack Flak