Tiers for non-fighting games?


Top Tier:
Rocket Launcher
Lightning Gun
Mid Tier:
Super Nailgun
Grenade Launcher
Low Tier:
Nail Gun
Shit Tier:

Quake 3:
OP pleasenerfthesefuckingweaponstheyruincompetitivequake Tier:
Lightning Gun
High Tier:
Rocket Launcher
Mid Tier:
Plasma Gun
Low Tier:
Machine Gun
Shit Tier:
Gauntlet (the game even mocks you for being killed by it)

The Idolm@ster:
God Tier:
High Tier:
Mid Tier:
Low-Mid Tier:
Low Tier:
Futami Twins

Russian Roulette:
High Tier:
Not getting shot
Low Tier:
Getting shot


This nigga did not just put the twins and Hibiki at bottom


So playing off of Kings Persona 4 Golden tier list, excluding Yu because he is always the King…

Kanji (Getting Power Charge really put him in a new light. He outdamages the whole party and has Masukunada to help him land hits and dodge better. The Man’s Way is situationally useful at best though.)
Yukiko (Still the best healer and can now go even harder on the offensive if you want to invest some time with her to teach her Mind Charge. Mudoon helps her do something other than burn her opponents to cinders. Her ultimate attack is basically a stronger Maragidyne.)

Yosuke (It’s always important to have someone who can do a bit of everything and Yosuke does that indeed (plus Dekaja will save your life if Yu can’t use it.) His wind attacks are also painful. Youthful Wind heals and increases your evasion, making it nice if you don’t want to waste SP on a skill mid-battle.)
Teddie (Still a solid buffer, healer, and Ice damage dealer, but Yukiko kinda outclasses him in the healing and damage department later on still. Kamui Miracle is meh.)
Naoto (Made much better due to Mind Charge and getting all the elemental -Dyne skills, buuuut you have to decide if you want her to specialize in those or instant death attacks, cause she can’t pull both off without gimping something. Still, probably the most versital member of the party now. Shield of Justice is also a good panic button to use, but is costly.)

Chie (Oh how the mighty have fallen… Poor Chie got outclassed heavily by Kanji. She still has her points over him (Higher crit, Agneyastra, Galactic Punt), but Kanji will usually fare better than her just because he isn’t rendered useless if an enemy nulls physical attacks and he takes hits better than her. The Dragon’s Way is, however, probably the best boosting move in the game.)


Tetris Battle Gaiden

S Tier: Queen
A Tier: Princess, Shaman, Halloween, Wolfman
B Tier: Ninja, Mirurun, Bit
C Tier: Aladdin, Dragon


Dragon’s Dogma Classes for Hard Mode

Ranger: This class has the two best physical damage options in the game: Tenfold Arrows is the #1 ranged skill with massive burst damage and Hundred Kisses is the highest melee DPS (even better as Thousand Kisses). Double jump and rolling are icing on the cake. Armed with an upgraded rusted bow and any of the elemental bows, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with any enemy save for ghosts and living armor. This is an ideal class for the endgame. Also consider that the highest damage weapon is a dagger set.

Assassin: A derivative of the ranger, but with more focus on melee. Sixfold Arrows and Charge Shot are the go-to ranged attacks. Wind Harness greatly increases your speed for an extended period, making it easier to grapple large foes. This is possibly the best class for endgame due to sheer versatility. Rusted weapons plus Hundred (Thousand) Kisses will cripple most enemies. Switch to a high damage dagger to seal the deal. Abilities that boost grappling (like opportunist) make the entire endgame a joke, save for Death, ghosts, and living armor. The entire sword and shield skill sets can be ignored.

Magick Archer: Great mobility and long range magic damage are great, but this is essentially a lesser ranger. This class should only have trouble against golems (the only magic immune enemy), tight corridors, elemental resistances, and anything with gigantic amounts of HP. The biggest problem with magick archers is that almost all skills have a preassigned elemental type. Thus, if an enemy is resistant to ice then Sixfold Arrow won’t be useful. This also overwrites any default element on your bow, making it difficult to use your weapon’s ability to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. Still, mobility and ranged weaponry are essential on hard mode.


Mystic Knight: Potentially the highest DPS in the game but requires about 30 seconds of setup every single time: mass enchant the party, drop four Grand Cannons, start swinging. Even with the ring that cuts casting time, it is very tedious to set this up in every fight. Recasting the cannons is not a realistic option against large persistent enemies. It is the only class that can block dragon fire, but that is easy enough to dodge. There is a wide variety of blocking skills available, but it isn’t a great idea to melee in hard mode due to high enemy damage. Abyssal Anguish is definitely in the top three of melee skills.

Mage and Sorcerer: The highest magic spells are very damaging, but difficult to setup without the right pawns to assist. Caster mobility is little to non-existent while casting spells, making fast moving and aggressive targets hard to handle. There is a lot of utility to enchanting your party or cursing enemies, but I feel these classes are better off on pawns. Both of my hired pawns were sorcerers for the vast majority of the game.

Fighter: They boast the greatest augment in the game for any class: increased weight carry. For that reason, almost every character should have a little experience as a fighter. Fighters have great AOE physical attacks and an invincible reversal, but have to deal with crazy hard mode melee damage from enemies. For raw damage, daggers just end up trumping swords and maces. For those reasons, I feel this is a good class to pick up augments, but there are better options for endgame. My primary pawn was a very resilient fighter in the end game since pawns are not subject to hard mode’s extra damage.

Warrior: This class is amazing in the early game. Warriors get the most life on level up and have fantastic stagger power against lesser enemies. The level ups combined with the huge strength boost augment make experience in this class a necessity if physical damage is your primary skill. The extra life from 20 or so levels will guarantee you can take an extra hit or two, which is significant when characters typically die in 1-3 hits on hard mode. Unfortunately, the skills for this class teeter off into high risk/low reward strategies when compared to other classes. Charge attacks are not worth the damage and time investment. After 30 seconds of charging, it is soul crushing to tap a dragon’s leg and deal three light attacks worth of damage. Easily the worst endgame class. I find it very strange that the highest strength+ weapon in the game is a dagger set and not a giant hammer.


Bravely Default job tiers. I’m only rating them based on how they stand on their own, otherwise there are too many variables to tier them accurately. So just because a job is low-tier on its own doesn’t mean it isn’t super effective when paired with another job.

Salve-Maker: An extremely good job that can do pretty much anything. You can provide support, offense, healing–Salve Maker is whatever you want it to be. For those stingy people who save their megalixirs, you can use Widen Area and use one elixir for the same effect, at the expense of 1 BP. Compounding is the main tool, but the salve maker’s other skills can’t be ignored, such as the AOE resurrect skill.

Vampire: You don’t get this job till late in the game, but for good reason. Every skill this class has is useful. Drain Attack Up ensures that you never run out of MP or HP; combine that with Absorb Physical Damage, Absorb Stats, & Rise from Dead, and suddenly you’re hard to kill. The skills you can get from Genome Drain are excellent, and it’s the only way you can get the -ja class of spells from the streetpass bosses.

Performer: Every skill this job has is useful, and all of them (except One More For You) is AOE. Try to ensure that this job always has more than 0 BP available. My Hero gives the party BP straight up–no downsides.

White Mage: Obviously, this job is great at healing and keeping the party alive. The blessed shield is the best item you can give to this job, and it will last through the entire game. Free healing for 0 cost. Epic Group Cast is an amazing passive skill, as is Conservation of Life.

Templar: One word: Rampart. This skill alone bumps the Templar up to A tier IMO. Templar gets some nice passive skills, but they’re strictly for use by other jobs (like Magic Critical). BP Limit Up is handy, since it usually means you can use a strong BP skill and not go below 0. I’m a big fan of Critical Amp.

Dark Knight: The whole point of Dark Knight is to drain your own HP so you can use Minus Strike. Have a Knight protect you so that you can use Minus Strike all day.

Swordmaster: Very powerful job. Katanas are some of the strongest weapons, and only a swordmaster has innate mastery (EDIT: Not true, Dark Knight also has mastery). This job is not S tier because you spend a lot of time defending and waiting for the enemy to hit you. There are ways to get aggro, though. This job is useless during Bravely Second.

Ninja: All you really need to be effective is Utsusemi, Transience, and Comeback Kid. Always have Utsusemi on, even if you have to go below -1 BP to do it. Kairai is good for when you have a Swordmaster that needs targeting.

Spiritmaster: Extremely useful abilities. The only problem is the high BP cost of the skills; this job requires a bit of maintenance, so make sure you have ways to restore BP quickly.

Valkyrie: This job is great due to the jump skills. You can’t get hurt at all during a jump. There’s a bit of redundancy with a few of the skills, but Bravely Second can help with that since damage isn’t capped. Super Jump may seem like it costs a lot, but you’re still recovering BP during the delay. So when you finally land, you don’t have to wait long to act. Spirit Barrier is handy because you don’t need MP for much else (most Valkyrie skills use BP).

Spell Fencer: It’s essentially a black mage that isn’t as much of a glass cannon. They require a bit of setup, but they’re good once they get going. Memento is nice if you can afford it.

Conjurer: For a late-game job, conjurer isn’t that good. Its skills only affect the caster, and other jobs can provide much better support, like the Performer. The conjurer’s passive skills, on the other hand, are super good. MP regen is really nice to have when you don’t want to use ethers, and Obliterate is one of the best skills in the game, period. That skill makes grinding trivial.

Knight: The knight’s deal is to tank. One might expect this job to deal damage, but that’s actually one of its shortcomings. If you want power, use another job. You won’t get much use out of this job, but I found it to be handy in a few fights, especially in one of the late sidequests. If you use Dual Shields, you can take just about anything and hardly die. It’s worth leveling up this job just for Two-Handed, and then changing jobs afterwards.

Pirate: The only reason this job isn’t lower is because its abilities are useful in boss fights. Otherwise, don’t expect to use this job a whole lot. Mass Attack is too risky to use. Once you get Vampire, there’s no reason to use this class anymore. Its lack of passive abilities hurts it.

Monk: Monks don’t really shine until you get their last skill, Natural Talent. You turn into even more of a glass cannon, but with the right setup, you can one-shot your way through common battles, and make short work of boss battles.

Black Mage: This is an OK job overall. A glass cannon that needs maintenance to be viable. Damage Dispersion is nice since mages typically can’t take a hit. Pierce M. Defense makes mages dangerous and is worth using if you can afford to. Group Cast All is also great, but sadly you can’t have that and pierce M. defense.

Red Mage: This job is far more useful for its passive skills than its active skills. Besides being a mediocre magic user, you have access to lots of BP, which can be used for whatever secondary job you’re using.

Ranger: Overall, the Ranger is a weak job. It doesn’t have many useful abilities except for Precision, which would be useful with the Ninja job since they deal the most hits.

Freelancer: This job actually has some OK passive skills, but most of its active skills leave a lot to be desired, until you get Mimic. Mimic can be great as long as you pay attention to what the last action was. What makes it cool is that there’s no HP/MP/BP cost to using it.

Summoner: Where this job falters is during boss battles, where you’re usually fighting one enemy. Most common battles aren’t too difficult, so they don’t warrant the use of summons other than to see how they look. The other problem with this job is that there’s no variety. All of them deal damage; no support summons or anything.

Thief: Steal is only good vs. bosses. The stuff you get from common battles is junk, so it kinda sucks that you have to waste a job slot on the thief’s skills just to get a piece of gear from a boss. Raid is an excellent skill, but sadly it can only trigger during common battles.

Arcanist: Basically, this job only serves to support the black mage via its passive skills. Most of the active skills are too situational to be of any use.

Time Mage: A bit underwhelming. Some of its better spells only work in common battles. Hasten World is worth using if you can maintain control of the battle and not let the enemy use the extra BP.

Merchant: The only use for this job is to get the More Money skill. Otherwise the only time you might use this job is when you don’t need money anymore.

Bravely Default Thread - Old-school FF for a new generation

That Dragon’s Dogma list is good, although it’s missing Strider. It should probably be in A since their tricks are worse than Ranger’s and Assassin’s, but they still use bows and daggers.

Also, Sorcerer’s and Mage’s best move is probably an elemental Focused Bolt ie. the move you can do by charging with light attack and then releasing. This gets special properties when you are enchanted with an element and is very strong and faster than their spells.

And I can’t see Magic Archers having problems in tight corridors… Ricochet Hunter destroys everything in the game when there are walls nearby.


I find my time spent needlessly ATM so here’s a tier list for Mass Effect 2’s companions. Bear in mind this is all assuming that we’re on Insanity because that’s arguably the most accurate difficulty to gauge an individual squaddie’s talent.


- I’m going to get flack for this but here I go: Miranda is so goddamn essential to your team, more so than anyone else at your disposal. Her team-wide damage buff is often the difference between life or death and gives more aggressive playstyles enough room for error to make them viable. Warp and Overload lets her strip down every defense in the game and the allocation of Miranda’s powers lets her max out Warp, Overload, and her passive ability. Nobody else in this game can claim such utility as Miranda. All in all, Miranda is easily in the top three of best characters in the game.

Kasumi- While Miranda is essential, Kasumi is fucking broken. Improved Flashbang Grenades and Rapid Shadow Strike are just too good and… that’s about it. She also has Overload for situations you don’t bring Miranda but for fuck’s sake, when you have someone who probably thinks to herself, “Now how should I destroy the enemy squad this time? Hmm, decisions decisions”, then you know you’ve got someone insanely powerful. Like, I’m going to stop right here just because everyone should already know how good… never mind I’ll move on.

Zaeed- Zaeed isn’t as ridiculous as Miranda or Kasumi but the bottom line is that his potential weapon damage is the highest in the game. He has the best possible weapon loadout combined with fantastic power choices and unlike the admittedly frail Miranda/Kasumi, Zaeed excels on his own. He also has total coverage over the three protections like Miranda, although not nearly to as intense of an extent. And with that insane damage boost, you’re not going to cap all three powers anyway. You can pretty much just give Zaeed a perch then let him go to town with little or no direction from Shepard. On missions such as Horizon, this is a godsend. While some may disagree with me, Zaeed’s durability and unparalleled damage output make him the best pure combat squadmate in the game.


Thane**- Thane is literally a hair away from being as good as Zaeed but falls short for one reason; packing a sub machine gun over an assault rifle hurts more than you think. Not to mention that Thane only covers two out of the three protections unlike the above three (Kasumi technically counts because of… you know…). In addition, Thane has to consider where to put his points. If Warp was his first power, Thane would be as good as anyone in S Tier but he has to spend points in Throw, which is… okay, but not Warp. Heavy Throw has its uses but it doesn’t let Thane have access to Unstable Warp. As a result, Thane has some questionable power allocation and the worst bonus power in the game, possibly worst power period. Although he gets a lot of points for having a stupidly huge damage increase and good protection coverage.

Grunt- Allow me to be a bit condescending toward those who apply; Grunt never dies and if he does then you did something very wrong. Of course, that only applies to after Grunt gets Improved Fortification. Fortification combined with his health regeneration and assault rifles make him a good combat squadmate. However, he has issues dealing with any foe that requires finesse and his crappy power allocation means he can’t have Squad Incendiary Ammo and Improved Fortification. Even though he isn’t in S Tier, he’s still a go-to squadmate that many people have rightfully used.

Garrus- Garrus is actually a good counterpart to Zaeed because all of them have total protection coverage but due to how the power allocation works out, they can only max two of their powers (In case you need a pointer, Disruptor Ammo/Inferno Grenade for Zaeed and Concussive Shot/Armor-Piercing Ammo for Garrus). The ammo powers can be exhanged freely and both work well under cover. However, the fact remains that Zaeed just flat-out outdamages Garrus. Like Miranda, Garrus is at his best while working with someone who compliments his abilities. If you want him on his own merits, there is literally no practical reason to choose him over Zaeed.


Mordin**- I like this guy but I’m going to say it anyway: Mordin is THE most situational character in the game, bar none. Sure, he has his uses early on for when Collectors are beating your ass in and Miranda/Shepard warp spam isn’t enough. Fun fact, Cryo Blast actually does the second most damage against barriers other than Warp. Oh, right. Against krogan and vorcha, Mordin is Jackie Chan in a ladder/rope/table/chair factory with a baby in his hand, a love interest suspended above a shark tank, a recently deceased master, and a comedic black cop buddy. And he doesn’t want ay trouble. Incinerate takes away armor, stops regen, detonates flamethrower tanks, induces frenzies, turns water to wine, cures cancer, and tells you the meaning of life. Neural Shock is also good after a well-timed Incineration Blast. Seriously, on Blood Pack or unprotected enemy missions, Mordin is as good as the S-listers. However, if he isn’t facing vorcha or krogan, he’s helpless. He’s a man of extremes and if he isn’t up against foes he dominates against, he’s more vulnerable than a slutty 16 year old sophomore student with daddy issues.

Tali- Before she got the Geth Shotgun, I’d have put her under Legion. However, the new shotgun buffs Tali considerably and combined with the sheer utility of Attack Done and Area Drone, she was almost an A-lister. The big one holding her back is that Tali is super situational. When she does work, she’s attacking with powers and not weapons- being further away and peppering enemies with Area Drain and drone support. However, if the opponents don’t have shields, she’s more or less there for the drone and the drone isn’t worth an entire combat slot when they’re more like a lesser Grunt anyway.

Samara- In terms of powers, Samara is what Thane should be if he were perfect. Samara gets Heavy Throw and Area Reave which, combined with her weapon loadout, compliments her biotics well. However, she’s helpless against shields because she has no way of stripping them quickly. For classes with no good way to deal with barriers, Samara is… not the best choice, but a damn good one and easily justifiable. Is she the best at anything? Not really. Is she the worst at anything? Not really. Does she need to be either? Not really.

Legion- Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you evidence number one of how power allocation can royally tear you a new asshole. If you want to spend all his points, you’ll need to max out… AI Hacking? Why? It’s goddamn worthless on Insanity because synthetic enemies are already so easy to take out with all the other more useful abilities. It’s only good for three points because then you get access to drones, but then you can’t max that out. Geth Shield Boost, however, is absolutely fantastic. As is the drone but due to crappy allocation, Legion can’t get the best of both worlds. He’s okay in terms of power but Tali is now much better, even with Legion’s superior weapon loadout.


Jacob**- I can imagine he’s good at spilling drinks considering his screwed-up mouth is the most fascinating thing about him but in combat, Mr. Taylor is a middle man. He rarely flips situations in your favor but he’s good at paving the way to victory. Incendiary Ammo can be squad-wide and Pull gives some good crowd control wen used with Unstable Warp. Jacob benefits Adepts the most but even then, there are several better options available.

Jack- If you haven’t figured out what Jack is supposed to do in combat… okay, I won’t be condescending this time but Jack can hide behind cover now due to Geth Shotgun like Tali but be closer to the frontline tossing out shockwaves that ravage unprotected foes. Warp Ammo is also fantastic with the squad upgrade and her exclusive biotic boost gives her Shockwave attacks 20% more damage than anyone else’s. Remember those annoying Husks? No? Right, because Jack slapped their shit up with Mordin dropping some mad beats. Horizon? These two will be dropping bombs on that place, ignoring that it already looks bombed. That said, Jack is really a one-trick pony and needs help to get the trick into place. After Husk’s armor are gone, there’s a metric fuckton of things you can do with other squadmates. Yeah, she’s good for Husks, but she’s not so good that you can’t have Garrus Concussive Shot or… pick them off one by one.

Morinth- Morinth has some good aspects. A damn shame none of them compliment each other at all. Dominate is nice but defenses need to be gone first and she can’t do that alone. She also has throw and pull but neither of those are fantastic by themselves. Every other squadmate has something that makes them functional by themselves but Morinth is the only one that NEEDS help from her squad. Some of you may be wondering why Morinth is down here while Samara is… slightly higher up. Well, Samara gets access to Reave. Need I say more?


Kirby: Return To Dreamland Power Tiers:





Sleep Tier:

I basically tiered using two main factors; damage and safety (basically how much at risk you are of getting hit while attacking.)

I think I may have forgotten a power or two, so I’ll be editing this.


Okay, SUUUUUUUPER nitpicky point but I really do think Spark should go above Tornado. Literally the most broken shit in the game.


You better have a good reason for making the Wolf guy A-tier. I couldn’t find anything good about him in all my time playing! I actually play this game pretty regularly with friends since we are all Tetris addicts. So far we’ve determined that the Princess, the Pumpkin, and the Ninja are total monsters. Sometimes I’ll pick the Rabbit or the Tiki guy to shake things up, but pound for pound the Pumpkin and Ninja are the real powerhouse characters.


Golden Axe 3 Hard Mode Tier List:
( S ) Chronos Lait
( A ) Pround Cragger
( B ) Kain Grinder
( C ) Sarah Barn
( D ) Eve “Bridman”

( S )Chronos:Easily the best character, if not one of the best beat em’ characters of all time.
His j+a is the best of all the fighters, f+a is pretty soild as well. But the move that really breaks him(and the game for this matter)
is his f, b, f, j+a move(unblockable) + this with his wall jump for easy combos, then you get one bad kitty.

( A )Pround:The only reason This guy is below Chrono is cus’ his shitty reach makes a few of his basic Combos unsafe. Still he can lay out big damage with his grab+f+ja, this works very well for crownd control, making up for his awful speed. His f, u, b, d, f+ja shoots out a Tornado(unblockable) good for keep away. Overall a hard hitting character w/a fairly safe moveset.

( B )Kain:While Kain’s supeiror reach makes him a much safer character to play then Pround, Sarah, or Eve. None of his moves really stand out in terms of damage. His only really good moves are his F+ja(kinda unsafe) and his f, u, b, d, f+ja(Unblockable) Witch shoots a frame sweep across the field. Kinda like Prounds, but slightly better. Don’t get me wrong he can get the job done, and hes my favorite character by far. But he lacks Chronos brokeness and the damage of Pround.

( C )Sarah:Speedy, w/mid range attacks
a lot of her moves have good prioty, so like Kain she mostly safe.
Her bread n butter is her f+ja. Her f, b, f, j+a works like a projectie attack(like Kain/Pround) But sadly is blockable, And there for, unsafe. Her double jump is kinda handy. In short, a weak character w/a fast play style.

( D )Eve:I don’t think many people know this but, YOU CAN use Eve in the main game via a cheat.
Reguradless tho, hes not the super secret character you we’re hoping for.
I find hes the worst at handling groups, mostly cus’ his the basic combos whiff on short foes, his dash attack is hella akward for some reason and he has no magic.
Tho he does have a grab+f+ja like Pround… but no were near as stong.
Really good reach tho.

Resident Evil Merc Reunion Tier List
*Note:This is based on Solo and Duo.

( S ) Excella
( A ) Business Sheva ,Warrior Chris, Josh
( B ) Rebecca, Barry
( C ) Heavy Metal Chris
( D ) Fariy Tale Sheva

( S )Excella:Gernade Luncher+ Fash rounds, nuff said. Can save combos in a juffy.
Added with the powerful M32R HG for Sub Boss’s and the Ak for groups, hell she even comes w/a FAS.
Only real negitive is her melee move take kinda long.

( A )Business Sheva:
Business comes w/her sig HG witch is good for melee combos +combo saving and a L.Hawk, need I say more? Her Mines can also be useful.

( A )Warrior: is super well-rounded, having a weapon for any probelm. PSG1 for Range/Combo saving, Hydra for close up/boss killing and HnK for melee Combos.

( A )Josh:Josh just never runs outta anmo, w/a 100 round M92F magizine+His M9 SG hits from miles away.
His Rocket Luncher is also useful but limited.

( B )Rebecca:Rebecca is quite a handy character in Duo play, given her dual FAS, she also has a very solid melee combo game… Her boss killing skills, not so much. Jalibreaker is so so and lacks range.

( B )Barry has a great combo game, w/boss slaying to boot, but lacks crownd control, witch really hurts him. His Sniper is good for long range combo saving.

( C )Heavy Metal is a very funny character, he can only combo w/ his stun rod, but its honetsly the best for building scores, it’s just really unsafe. He does come with a Bullet and Melee Vest to help with this tho. His boss killing is kinda hard as well, given how slow his minigun is, making HMC the most skillful and rewarding character to use.

( D )Fairy Tale Sheva:Weak character, her 556 can’t melee combo very well, her SG is ok at best and her M500 has way to much recoil to be safe.
She does have x5 Gold Eggs, witch is nice for Duo… and thats it.

Final Fantasy VI Low Level Natural Magic Game Tier List
*Note:I won’t be posting any detail for character placement, as that would take way to long, if you want to see the reasons for this tiering check out the FF6 LLNMG Tier List Topic on Gamefaqs.com

( S ) Gau, Gogo
( A ) Sabin, Celes, Terra, Setzer
( B ) Mog, Strago
( C ) Edger, Shadow, Locke
( D ) Umaro, Cyan, Rlem

Thats all for now. ^_^¥


@"scum gale 88"‌
Awesome! Someone else actually plays this game other than me lol.
I feel Wolfman is A Tier for two main reasons:

  1. His level 2 can disable the opponents drop down ability. Because it’s his second power, all he needs are two stones to activate. This makes it incredibly spammy. Since the opponent’s drop ability is disabled, he can’t get most of the pieces he wants while Wolf can take as much pieces AND stones as he wants.
  2. His level 4 (Rensa) can send an enormous amount of garbage to your opponent if he has enough holes to fill. The only downside is that if he had stones in his field, they’d leave holes instead of drop down like the rest of the blocks.

With those two powers, I feel like he can spam his level 2 while he sets up his field to use his level 4. His level 3 power is a pretty annoying defense as well. Clearing your lines means clearing his lines as well on top of his already good level 1 defense power. This is why I believe Princess is the perfect counter for Wolfman. Her reflector can turn his second power against him and she’ll have a great amount of time to gain stones for her level 3 power (disables the ability to rotate blocks). She can take advantage of his defensive skills as well if he’s in danger.

Regarding Ninja, I love him. His attacks are so awesome to use and it’s true that he really is a powerhouse with those powers of his, specifically 1, 3, and 4. But the reason I rank him in B is because of his horrible defense power. It’s great that his level 1 power can move all the blocks to one side of the field. Perfect for tetrises, BUT what if your opponent purposely denies you the line block? If your opponent waits patiently for the purpose of taking all the line blocks, then you can’t make those tetrises that you wanted which then means that you’re stuck with all those blocks you had before you used the power. Nothing changed except that it’s on one side of the field now. So you have to use other blocks like the L and J blocks to clear up some of the lines while your opponent can pressure you with maybe some tetrises of his own. I guess to kinda mitigate this, you could use your level 3 or 4 power to startle your opponent. Maybe even the level 2 power since it changes your opponents’ pieces to different shapes. So you can take advantage of his confusion and maybe you can take a line piece every now and then. To me, his defense is just really lacking to be placed higher but his offense is too great to be placed lower.

And yeah Halloween is also a good powerhouse and I think a perfect character for beginners. His level 1 can be used offensively or defensively (best of both worlds) and his level four can mess your opponents up BAD. His level 3 is great for stealing stones and his level 2 is annoying. My personal favorites are: Princess, Ninja, Halloween, and Bit, especially Princess though. Her reflector is just too fun haha.


Link’s Awakening Weapon Tiers


Boomerang: Destroys flowers, glowing ghouls, even pesky skull ghouls. It has decent reach, but won’t go further than the hook shot. Solid weapon, easily one of the best in the game and should be picked up asap

Arrows: Arrows are really good in this game. Most sub-bosses die in 2 hits, and they have excellent power. But it’ll cost you 980 ruppees to get it, which is insane. If you can steal it early, consider yourself overpowered the first couple of dungeons

Master Sword (LV2 Sword): It comes around mid-game and it has pretty good power. The beams increases the weapons reach, but limits you to being at full health. It really shines with the defense armor from the color dungeon.


Flame Staff: The flame staff could very well be one of the best weapons in the game. It’s the only weapon effective in the flower marsh, it has infinite uses, and it kills just about everything. But the problem is its usefulness outside of that: IT COMES SO LATE! You won’t need to go through the marsh with it, and it won’t work very well against the final boss. The weapon was solely designed for you to beat the eighth dungeon, which kinda sucks


Hook Shot: Incredible reach, but arrows are superior and it can’t destroy glowing/skull ghouls. Inferior to all the top weapons in almost every way, but you’ll need it to advance in some sections of the game.

Bombs: Tremendous power, and unlike other games Link is immune to the explosion! But you can only set down one, which kinda sucks. Exploding arrows is a different story though…

Link’s Sword (LV1 Sword): Well it’s your standard sword. Maybe it should be higher but it’s just an average weapon, so mid seems about right.


Magic Powder: Poor range, it requires Link to be in harms way all the time and it has no effect on some enemies. You can only get 40 of these too, which seems kinda odd for a weapon that sucks for the most part.




Seems a bit silly, but I’ve been on a Max Payne binge of late, and I suppose I’ll rank the weapons in the first game, my favorite installment. As stupid is it might sound to do this for a single player game, it matters a lot on New York Minute difficulty, or in Dead on Arrival runs without usage of mid-level saves.

9mm Pistol
Desert Eagle
Colt Commando
Pump-Action Shotgun
Sniper Rifle
Molotov Cocktail (regular difficulties)
Sawn-Off Shotgun
Baseball Bat
Lead Pipe
Moltov Cocktail (New York Minute)

The 9mm Pistol is easily the best weapon in the game. It can be dual wielded, ammo is extremely plentiful, it has a very fast reload, it’s as accurate as the game’s recoil-free crosshair, it has a steady and manageable rate of fire, and it does a nice deal of damage from headshots, which makes it the best weapon to use with bullet time as well.
The Desert Eagle has all the same pros as the 9mm along with greater damage, but it is somewhat hampered by a limited ammo supply and the inability to dual wield it. It is still a very good weapon with bullet time. It is preferable to the 9mm Pistol at slightly longer ranges with slightly fewer enemies.
The Ingram’s dual wielding potential is nice, but it eats up ammo quickly — even if every shot is a headshot, only about four enemies can be downed before reloading. The somewhat slow reload animation is also an annoyance. The Ingram’s greatest redeeming quality is its ability to stun enemies with lots of quick shots, which isn’t very useful when fighting large groups. It’s a nice weapon to use against the game’s pseudo-bosses and single enemies, though.
Grenades are good at taking out large groups all at once, but the overall supply of grenades isn’t great in the game, and the throwing animation is so slow that a grenade is only really viable as a surprise attack, which, if it fails, will give away your location from afar and put you at a severe disadvantage. That said, a well-placed grenade is a real life (and ammo!) saver in many places. Use conservatively, but not too sparingly.
The Colt Commando is only a little bit faster than the dual wielded 9mm, and does less damage, along with having another annoying reload animation. Its large magazine size and good accuracy makes it useful against enemies with high stamina, such as the Killer Suits, but it might be a bit silly to use it in the common firefight.
The Jackhammer has low accuracy, a bad rate of fire, and a long reload animation, but it does a nice deal of damage and cancels very nicely from and into Max’s roll. It comes in a bit too late to be truly useful, but it can find a decent amount of use against the game’s tougher enemies in a good player’s hands.
The Pump-Action Shotgun cancels in and out of the reload animation quickly and smoothly, has plentiful ammo, and comes in very early. Aside from that, it isn’t very good. When it comes in, it’s like the 9mm with bad range and a bad rate of fire, and late in the game, it’s like a downgraded Jackhammer. Useful in its own right and sorta stylish, but not hugely good.
The Sniper Rifle has a horrible ammo supply, horrible rate of fire, and a very long reload animation — as is to be expected from a Sniper Rifle. As Sniper Rifles go, it’s pretty powerful, with no recoil at all, perfect accuracy, and a nice bullet-camera animation that plays with each successful shot. Unfortunately, outside of three or four designated sections (three is being nice, honestly), there isn’t much use for it, and it will only slow Max down outside of these sections.
On regular difficulties (Detective, Hard Boiled, Dead on Arrival), the only reason to use the Molotov Cocktail is if you’re out of Grenades. It does less damage and leaves an annoying trail of fire around for a little while. Pretty useless when there’s a Grenade.
The Sawn-Off Shotgun is bad. It has two bullets, terrible range, and the longest reload animation in the game, meaning that the only appropriate situation for it is firing at a very close enemy after popping out from cover, and even that isn’t a guaranteed kill. No reason to use this at all.
The M79 is total trash. It’s like a grenade with instant detonation, which is decent, but it also has a larger explosion radius and less accuracy. Because so many areas in Max Payne are so small, and because Max takes so much damage on even the outskirts of explosions, these two factors make using the M79 a deathwish. It’s also rather slow, and just not that hugely beneficial over the Grenade.
The Baseball Bat and Lead Pipe are melee weapons, and not especially gratifying ones. The Baseball Bat does a little more damage. Both are terrible, considering their speed, range, and the amount of enemies that typically come at Max at once.
On New York Minute, the Moltov Cocktail is the only weapon that does you no good whatsoever. It’s already inferior to the grenade, and the fire it leaves can nick a few precious seconds off the timer, whether Max has to wait for it to die down or find a way around it. It’s just terrible to use this weapon in New York Minute, and an M79 blast or straight Baseball Bat run is safer.

So there. That might be one of the more pointless things I’ve done, but now you know. Max Payne is a good game. Go play it.


Well, forward a couple months later in D&D 5th Edition — after actual play experience and further analysis — and the tiers are definitely different than first thought.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that none of the classes are really, truly weak and/or useless. And the S-Tier doesn’t even come close to dominating or breaking the game a la 3e Cleric/Druid/Wizard.

But anyway:

S: Druid, Wizard, Cleric, Bard
A: Sorcerer, Paladin, Warlock
B: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Monk

Druid - Mostly takes top spot because of the Moon build, allowing them to Wild Shape into really strong beast forms and eventually elementals. While still being a full caster.
Wizard - Strong as usual (though not really broken anymore, as I said). Still, 9th-level spells, ability to recover some spells throughout the day, school features are very nice, ultimate versatility.
Cleric - Diverse range of builds that are all effective. Seems much more geared toward support this time around and is great at that. Not nearly 3e in melee but still good with the right spells like Spiritual Weapon.
Bard - Full caster now in 5e, and at certain levels can cherry-pick spells from any other class. Learns spells, rather than prepares them a la Cleric/Wizard/Druid, but gets to learn a lot of them. Terrific at skills, and one of this class’ builds is the best at them. Good at buffing their allies and debuffing their enemies.

Sorcerer - Full caster, but very limited repertoire of spells. So not nearly as versatile or utilitarian as a Wizard. Pretty much has to focus on one aspect (damage, charms, etc.) with their spell selection, but Metamagic makes them really, really good at the specialization they do choose.
Paladin - Easily the best as far as melee classes go, and very versatile. While they typically don’t deal any more damage than the Fighter, they bring a lot more to the table besides just doing damage. Always-on auras not only greatly boost their own saving throws and make them immune to fear and possibly (depending on Oath) immune to charm or resistant to spell damage, but they also spread those benefits to their allies. Their spell list, even though limited to Lv. 1-5, is really good, loaded with strong combat buffs that even most Clerics don’t get (some of which buff allies along with them), as well as Smite spells that let them add more damage and inflict a status after confirming a weapon hit. Lay on Hands can heal disease and poison now, too.
Warlock - Recharges spell slots on short rest (though they don’t get nearly as many as the other full casters), eventually gets one casting of a Lv. 6-9 spell per day. Eldritch Blast is a really powerful cantrip, and the Hex spell plus a couple of key incantations can result in some sick damage.

Barbarian - Deals more consistent damage than the Fighter in most cases, can get advantage on every swing of their weapon (but give it to enemies in return). Rage a solid damage and survivability boost, too. Can’t really nova their damage on demand like a Fighter or Paladin can, though.
Fighter - Solid damage, even if the Paladin and even the Barbarian have more to offer in other areas overall. Gets good spike damage on demand from Action Surge. Battle Master lets them attack a little more damage to a few attacks while enabling a status effect of some sort, or benefiting an ally.
Ranger - Very good at exploration if in their favored terrain, but unfortunately that’s more situational than many would like. Some good spells, including conjurations. Geared toward damage against multiple enemies rather than focus fire, which is great in some battles and not so good in others. A lot of highly situational class features.
Rogue - Deals OK damage with Sneak Attack which they should be able to get most rounds. Nearly as good with skills as the Bard (better in some cases). Assassin can do some really mean spike damage, although it’s highly situational being able to get surprise rounds.
Monk - Average damage (not up to Fighter/Barbarian/Paladin level though), but stuns enemies often. One build gets a rather cheap save-or-die at high level that takes two turns to enact. Great at saving throws. A bunch of neat tricks that actually work unlike in 3e, but overall doesn’t quite stand out.


Looking at this after a long ass time I noticed that Dragon’s Dogma list is missing some overpowered moves for some of the top classes…

Ranger - Great Gamble
This move is actually crap when used by the player, since it’s slow and hard to hit with. However, pawns equipped with this can be insanely strong, especially if they are Utilitarians who are familiar with all the enemies and you equip them with stamina-replenishing stuff. Pawns like this can always hit the weak points of bosses and take full life bars off them. As Utilitarians they can also synchronize with each other and fire at the same time… This is probably the strongest pawn strategy in the game.

Assassin - Masterful Kill
A totally ridiculous move to the extent many people thought this was bugged in the normal game, but it’s still the same in DA even though they toned down some other stuff. This is a counter… which has no time limit (activate it, stand still, it will always counter the next move), and it counters absolutely every single physical damage move in the game, even ones it you might not expect it to. In the original it even countered some things it shouldn’t have, like some of the Ur-Dragon’s spells… It might still do that actually. Even as it is, this makes some supposedly hard enemies like Eliminators completely worthless. They can’t basically do anything to you if you use this. You can also just use this on reaction against anything even slightly resembling a physical attack, and you will win.

Strider - Splinter Dart
Again, this is ass if used by the player. Pawns however can do preposterous things with this after they learn how to use it.


Final P4G Tiers:

God: Y(o)u

Goddess: Rise

Top: Kanji, Yukiko

High: Yosuke, Naoto

Mid: Teddie

Bottom of Bottoms: Chie



Smackdown Here comes the pain

S tier