Tiers for non-fighting games?


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Final Fantasy Music tiers

6, 10

4, 7, 9,


The rest.

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They should of remixed Morrigan’s MvC1 theme and Wolverine’s MSHvsSF theme. Shuma’s MSHvsSF theme was catchy too, I’m not sure why the tunes on that game were ignored.


Geez, we need some action in here.

GI Joe 1 (NES) Tier
From best to worst…

Hawk (Only can be used on the last level, but he can fly.)
Grid Iron (Strong Melee, Gun, and good health and jump. Can’t go wrong with him.)
Duke (Weaker Grid Iron, but jumps higher.)
Snake Eyes (Jumps highest and okay melee, but worst gun.)
Rock n Roll (Strongest weapon user, but a crap jump and low health.)
Blizzard (Everything he can do someone else does better.)


…was there ever a tier list for Rouge Galaxy? Not sure if I remember seeing one…


I can’t find my old Persona 4 tier list for comparison, but here are the Persona 4 Golden tiers (excludes MC and Rise)

Top - Kanji, Yukiko, Teddie
Mid - Everyone else

I’m pretty sure I rated Kanji at low tier in vanilla P4, but Atlus really worked on him in Golden. Thanks to the changes in the Social Link system, he can get some useful skills like Power Charge and Masukunda. You pretty much want him in your party for boss battles since he deals serious damage now. I definitely used him more often than I used to.

Yukiko and Teddie are pretty much even. They both get the same healing skills now, so it comes down to the other skills they possess. Teddie retains his useful support skills, but Yukiko has more offensive power now that she has access to instant death attacks. Yukiko also has the edge in SP like before. I don’t think her new skills put her completely over Teddie, though.

I feel that everyone else is mid tier, but nobody is low tier since everyone got buffed in Golden. Basically, it means that you will always have a solid party no matter who you choose. Even Naoto, who was useless in boss battles, was given skills to balance her out more.


I’m playing through this again since my file got Hama’d, but yeah Kanji got buffed.
Still, Chie has God Hand. She just sucks till she gets it.


Chie + God Hand pretty much meant that you never used Kanji again, but Kanji is really good now so he’s not obsolete by the time you get God Hand.


What’s his strongest attack? Primal Force? Or did it change?

Also you should tier Social Links as well.


Injustice Gods Among Us iOS

Gold Character Card tiers

SS Tier (These cards should be in your final team)

  • Wonder Woman (Regime) - Best attacker in the game. She can block all day and build meter to spam her Lv. 3
  • Batman - Good team passive buff and good stats. His strings don’t have consistent knockdown for some reason

S Tier (One of these with the SS cards makes an ultimate team)

  • Doomsday - The best tank in the game since he can easily heal himself by killing weakened foes. Also has the highest HP
  • Harley Quinn (Arkham) - Bad stats, but it has the best team buff in the game and greatly compliments Wonder Woman

A Tier (Good cards to use as back-up)

  • Joker (Insurgency) - Bad stats, but can be sacrificed to do half HP damage to any card. This makes him good to blow up more durable cards
  • Bane - Relatively cheap credit cost and high stats. His passive just isn’t as good as the higher tier cards
  • Superman (Regime) - Outclassed slightly by Bane due to being way more expensive credit-wise to promote, but has the overall best stats in the game along with normal Superman

B Tier (Trash cards that should never be used)

  • Every other gold card


Kanji’s best attack is still Primal Force, but the additional skills you can get make that skill work better.

How should I tier S. Links? By the skills you get from them? If not, then I can tell you that the Joker S. Link is top tier for the max link scene alone.


I’d tier them by which ones help the MC the most on a play through. I know the magician one is good to invest time in.


Gears of War Franchise COG Character Tiers:

S Tier:
Cole Train

A Tier:
Clay Carmine

B Tier:

C Tier:
Remaining Carmines

Shit Tier:


Tekken MiniGame tiers… specifically Tekken Ball and Tekken Bowl.

For Bowl:

All Jacks

All girls

All else.

Also, I don’t remember ball much, but I remember that you could d+1 and then d/b+1 with Xiaoyu all day and never lose touch. I’m going with her being S-Tier, but I can’t be sure.


Radiant Historia Tiers:





no Project x Zone tiers? Thought someone would have done that…

I have Akira/Pai and Zephyer and Leanne as easy tops. With Frank/Hsien-Ko at the bottom.

I wouldn’t even know for support (Maybe Imca at that top? That girl brings so much as a support.)


Fire Emblem Awakening Tiers? Skills? Characters? Come at me.


Serenes Forest has tiers for Hard and Lunatic/Lunatic+.
Basically on hard, assuming no grinding, your avatar, Sully, Cordelia, Chrom, Stahl, and Panne will get you through the beginning and carry you (assuming you reclass Panne into a Wyvern rider as fast as possible.)
On Lunatic your avatar and Fredrick are god tier. In fact Fredrick is mandatory early on.
The children are the best characters out of all (depending on the parents and passed down skills), with Morgan (and his/her sibling if there is one) being the best overall character in the game. If you’re not grinding then all children will be behind if you don’t pick them up early (except Lucina and Morgan as Chrom’s son.) Severa is probably the best besides those two because it is impossible to fuck her over (she always has a nice class set no matter her dad.) Her chapter is annoying to do early though.

Skills… Galeforce, Astra, and Armsthrift are wonderful to have on always. In fact people do crazy grinding to ensure that the male kids get Galeforce (Yarne, Gerome, and Laurent will never get it though), and pair Donnel and Gaius to the females that don’t give a Peg. Knight class to get it as well. Luna, Sol, Passive, Renewal, and any of the ______Breaker/Faire skills are also nice options.
If you use DLC then Limit Break is up there too. So is Aggressor for the males.


Solid points all around.

Chrom is decent in Lunatic, but it’s risky because if he dies then the game ends. This makes him more of a supportive unit, especially given the case when paired with Fredrick or the Avatar early on. The Avatar gains Veteran by default, which grants the 50% exp gain when paired. After a few levels in Lunatic he will surpass Fredrick who gets OHKO’d in chp 3 by a hammer wielding foe. Every other character is 2KO’d in Lunatic at the beginning, this includes Stahl and Sully. Stahl MIGHT get lucky with defense and survive the second hit, but Sully doesn’t have a chance.

I do agree Morgan is the best unit in the game, in a non grinding playthrough Male Morgan makes more sense so you can pass down Galeforce!Rightful King. Indigo w/Rightful King is pretty good too, but that means you will have to keep Chrom away from his potential brides. Rescue staff solves the problem with Severa’s chapter, but in a non-grind playthrough it maybe tough clearing out the enemy chokepoints in that chp. because they will have an advantage flanking many of your characters.

Galeforce is game breaking, at first people were doubting how good it was but now the general consensus seems to be that it is now a requirement. Astra is a good offensive skill, but Counter beats it and Luna has a much better activation rate. With Rightful King I guess Astra can be better than Luna, but if you have access to Aether then Rightful King!Aether will beat out Rightful King!Astra.

Armsthrift is only good on Physical Severa, The Avatar, and Sorcerers, or possibly Manaketes if you don’t want to keep buying Dragonstones. Sol is overrated, it only heals good when the enemy has full health. People just like its activation rate and it’s on a top tier class path, but it’s useless for Apothesis and I would say even Astra beats it. The only good breaker skill is Swordbreaker, because Swordbreaker completes the weapons triangle to where you will always be at an advantage. The General and Wyvern Lord classes can only use Lances and Axes, but with Swordbreaker they can get 50% dodge when using an Axe vs Sword. If your opponent is using a sword to best the Axe, the General/Wyvern Lord still has the option to use Lances which best the enemy’s sword for even more bonuses.

I would say PaVigs is top tier (Pavise!Aegis), and Limit Breaker is top tier. Also, Aggressor and Resistance 10 is good too.


Yeah, Indigo is good overall (probably Chrom’s best child besides Lucina and Morgan.) it’s just that his mother screws him a bit (with her coming in so late it’s hard to pair her, plus his chapter is a nightmare early.) Cynthia and Owain are useful as well now that I think on it. Nah, depending on her father, can become extremely strong.

The thing that makes Armsthrift so powerful for anyone that gets it is that you can blow money on forged weapons and basically use them infinitely along with legendary weapons (infinitely assuming your luck is 50 or higher) on almost any map. You can just pop it off if you need to run _____ skill on Apothesis. It’s also great early game for helping to cut costs on buying weapons (assuming you have a good luck score.) Counter is good, but extremely situational (if you’re facing enemies that can do enough damage to you to make it worthwhile then you probably are going to try to kill them before they attack on their phase.)

If we’re talking top-tier classes then it’s probably (in no order);
Heroes, Dark Fliers, Sorcerors, and Dread Fighters and (maybe) Brides if you run DLC.


Well by Chp 12 you should have at least gained one Seed of Trust, which helps wonders with Chrom!Olivia pairing. But, I do agree it seems pretty going out of the way in a non-grind playthrough. Severa is just a better option if you are going the Physical Hero route (Stahl and Lon qu’ make excellent Fathers for her, with Lonqu!Severa she gets enough speed cap to double Apothesis Anna. Too bad Anna has counter for that :o). There’s always controversy surrounding how good Cynthia is, it has been said that without Aether she becomes lacking and the only way she gets Aether is thorough Chrom!Sumia. Of course, that means Lucina gets Pavise/Aegis/Rightful King (which is really good, but as one of the games best offensive units Chrom!Olivia makes more sense). If we are grinding, Henry!Cynthia can be useful. Actually, I think that’s her best option for the Dark Flier route.

Owain is a tricky build. I think he makes one of the games best Dread Fighters, but recently people have been making him into a Sorc. In a non grind playthrough he can be hard getting up to par, but the reward is definitely worth the trouble. The only pairings I did with Nah were Kellam!Nah and Donnel!Nah, Kellam!Nah gives Nah 7+ defense. That’s huge if you are looking for a tanky fighter.

Armsthrift is great if you want to grind for it, but playing regularly it’s a bit of a challenging having to buy a lot of Second Seals to get to Merc back into your preferred class. It does save money like crazy though and spamming Aversa’s Night/Legendary Weapons is too sweet. My avatar has Armsthrift, and even though I had to grind for it, he will not die now that he can spam Nosferatu/AN infinitely.

Counter really shines on Snipers, and vs. Astra it’s pretty good. Not a top tier skill by any means though, but def required for Snipers.

Sorcerers are def top tier, probably the best in the game being able tank and hit hard at the same time. Dark Fliers need Iote’s Shield, otherwise they drop a bit. Iote’s Shield takes up a skill slot, but I wouldn’t say they are overrated. They are key to breaking the game, being the only class that gets Galeforce. Dread Fighter is a decent ending class, they can kill mages quick and are versatile. I think a good class everybody sleeps on is Pegasus Knight. They make the best Rally Bots, Support w/Staffs, and excellent movement. Best supporting class in the game imo, and since we will never use one for fighting they don’t need Iote’s Shield.