Tiers for non-fighting games?


Sorry, wish I can help you out on that one. I only played the original VC, but never got a chance to try out the others. Sometime in the future I will though, I love the VC series (and the show).


Not sure if this counts, but I’m going to ask anyway…

TTT2 Tekken Ball tiers?


I’ve only had a few chances to play HDR and I didn’t know Akuma was tops. I mean, his gem pattern is really tough but what was changed to make him the best? I thought Ken/Donovan were tops. But then again I’m no expert on the game.


Akuma has the best pattern in the game along with Devilot. That said, he’s usually NOT placed top tier because he takes an extra 20% gem damage, which makes him a lot easier to one-and-done then anyone else. He’s especially at risk against Chun Li, who despite her terrible pattern deals an additional 20% gem damage in HD Remix. He usually winds up somewhere in the middle of the roster, maybe a little higher then the average.

Ken and Donovan are still probably the best two characters. Devilot tends to get lumped in with them in HDR since she deals 85% damage (up from 70% in the original Puzzle Fighter) and kept her batshit pattern. I’m not sure how most of the rest pan out, since it’s a lot closer then it used to be- Dan’s still terrible and Ryu’s pattern is still pretty easy to exploit unless he keeps hitting large combos in a certain range, but most of the rest of the cast is at least viable. Opinions on Chun Li are a little scattershot but generally have her higher then lower thanks to how much easier it is for her to one-shot you compared to the rest of the cast. She’s easy to come back against if she doesn’t crush you completely but she also only needs 4/5th of what you need to just blow you out.


Akuma has ALWAYS been the best, he was banned from major tournaments back in the day for a reason. The tier list that’s posted is official for this game.


Uh, what?

Playable Akuma was terrible in the original version of SPF2T. He did 70% gem damage which meant that he was at horrible risk of just getting buried before he could mount any kind of real offense since they needed to clear almost half again as many gems to do the same damage as everyone else. Awesome pattern or not, that’s an insurmountable disadvantage to deal as long as the other player is at all aggressive. The playable versions of Akuma and Devilot were, at the very least, the worst characters in the game besides Dan. What’s debatable was if DAN was better or worse off then they were.

If your tournaments banned them… er, good for them, I guess? Mighta saved people from making a terrible decision, I guess, but Akuma and Devilot are broken in the original SPF2T, but broken awful, not broken awesome.


I see you have no clue of just how great Akuma is. You must be just a casual gamer? You have 2 expert players playing, 1 has Akuma and the other has Ken, the Akuma player will ALWAYS win. Just because he has a 70% gem damage, it means nothing when you have an expert Akuma player that’s aggressive, drops big, chaining, and speed. Once he drops a large load on you he can be setting up his next attack, MAKING YOU build his blocks WHILE he’s also building because you’re busy trying to clear out his crazy drop pattern. You’re basically leaving him with a massive attack while you barely have anything.

Also, if Akuma has 2 massive blocks built and if that diamond comes to destroy the color of choice and chaining the crash gems on the the 2 massive blocks then, that’s INSTANT death. EVERY character in the game has it, even Devilot. A few of the EVO events that was some years back Akuma was BANNED for a reason.


Double Dragon Neon

S Tier

  • Stunner - This tape really shines in later stages and against female enemies, since females and late game enemies tend to be able to counter attack and get out of hit stun quicker, respectively. This tape also has a high passive attack bonus, only being bested by Power Gambit
  • Successive Strikes - This stance can potentially give the best damage bonus in the game, but its a really hard tape to use well, since evasion is paramount to not losing your bonus from a streak. This tape has issues against many flying enemies and projectile users
  • Rage - Once you master evasion, this is an excellent stance to use because the bonus from Gleam will last a helluva long time. This is better for a more consistent boost than Successive Strikes, but its up to you which to take between the two

A Tier

  • Absorb - Once leveled up, this tape can keep your HP topped off if you have Spin Kick equipped, although the stats on this tape aren’t that good
  • Magic Gambit - Except for MP, the stats on this tape are terrible, but its good for spamming Sosetsitsu, especially Lightning and Bomb Toss. This tape is also the only way one can consistently use Dragon Swarm

B Tier

  • Balanced - This is a no-frills tape, but the stat bonuses aren’t bad

C Tier

  • Power Gambit - Although this tape has the highest passive attack bonus, one generally wants a tape that has a secondary effect in higher difficulties. This tape also has the lowest passive MP bonus, which limits one’s use of Sosetsitsu too much
  • Training Wheels - Defense isn’t too useful an attribute once on masters evasion, which is necessary on higher difficulties
  • Weapons Up - There are a lot of crappy weapons, so the only use of this tape is if one has a longer ranged weapon, like the sword or whip, since weapons can keep most enemies stun locked
  • Desperation - This tape just flat out sucks. It doesn’t get to trigger that often and the stats before it triggers are terrible

S Tier

  • Spin Kick - The best tape to use when fighting packs or if you have the Absorb tape equipped. This is a fairly low MP cost “get off me” button
  • Lightning - This is the most spammable Sosetsitsu due to its low MP cost and it does decent damage. A good tape to use in boss fights
  • Healing Touch (co-op) - This tape is excellent in co-op. Healing is always appreciated, though it does have a high MP cost and can heal non-undead enemies if you use it when they’re too close to you

A Tier

  • Bomb Toss - This is the hardest move to use well, but its useful against most big enemies, like Bimmy and Jammy or Abobo, because you can toss the bomb near them when they’re on the floor, and it’ll knock them back down upon detonation. Its basically a loop against larger enemies, but this tape sucks when fighting large packs. The MP cost is also pretty high on this tape
  • Fireball - Not a bad tape, but outclassed by Lightning, although this tape does more damage and can hit multiple foes
  • Bro Dozer - This can be used to juggle foes or as an emergency evade. This tape is mostly useful in co-op since the other player can attack during the launch from this move

B Tier

  • Knee Drop - This tape would be a lot better if the hitbox on it were larger. As is, its only really useful against flying enemies
  • One Inch Punch - This move does a lot of good damage and is good for knocking people off of ledges, but its range is too short. This tape is only useful when ledges are present or to set up the Bomb Toss loop against large foes

C Tier

  • Dragon Swarm - This move just costs too much damn MP. Chances are you can’t use this more than once or twice if you don’t have either Magic Gambit or Balanced equipped
  • Healing Touch (solo) - An undead killer when playing solo, so it isn’t too useful

Song Snatch - I can’t rank this tape since it has no real value in combat. This tape is useful to steal tapes and mithril from bosses, although this tape rarely works until you get it to at least Lv. 20.


<i>Bastion </i>weapon tiers were nice. Now let’s see some special skills.<br><br><br><br>


Windjammers tiers?


Vectorman 1 Power up Tiers<div><br></div><div>Top:</div><div><br></div><div>Wave - Wide spread, goes through walls, good dmg, good weapon. There’s tons of waves near bosses.</div><div><br></div><div>Jet - There aren’t enough of these, but flying while destroying stuff has to be top tier.</div><div><br></div><div>Bomb - Blows up paths, kills anything on the screen, big range, solid weapon.</div><div><br></div><div>Shield - Take no dmg, kills anything off touch, useful where they are</div><div><br></div><div>Mid:</div><div><br></div><div>Rapid Fire - Good for filling the screen, can bounce off walls but can’t go through them, runs out seemingly faster than the others.</div><div><br></div><div>Bolo - Goes through stuff, useful in some areas but generally an overrated weapon.</div><div><br></div><div>Car - Opens areas, can run over stuff, fast, not much else going for it.</div><div><br></div><div>Low:</div><div><br></div><div>Drill - Drill is useless, there’s always something to drill ahead which ends it immediately. </div><div><br></div><div>Parachute - Cool, but unneeded. </div><div><br></div><div><br></div>


<b><i>Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3</i>: Character Theme Song Tier List</b><br><br>This game has one of the genre’s standout soundtracks to me(<i>BlazBlue</i> can suck it), so I figured this was necessary.<br><b><br>Rank S<br><br>Doctor Strange: </b>It’s hard to describe Strange’s theme music without using the word ‘epic’. Fantastic use of chimes and ominous choir vocals create an unmistakably mystic tune that suits the character to an absolute tee. The added bonus of his usual place on teams being third makes it a perfect “shit just got real” piece as well. Strange’s theme is godlike.<br><b><br>Ghost Rider: </b>Another one that’s perfect both for the character and on its own, the motorcycle rock with horror movie overtones does more justice to Ghost Rider than either of those awful Nicolas Cage movies did. Too bad you never hear it in-game, on account of him sucking and all.<br><br><b>Hawkeye: </b>Does anybody <i>not</i> get hype at this?<br><br><b>Iron Fist:</b> MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!<br><br><b>Magneto: </b>The only real problem with Magneto’s theme is that it seems to be a mashup of several smaller songs. The end result, though, is a tumultuous and frenetic thrill ride with the added bonus of spelling out the character’s name in Microsoft Sam. Just in case you didn’t know how to spell “badass”.<br><b><br>Phoenix Wright: </b>This is the dark horse of the soundtrack to me, but it is <i>the best theme</i> to hear as a match begins, especially when paired with Wright’s opening line of “I want the truth, and nothing <i>but</i> the truth!”, thus setting up for a compelling legal altercation. One of the slowest burns on the soundtrack but also one of the most well-done. <br><br><b>Akuma:</b> This is the most straightforward theme in the S tier. The constant intense drumming contributes heavily to the wind instruments, but when the strings come in, that’s when a good theme becomes amazing. It’s probably the soundtrack’s most overall intense song; I just wish his English voice acting was this good.<br><br><b>Phoenix Wright(Turnabout): </b>“I have all I need!” Pulse-pounding electronic beats, a jumpstart of an introduction and a fantastic ending surrounding the most heart-thumping song in the entire game. The real beauty of this song is that anybody who hears it has either worked for it or is terrified to hear it. Nobody wants to be cornered by the Ace Attorney!<br><br><b><br>Rank A</b><br><br><b>Wesker: </b>Genuinely wicked and foreboding, this unmistakeably villainous tune works really well at the beginning or end of a match, heralding the arrival of one mean motherfucker, but it also builds up a nice crescendo once it gets going. That’s what’s keeping it out of the S rank: it doesn’t really pick up steam until about thirty seconds in, which is a deal-breaker for a piece that’s only a minute or so long.<br><br><b>Amaterasu: </b>I feel like this song is holding back, for starters, and it has a pretty choppy ending that sees the melody sort of meandering for a while after the absolutely explosive crescendo before just saying “fuck it” and ending with some weak wind instruments. That said, it’s still a really solid tune. Just a weak beginning and a weak end.<br><b><br>Felicia: </b>It’s catchy as fuck and you know it.<br><b><br>Iron Man: </b>Did Daft Punk contribute to the soundtrack of this game? This is one of the best representative themes in the game, with Iron Man’s cocky grin practically visible through the sounds of the introductory beat as he struts down a long runway to display his latest contribution to the world stage. What the hell is up with that awful third part, though? It starts out strong as fuck, then slowly but surely it wears down into a total mess. Blech. One of the best intros, though.<br><br><b>M.O.D.O.K.:</b> I honestly think this could replace “I’m happy, 'cause I am finally returning home” by Eduard “Trololo” Khil as the official theme of internet trolling for a while. This theme never really awes, but there’s not much that’s really wrong with it. It’s made me laugh a great deal. The biggest problem that I see with it, aside from the lack of a decent hook, is that I enjoy it more outside the game than in it. Roommate trips over a cat? Play this. Besides, who the hell plays M.O.D.O.K. anyway?<br><br><b>Haggar: </b>Rougher and tougher than Ghost Rider but also less exciting. 'Nuff said.<br><br><b>Morrigan: </b>Is it just me, or does this song feel like it’s going someplace and then it just ends? Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfect for the character, but it, much like Morrigan herself, doesn’t seem particularly excited to be here. My blood isn’t pumping when Morrigan’s theme plays. I could fall asleep to it. This is another that I like better outside of the game, but a better Morrigan Aensland song there will never be.<br><br><b>Nemesis:</b> The dread sets in right away with low, unsettling piano and goes right into a horrific drum and violin combination that makes me sweat. I am frightened of Nemesis because of this song. However, like so many of this soundtrack’s songs, the ending is awful, with out-of-place “wub wub wub” electronics and an abrupt, unconvincing growl from what sounds like a gaseous bulldog. That’s only ten seconds or so, though, and the rest is amazing. <br><br><b>Nova: </b>I don’t like this one as much as a lot of people do, but it’s exciting from beginning to end. I just hate, hate, hate that the forefront instrument here is what sounds to me like a kazoo. Also(broken record), the ending could be way better.<br><br><b>Arthur: </b>I feel like the third little verse of this, when the music slows down, betrays its otherwise fantastic sense of frenetic pace. Arthur himself loses steam pretty quickly, though, so maybe it’s appropriate? Like Iron Man, this starts out great but quickly peters out into a lackluster rolling of guitars and drums for an unimpressive ending. Great start, though!<br><b><br>Taskmaster:</b> The only thing keeping this out of top is how poorly it suits the character. This is a fantastic piece of music that suggests a noble, heroic figure, with rigid marching-band brass and drums that wouldn’t be out of place for Captain America, but are incredibly out of place on a man whose only love in the world is that green stuff. Taken on its own merits, though, you can go ahead and put this in S tier, right next to Strange.<br><b><br>Vergil: </b>It’s too long and doesn’t know what to do with that exorbitant length, but it has one of the best endings on the whole soundtrack and an absolutely fantastic second half across the board, with foreboding choir vocals over a solid bit of string work and industrial drums keeping it distinctively <i>Devil May Cry</i>. Vergil, you are a sexy, sexy man.<br><br><b>Chris: </b>This is one of the closest A-rank songs to cracking the S rank. It’s fast, it’s imposing, and it works for a character like Redfield who’s constantly surrounded by danger. That said, the third verse is weak as hell and really breaks up the flow. They could have done so much better.<br><br><br><b>Rank B</b><br><br><b>Captain America:</b> “Why is it in high-pitched electro-pop?” and “better in the first game” sum it up. It’s not like I don’t like it, though.<br><b><br>C. Viper:</b> This theme is all over the place and the lack of consistency is a real problem. The slow, steady pulses at the beginning are great, but then it decides to try to have its cake and eat it by stealing a chunk from Super-Skrull’s music before going right back to the slow shit again, which is what works. Make up your mind, Maya. God.<br><br><b>Dante: </b>The vocals are <i>terrible</i>. Everything else is aight, though.<br><br><b>Deadpool: </b>The nonsensical word-salad lyrics are great, but the lackluster guitar work really damages the whole piece. There might as well not be any drums at all, either.<br><br><b>Hsien-Ko:</b> This is actually one of my favorite themes, but it’s far too tranquil and cute for a fighting game. Come to think of it, why is Hsien-Ko even here to begin with? I like her, but she’s probably the oddest choice in the whole roster.<br><b><br>Jill: </b>I really don’t like the techno beats here. The lack of background is pretty sparse until the last part of it kicks in and provides a decent finish. There’s not a lot to say here.<br><br><b>Spencer:</b> Like Vergil, this theme has a fantastic ending, but the first half of it or so is pretty blase. I’m not really sure how they could have jazzed it up, but I wish they had. <br><b><br>Rocket Raccoon: </b>This is even more glaring than Taskmaster in the “ill-suited for the character” department. Rocket Raccoon should have gotten something much angrier. This sounds like Captain America should have it.<br><b><br>Ryu: </b>It sounds like someone’s farting for much of it, but one of my favorite things to do while walking about my hometown is to whistle the proper melodic structure of Ryu’s original theme from Street Fighter II in tandem with this. The results are pretty sweet. Try it!<br><br><b>She-Hulk:</b> I get that they were going for a theme that accentuates She-Hulk’s ditzy, adorable personality with this, but it just sounds like a workout tape. The inexplicable opera vocals halfway through don’t help matters, either.<br><br><b>Storm: </b>Once it gets going, it really kicks ass, with a fantastic saxophone bit at the very end, but that’s only after twenty seconds are spent with that saxophone idly tuning itself with generic drum machine beats in the background. It’s the exact opposite of Iron Man.<br><br><b>Strider Hiryu:</b> The best five seconds on the entire soundtrack at the beginning of this song are followed by a really lame, lackluster collection of guitar and techno work. They knew that they couldn’t follow that gorgeous intro, so they just didn’t even try. I can kind of respect that.<br><br><b>Super-Skrull: </b>Sounds like something they should have used for a Mega Man villain, honestly. Or a pro wrestler. Either way, I can’t really put my finger on why I don’t think this theme works, especially not for Super-Skrull. Moving on.<br><b><br>Thor:</b> Like Morrigan, Thor doesn’t seem like it should be in a fighting game. Thor, though, has the added problem of an overtly feminine tone set by the high, wispy flute. This would work great as an alternate for Amaterasu, but Thor needs something far more manly. I suggest ‘Twilight of the Thunder God’ by Amon Amarth. Rise and meet your fate! YOUR DESTINY AWAITS!!<br><br><b>Trish: </b>This song makes me uncomfortable. Between the game’s heaviest bass work and the odd vocals mixed with dramatic shifts in melodic focus, I feel like anytime I listen to this song, some chick within a ten-mile radius is getting frogged like nobody’s business. I don’t want to listen to other people fuck. <br><b><br>Wolverine:</b> It really does sound like the theme from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The combination of that and just how much better this theme was in the first game bumps it down, but it’s kept out of a failing grade by being every bit as 1990’s cool as Wolverine himself. <br><br><b>Zero:</b> Like a less severe Strider Hiryu with a much better ending, Zero just kind of peters about with nothing to do between the ear-catching ending and the dramatic finish. It definitely suits him, though.<br><br><b><br>Rank C</b><br><br><b>Chun-Li:</b> As much as I love Miss Thighs, the frequent melodic backtracking coupled with just how badly the forefront Asian instruments sync with the background drum and bass make this theme sound really awkward. It’s at least coherent, though.<br><br><b>Doctor Doom:</b> This thing is all introduction and no finish. Every single part of Doctor Doom’s theme feels like it’s setting up a much better song, but that never happens. It sticks to slow, plodding, boring strings and uninspired melodies that don’t seem like they really want to be where they are. For all its faults, however, it at least gets decently ominous near the end before devolving to a dispassionate ending and calling it a night.<br><b><br>Firebrand:</b> Imagine Arthur. Now imagine it worse. Who the hell invited this guy anyway?<br><br><b>Frank West:</b> Is it meant to be incoherent? Is that the point? Either way, this is a real cacophony and doesn’t really feel like it knows what to do with itself. Behind the thick layer of static, though, there’s at least sound structure and a tune that can be followed, and the ending is above average.<br><b><br>Galactus: </b>A promising intro drops like a lead weight into uninspired final music with predictable melodies and what sounds like a triangle in one point. Galactus deserves better than a triangle, dammit!<br><br><b>Hulk: </b>I never get the urge to smash things when listening to this. That’s a problem.<br><br><b>Phoenix: </b>It’s pretty, I guess, but given what it’s supposed to herald, shouldn’t it be more foreboding? This was an opportunity to create some real musical storytelling by crafting a theme that’s both elegant and ominous, a foreshadowing of the horror that Phoenix’s opponents face if their cards aren’t played perfectly. Instead, we get a piano and an electric keyboard over yet another boring techno beat. Blegh.<br><br><b>Sentinel: </b>I’m not moved by this. It doesn’t indicate the imminent arrival of a giant killer robot until the third section, and while that’s pretty cool, it takes two sections of apathetic plonking away on a synth to get there, and it’s not worth the wait.<br><br><b>Spider-Man: </b>Spider-Man being a character I don’t like doesn’t help his case, but the blase approach this song takes doesn’t really capture the exciting essence of a man who can zip all around the screen at will. It should be faster, it should be way more intense. I liked the playful approach they tried to accomplish. They just didn’t succeed.<br><br><b>Tron: </b>Congratulations. You can cut and paste from <i>MegaMan Legends</i> and <i>Tatsunoko vs. Capcom</i>. Now try making a theme song that engages me somehow beyond half-decent second and fourth sections that present the character fairly well. Why is she even here?<br><br><b><br>Rank D</b><br><br><b>Dormammu: </b>Good god, what a racket. On top of sounding like it heralds the arrival of Alex DeLarge more than the Dread Dormammu, this thing is just a mess and an utter cacophony that doesn’t even have the courtesy to be a coherent mess like Frank West. Half the time, it just sounds like instruments are malfunctioning. The rest of the time it’s just boring and hurts my ears.<br><br><b>Viewtiful Joe: </b>They took the level one music from the original game, then made it sound worse. 'Nuff said.<br><br><b>Shuma-Gorath: </b>An autistic ten-year-old on a caffeine buzz has found his way into a music room and is attempting to synthesize the theme from <i>Family Guy</i>, but his attention span can only give him the first few notes before he divebombs into an unholy racket. On top of that, Shuma is gross. Fuck him and fuck Japan’s tentacle fetish.<br><br><b>X-23:</b> Listen to the lyrics. Weep for humanity. Go listen to Doctor Strange again. <br>


Anybody ever make an actual Golden Sun: Dark Dawn tier list?
I made one a while back but I’m sure stuff’s changed.


Oh god no. That’s one of the things I actually don’t like about UMvC3 is that the music is so underwhelming. Guh…if I had tier this shit…


S - Spiderman, Felicia, Vergil, Nemesis, Captain America
A - Dante, Amy, Haggar, Akuma, Dormammu
B - Wesker, Iron Fist, Sentinel
C - Ghost Rider, Magneto, Pheonix, Storm, Jill
D - Taskmaster, Tronn, HsienKo

Shit Tier - The rest (without lyrics)
Shit Tier + - The rest (with lyrics)


The fuck is wrong with you people.
Cap and Felicia’s remixes are TERRIBLE. That’s the main problem with the MvC3’s soundtrack (besides the reliance on electronic music), is that almost every single song in the game is an inferior version of an older one.
Not surprisingly, most of the good themes are the ones for completely new characters (Hawkeye, Task, Nova, etc.)


Yeah, most of the remixes are weak as hell, ESPECIALLY Caps, godtamn did they kill it.

Kind of wanna work on D&D: Iron & Blood tiers, gotta find my old copy to go back over some things, but if I rember right Strahd, Soth, Nym, the Gargoyle, and the Evil Wizard seemed like tops.


Spideys song is never bad. The beat is just playful and fun no matter how many times it’s remixed and it captures his personality very well.

Zeros theme is his remix from when he fought X in X2. I can’t hate it.


half of the good songs in Marvel 3 are from characters you see little to none of. (go figure.)


I like Doom’s song and you see a lot of Doom so yeah. Strange and Ghost’s theme are cool too. The main problem is the music in the newer Capcom is at a volume level considerably lower than the sound effects so you can’t really hear the music that well any way. Which is why I just play my own stuff most of the time. You’ll have FOOT FOOT DIVE all day but struggle to actually hear the music. When you played games like Soul Calibur and 3rd Strike on the Dreamcast, the music was just as loud as the sound effects.


people post about tiers for fighting game songs, those are still tiers for fighting games.