Tiers for non-fighting games?


I actually wrote Falco Knights at first but crossed them off. They do make excellent rally-bots/healers/Emergency Spear Throwers.


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Rune Factory 3 Partner Tiers (Villagers only)

Top: Shino, Raven, Sofia, Evylen, Hazel, Kurina

Mid: Everyone else

Bottom: Monica, Shara


I’m interested in Dragon’s Crown tiers. I’m sure Elf will be at the top based on my experience with her and the general opinion towards that class. As far as I know, the patches released thus far haven’t touched her (for better or worse).

I’m not qualified to tier the classes myself as I’ve only used the Elf, but I’m interested in seeing any opinions on the other classes. All I can say about the Elf is that it’s a very strong class, but you have to learn to move a lot. Backstab is an amazing skill and is well worth maxing out, along with Holdout Dagger + Maintenance. Max Evasion is a must since the Elf is fragile.


Elf is pretty bad at crowd control.

The wizard and sorceress are in the top.


Interesting you would say that, because I find that the Elf is good at crowd control. Clone Strikes + Impact Arrow or a charged upwards shot can knock down multiple enemies at once and do high damage. I won’t argue that the Wiz and Sorc aren’t better at crowd control, but I don’t think the Elf is bad at it.


When I played the Elf most of my deaths came from getting surrounded and not having a good way out of it. She can CC from afar splendidly, but close she’s in trouble.


magic tiers for legacy

top tier
stone forge mystic
force of will
death rite shaman
nimble mongoose
Delver of Secrets
show and tell
sneak attack
Swords to Plowshares
Spell Pierce
Abrupt Decay
Jace the Mind Sculptor
Vendilion Clique
Emrakul the Aeons Torn
Shardless Agent
Baleful Strix


See, that’s where Evasion comes in handy. If you get surrounded, just evade. The i-frames will get you out of trouble. There’s also the Battle Hardened skill which prevents the Elf’s charge from getting interrupted, and it also reduces damage taken. I haven’t used that skill though because evading has helped me out a lot.


Evasion helps a lot, but besides that she lacks a truly good “get off me so I can get back and fire arrows” move. She could evade and go into a divekick though.


yoshimitsu has terrible power on his throw, just because he has targeting does not make him S same thing with paul having power and no targeting…
everyone else doesnt really matter at this point score wise

now there are subtle differences even in the mishimas like their arcs and such for example kaz/devil and lets say hei, with hei being slightly looser on control but more on power…im sure there is a legit breakdown somewhere (either earlier in this thread or on gamefaqs ^^)
all i know is that tragic should have picked better people for the bowling event evo 2k4 -


mii force shirt tier list:

top tier:
brown, light blue, white

high tier:
red, blue, orange

mid tier:
pink, light green, yellow, black, purple

roll tier:
dark green


Unreal Championship 2 for the original Xbox (because why not >_> )


S Tier:

A+ Tier;
Necris Selket

A tier:

B Tier:

Everyone else

Below Shit:

Most who have played it online will probably say Anubis and Selket are A+ tier, but they aren’t off-host, since Warrior Spirit was broken. Wraith > broken Warrior spirit. And Sobek is S tier because EMP burst+Rockets practically broke the game.


Need to adjust my Radiant Historia list.

Radiant Historia Tiers:

Aht (Traps if you can move the enemy, heal and use Cross Star and combo from Dancing Dagger if you can’t. Useful all game.)
Stocke (Main character, so he’s always with you. Jack of all trades. Second best enemy mover (would be first if he had a decent move to move enemies forward.) Basically your Swiss Army Knife; if you need something he’s probably the one to do it.)

Eruca (Best character in the game but she’s missing from the party a majority of the time, so she is weak endgame (The fact that you get her back after not having her for the last third of the game directly before the final boss doesn’t help.) Still, a beast if you grind her.)


Marco (Great healer and buffer if you don’t have Aht. Better at moving enemies to the front than Stocke. Not great at dealing damage without Aht.)
Rannie (Best at dealing magic damage unless Eruca is nearby or Aht knows Cross Star. Still, she can hit all elemental weaknesses reliably.)

Gafka (Best physical attacker in the game… In the game where magic rules over all, that is. That and his poor defenses put him down here. He can still wreck if used smartly.)
Roche (Gone from the party too often and doesn’t get anything special to make up for it.)


Here’s my tier list for comparison:


I always went with the guys from Spain and Italy. I seem to recall the guy from Spain having CRAZY fast super shot charge ups. I’ve seen players using the USA/Germany guys with surprising effectiveness. The high speed/low power characters are nuts with how they can angle their shots, but throw way slower than anyone else.

My personal list:
Top: Spain, Korea, Italy
Not so top: USA, Germany, Japan


Funny to see how we differ on Eruca and Gafka mostly. I found Gafka’s low Magic Defense and his poor damage against high defense targets to be a liability at times, while Eruca just completely started blowing everything up when I started to level her (Plus she is your best bet against Master.)

If I recall correctly from last I saw them, Windjammer tiers were in this order:


I’m sure Germany and US are correct, but not sure about the rest.


So… Anyone want to try making a tier list of Webcomics?


SSS tier but you need to have weird sense of humour


For Dragons Crown I rank amazon and wizard highest because dps. They absolutely melt bosses with the right skills equipped.


That’s one of the better ones indeed. Best comic I’ve probably read is Achewood. The 2004-2007 years are probably the best in webcomic history and would be at the top of any list.