Tiers for non-fighting games?


Seriously, FF6 tiers are so 7 years ago.

Quick, someone tier SOR2 and FFT again for the 192419325th time!


Sonic 2006
Silver - He’s slow as shit but with his gravity powers he can grab the enemy and hold them for almost as long as he wants. His flight is also pretty good.
B Tier
Sonic - Fastest and has the homing attack.
Bottom Tier
Shadow - Slow, has a homing attack and the useless combo attack. No good gimmicks to make up for lack of speed.


Silver is good right up until you run out of boxes to throw. Then he drops to ass tier.


The Punisher (Arcade)

Nick Fury Tier:
Nick Fury

Everyone else Tier:
The Punisher


at least tactics had an update with new classes and uniques in the last couple of years, couple used loosely


Castlevania 3 tiers.

(Japanese version) Grant: S Tier. Easily the best character. Has wall climb, can use all of Trevor’s sub weapons, and the default throwing dagger is too good at killing annoying flying enemies. Also has Trevor’s health. Has a slightly harder path to get to than Sypha but the pros outweigh the cons.

Trevor: A+. Best range and has access to his sub weapons plus slightly higher health than Sypha and Alucard.

Sypha: A-. Not the best range but her sub weapons are really good against bosses and if you can get her freezing sub weapon it makes a lot of platforming sections much easier. Also has the easiest path in the game.

(American version) Grant: B tier. Still has an easier time platforming than Trevor and being able to use Trevor’s sub weapons is very helpful and allows you to mix and match. He’s still not as rewarding to use because it puts you on a slightly harder path.

Alucard: C tier. Main weapon is pretty bad even if fully upgraded. Has access only to the Stop Watch. Useful only in a handful of platforming sections and has the hardest path in the entire game.


Here’s the tiers for Super Puzzle Fighter HDR:

S tier:

A tier:

B tier:

C tier:

D tier:

E tier:


So looking at my post waaaay up there, here’s MY FE7 HHM list (sure, I’m bored as fuck)

God Tier












OK, these are IN-ORDER. So if a person is above someone then there must be a reason on my behalf for placing them there. This is based on the assumption that we are trying to “S” rank HMM:


I know there’s some argument over the net as to why Eliwood is better than Hector…this is FALSE. Hector’s forced promotion should not weigh him down to Eliwood’s level when he has Top 5 def, Top 5 off, and great CON for most of the game (if not all of it). Eliwood is limited to swords until the first heaven seal, cannot double durandal (huge con impact), and needs Hector’s defense in the beginning stages of the game. Hector’s promotion is not far off the first Heaven Seal, and the only thing Eliwood has going for him is the bonus in lance upgrade over Hector’s swords. Hector is the only one who can defeat Wire, since Matthew is too weak to do it and easily gets killed. The only way Matthew dmgs Wire is if he gets trained hard in Lyn’s mode, and even then it’s just a big waste of time management. Lowen is better than Eliwood, he grows slow but can take better punishment and the game doesn’t end should he die. He gets Axes upgrade which is superior to Eliwood’s lances, and better movement most of the game. Eliwood can use Rapier against Bories but he is still has a WTA over Eliwood because of the lance.

Next, Marcus is NOT god tier. He’s good, but he hurts the EXP rank and the Silver Lance only has 20 uses. Once it’s gone, you won’t be seeing another one for a while. He’s needed, but NOT THAT GOOD or on Ravens lv. imo. No reason to use him pass New Resolve, since by then you should have a well-built up Sain/Lowen/Kent.

Hawkeye always seem to fly under the radar on peoples list. Bulky, access to high crits, takes dmg like a truck, easily recruitable. Geitz gets bows, but that places him indirectly from combat per enemy phase. I’d rather just give Hawkeye a hand axe :confused:

Erk vs. Lucius is close, but I think Lucius edges him out. Lucius is more of a glass cannon while we don’t know what will be getting from Erk until after a few level ups. Sometimes he will best Pent, and sometimes he will wimp out and become bench fodder. Lucius “C” rank in staffs upon promote is huge too.

Canas mid. Luna is the best spell in the game, but it forces us to use Canas (who is overrated to a fault). Will have speed issues from heavy dark tomes, and they’re expensive as hell.

Dorcas vs Bartre - Dorcas wins, but only because of Lyn mode. I’d rather not train both, as I see Hawkeye/Getiz/Hector superior. Dart has a very expensive promotion, but he’s needed to pick up Getiz. That should count for something.

The only reason to train lyn is to avoid Wallaces map, 15 levels should do the trick (most of them you can get in her own mode if she snags boss kills). Not a good character in HHM, frail, and dies easily which ends the game. Guy comes faster, top 5 offense, and hard mode stats. Plus, no game over if he dies.

If you want a flyer, make it Florina or Fiora. Anything else is generally unacceptable.

I think bows are gimmicky in HHM. They’re good for other modes, but I like my units to be able to attack counterattack at given situations. This makes Rath, Wil, and Rebecca expendable.

Wallace imo is the worst unit in the game. Mediocre stats, harder map than Getiz, slow, and doesn’t even survive his own chp. Karla and Renault suck but at least they bring some goodies with them. Wallace brings nothing to the table.


Doesn’t a dead character mean no A rank in Tactics, and thus no S-Rank, thus negating the point of an S-Rank tierlist???


True, there are no advantages towards “S” ranking the game if a character dies and continuing forward (I don’t remember if Survival tactics is still affected if a character dies and you reload the file, but I DO know that a record of “losses” is recorded). What I tried to point out is the advantages Guy has over Lyn to insure that the Survival tactics rating remains an “A” rank, thus achieving an “S” rank for the entire campaign by the end of the game.


This thread is a nerd wet dream.

First, start off with something easy and obvious…
Xenogears (Human)
S - Citan
A - Fei, Bart
B - Billy, Emeralda (Adult),
C - Elly, Rico
D - Emeralda (Child)
F - Maria

Now a little more ambitious…
**Suikoden Series **
S - Luc, Viki, Crowley, Mazus, Sasarai, Jeanne, Levi, Zerase, Ted
A - Landis, Pesmerga, Georg, Lo Seng, Shin, Valeria, Galleon, Richard, Killey, Zahaak, Ameria, Joker, Mizuki, Troy
B - Raven, Oulan, Mitsuba, Isabel, Roog, Childerich, Viktor, Zamza, Alenia, Kyle, Maxine, Jeremy, Lorelai, Ace, Katarina
C - Edge, Trishtan, Sialeeds, Miakis, Hervey, Bob, Lyon, Gretchen, Karl, Wendel, Freed Y, Kahn, Queen, Kate,
D- Animals. Usually take up multiple slots, never worth it
F - Joke characters, obviously

Christ…there are a lot of Stars of Destiny…that’s as in depth as my brain can do right now. I don’t remember HOW shitty the shitty party members were because I rarely if ever used them. Also, didn’t include any main characters because they are true rune holders so it’s redundant to put them all in S because that’s where they go. Obviously all of the strong ass magic users (usually the result of a stupid powerful rune) go strait to S as well. Some characters I forgot.


Sugar Rush tier list:

Broken tier:

Ass tier:
Everyone else


citan is not better than fei…fei has a 9k attack with no elemental properties.


True facts.

Xenogears tiers look like this and I can give reasons. This is based on max potential,stats and optimal play i.e Elly should be using Ether attacks and Ether boosting equipment, Bart is meh cuz he is third slowest in the flippin game, and Fei is the Contact. FEAR THE POWER OF THE CONTACT!!!

God Tier: Fei, Citan(Sword)
Top Tier: Citan (Bare-handed), Esmeralda (Adult),
High Tier: Billy, Esmeralda (Child),Elly
Mid Tier: Bart, Maria
Low Tier: Chu-Chu
Rico Tier: Rico

Fei has solid all around stats and his final deathblow lets him solo gears at the end game. In human form. With his barehands. And it’s considered a non-elemental attack. He also has a solid selection of ether attacks throughout the game. He can heal anyone, boost his attack, or attack directly. Damn solid character with the highest raw damage output at no cost. Citan is the same but with a wider selection of Ether attacks, and faster with slightly less power throughout the game. With his katana his power will equal Fei and sometimes surpass it depending on their levels and deathblows, except at max potential. Still he is an amazing jack of all trades. Esmeralda is pretty much Fei and Elly combined. Great damage, speed and ether attacks. Lower on defense, but defense doesnt matter as much as hitting hard and fast. Adult form is better due to stat boost she gets. Elly is ok in terms of physical attack power and slightly low on defense but her ether offensive ability more then makes up for it. Stack her with items to boost her ether output and either defense or speed depending on what suits you and let her go nuts. Billy is the healer of the group and a damn good one but he packs a serious whallop for a man of the cloth. He is also pretty quick as well. About as fast as Fei. Bart has solid power but his ether movelist is lacking and his speed is bad. No reason to play him over other chars except wild smile lowers accuracy and works on bosses too. Maria is a worse Elly. Good ether attacks but worse stats and horrible normal combos/no deathblows. Chu-Chu is actually pretty bad. Only thing that saves her is that she can heal and she isn’t Rico. Rico is…well his deathblows have alot of grabs, but his accuracy is low and he tends to miss. He is a grappler that can miss. He is also the slowest in the game and his damage ouput isn’t even top 3. So why should you be playing him? Of course the answer is that you shouldn’t.


Banjo Tooie multiplayer FPS mode tiers:

Top: Jinjo
Mid: Everyone else
Ass: Grunty

Jinjo has the lowest health (he’ll die in one hit from almost any egg, especially grenade eggs), but he moves so fast he runs circles around everyone else.
Grunty has high health but is so slow she’ll get murdered before she sees who’s attacking her.
Everyone else is average health, average speed.


I don’t suppose anyone done a Valkyria Chronicle Class Tier List yet? I’ll post mine for fun though you all might disagree.

VC1 [details=Spoiler]

Scouts: High AP and since enemy damage in this game isn’t very high they can roam quite far without support, able to kill generics easily with headshots (if you’ve been upgrading weapons), high detection range and good interception arc, plus grenade launcher when at elite scouts can make shocktroopers and other classes obsolete for offense since it only takes one or two grenades to kill a generic.

Engineer: High AP like scouts, carries three grenades to destroy tank traps and other obstacles, can heal infantry and repair vehicles, disarm mines, repair sandbags, and resupply others. They can literally keep your scouts and other classes on the offense the only problem is engineers are pretty fragile.

Tank/Welkin: High durability makes him a good cover for your infantry, the only thing that will kill him is too much fire from lancers or his radiator (weak spot in the back of tanks = 1 shot) was in a bad position, good weapons especially smoke rounds which covers your units from interception fire (though it can do the same for the enemy). Plus giving buffs to units at the cost of command points. Problems are though he costs two CP to move, pretty low AP (even turning him around consumes AP), Anti-Armor shells can miss often without upgrades, machine guns needs heavy upgrades to be effective against infantry.

Shocktroopers: Good durability and firepower but pretty low AP is a problem in this game since scouts can handle enemies easily in this game they will fall behind. Though despite the problem of getting left behind their firepower and durability is good against enemy aces, bosses, since they will kill and survive counter attacks from bosses which scouts and engineer could not. They’re also good vs enemies in cover and bunkers (when they get flamethrowers at elite).

Lancers: Good durability and their armor minimizes explosive damage (so you can have them clear minefields instead of engineers) plus you need them to take out tanks, and turrets. However they will be left behind more than shocktroopers due to their lower AP, can’t counter attack, pretty low accuracy at mid range. They get mortars which gives up armor killing power for infantry but they might not even get the change to use it because they get left behind easily.

Snipers: Lowest AP and durability plus they will miss a lot at low levels so you’ll need to invest a lot of exp towards them if you wan them to hit stuff. However they can be good on some maps to pick off enemy snipers and other targets and especially the final fight when you have to snipe the tower in the far back.


Looks nearly perfect to me.
Elly really drops off in the late game; that plus the fact that she eventually leaves the party for good (wasting all the exp and stat boosters you fed to her) I believe necessitates a drop to mid-tier.
Also Bart isn’t really as bad as Maria. Wild Smile is better than anything she can do and at least he has deathblows. He’s not bad, just mediocre and unnecessary.


Mario Party

Everyone else.


What is this tier list based on though? General usefulness of classes? S ranking chapters? There’s many things to consider here:

First, I don’t think Snipers are low tier. My endgame Marina was probably the best person on my squad, next to Alicia/Aika. More importantly, we do not have access to the orders we need early game. The faster we complete chps, the more EXP we get for our troopers. We need to get lucky with shots early on by a Sniper in order to clear key sections on the map. Yes, they’re inaccurate, but not entirely impossible. On the first “real” mission, the only way to get S rank chp is by seizing the flag on TURN 1. This makes it incredibly difficult (even moreso on Hard Mode IIRC) for us to achieve this without Snipers getting lucky with headshot kills at certain choke points. They’re tough to build, but worth every inch of investment. They have no cross fires late game because you should always be picking people off at long distances with close to 100% accuracy (seriously, my Marina never missed when trained).

Scouts are god tier, with orders. Without orders, they become simply a useful unit for deployment. While I think Alicia is the best unit in the game, she only peeks her potential when there’s orders to give to her. That is why you should always deploy Rosie, Largo, and Alicia so you can maximize your star commands. As you mentioned, movement and spotting are great assets. Especially double movement perks (really, really broken ability)

Shocktroopers are good at first, but then you get access to more orders and their combat abilities tend to decline pretty fast (in favor rushdown scouts). Their movement soaks up star commands, but their firepower is very respectable. Their flamethrower upgrade is an unneeded weapon, though. I’d rather use gernades, which takes out sandbags and is not limited to you being close to something. Rosie and Vyse are pretty good, that’s all I pretty much used endgame.

Lancers are good for one thing: Tank kills. If there are no Tanks, we still deploy Largo for the extra star command. I think they’re useful because the game gets really tank heavy at times, and if you don’t have the right orders you better be using some Lancers or guys are going to get killed. Some missions REQUIRE you to destroy tanks, so you may need to strategically use Welkin/Tank “ghost bomb” and hide them from abuse. They can easily get behind enemy tanks even with their movement and one shot them. That’s huge in a game like this.

Engineers are meh. I only used them when I KNEW Welkin/Tank was going to soak up that DMG. If Welkin/Tank explodes, that’s the game right there.
Disarming bombs soaks up star commands and puts them in range of sniper fire, they die very easily. Welkin/Tank can take a lot of abuse before it explodes, as long as you destroy key tank positions and lancers we don’t really need Engineers taking deployment slots. In some missions it’s still good to deploy one, but we aren’t going to be using them CHP after CHP like that. I didn’t even mentioned Zaka/Tank, which is unneeded most of the game. Seriously, I never moved this guy. At least he gives star commands for order abuse, lol.

If you want my take on the class tiers after everything I just spelled out, here’s my list:












I was basing it off usefulness, based on your post I really did underestimate snipers and their help to clearing maps faster, I like your list it’s better than mines. I don’t suppose you played VC3? If so how would you tier list the classes in that game based on usefulness? (I’m at chapter 5 atm and damn the enemy damage is buffed in that game)