Tiers for non-fighting games?


Your list is bad as well. You have 2 things right, and I’ll go through it really quickly.

This is the SO3 Tier list for you controlling the character. In the NTSC version of this game, the CPU does not cancel most combos correctly, thus the characters are at a severe disadvantage.

[ S+ ] Maria: Why? Point blank Scatter Beam chains do the most damage in the game beyond a shadow of a doubt. Maria alone can destroy most bosses just chaining Scatter Beam in their faces. She is also the queen of silly damage from long range by doing Aiming Device chains. Once she gets Pulse Laser it’s all over. You can put the game down and laugh. She has the highest damage in the game. Period.

[ S ] Cliff: Sphere of Might on short minor and Hammer of Might on strong minor. Why did they give us access to Hammer of Might at the beginning of the game like this? It was a silly decision, one that I’ll never understand. However Cliff is one of the best stun lockers in the game simply because he has Sphere of Might chains. Once you unlock Hammer of Might, Cliff becomes and unstoppable powerhouse. Hammer of Might is an AOE knockdown skill that causes extreme damage. Most bosses will outright die after 3 or 4 combos from Cliff. It’s ridiculous. Once cliff gains access to Aerial Assault and Fist of Fury he becomes a killing machine the likes of which only Maria is comparable to. Sphere of Might on short minor and Aerial Assault on short strong usually means someone is dead. Fist of Fury is great for stun locking enemies, and later he gains Acrobatic Locust for even more insane damage. Then…he gets Max Shockwave (lol). In short. Cliff has a massive health pool and just…dishes out damage like no one’s business. The only person who will ever eclipse him damage wise is Maria.

[ S ] Fayt: Before any of you assume I’m going list sidekick as the reason, you’re wrong. Sidekick is a good move, however it’s bugged. When using Side Kick on human sized and smaller enemies, every 2nd Side Kick (usually the strong minor), will either completely whiff, or miss most of its hits. This results in Fayt losing a sizable portion of his damage. Thus, Side Kick isn’t the holy grail of moves unless the enemy is huge. Fayt’s dps is actually MASSIVE if you understand what skills to cancel with. Blade of Fury is probably the best cancelling melee move I’ve ever seen, unless you’re comparing it to Sphere of Might. You can cancel Blade of Fury incredibly fast, which makes getting chains of 300% really easy with Fayt. Once Fayt unlocks Air Raid the rest is history. Berserk + BoF + Air Raid means that Fayt is pumping out a ton of damage relatively quickly from melee range. Then he get’s access to Dimension Door, which in itself makes Fayt far more powerful. Dimension Door is great for getting incredible amounts of DPS from Fayt, plus you get the bonus of stun locking multiple enemies. Last, you have the silly combo of No Guard + BoF + Ethereal Blast, this is just nutty. Fayt is a very good character, he’s only out shined by Cliff and Maria.

[ S- ] Nel: You already know why she’s here. She will more than likely be your parties best healer, she can pump out considerable damage via Ice Needle and Flying Guillotine chains (with Berserk of course), and Nel has a really good long range strong attack. Her early skills are pretty pitiful. Shockwave and Shadow Wave are good, but definitely lose out to Sphere of Might + Hammer of Might or BoF/BoF chains. However, she becomes a powerful long range combatant when she unlocks Ice Needles and Flying Guillotine. Flying Guillotine alone is what really puts her up here. Spammable, great damage (both HP and MP), and compliments her relatively safe playstyle. Before director’s cut, Flying Guillotine was so broken, they nerfed it to the floor and it’s still an insane move for her to have. She also gains access to Whirlwind (which is no slouch), and Mirror Slice (which is really good for her)

[ A ] Peppita: Kaboom! Is a great battle skill, and really compliments her moveset, however the main reason why Peppita is in A tier is because of one move: Power Dance. The skill makes it so that Peppita can boost her team mates attack power to ludicrous levels, and the move has hilarious invul frames allowing Peppita to dance her way to victory.

[ A-] Mirage: Mini Cliff, enough said.

[ B ] Sophia: She has great long range spells, and is a suitable substitute for if you lost Nel as a party member and desperately need some one to fill that mage slot. She is leagues better than Adray and has commendable skills and can even set some Symbology spells to her battle skills slot.

[ C ] Roger: Start up. Start up. Start up. Most…of Roger’s skills have a horrible start up time meaning he will more than likely get himself killed before he can actually launch a skill. However! There is a silver lining to the small boy. Charge. He has the fastest Charge in the game. It is lightning quick and can get Roger through the most grueling portions of his leveling.

[ D ] Albel: Oh how the mighty have fallen. This is something that will be debated on by people, but I feel it’s pretty set in stone. Albel quite frankly…sucks. The new system that they put in place for the Director’s Cut/Int Version of this game does not suit Albel. Why? Most of his skills either have horrendous start up, or they knockdown on hit. Meaning that Albel can’t even build up to high damage cancel chains to squeeze the most out of his pitiful skills. Dragon Roar would be his saving grace, however it was nerfed to the floor from the original game, making it so that Albel has to make due with other skills. Air Slash is a great move to sling from long range, however it’s start up is still pretty poor. I think Albel is great a pure stun locker, using Aura Wall to really lock someone down is great, however there are other character who can lock enemies down better. Albel also comes with the distinction of being the male fighter who can’t equip heavy armor, meaning he’s regulated to the armor the girls wear. So he is a frail…frail…paper thin fighter who can be ko’d quite easily. Add in the fact that they de-clawed and de-fanged him, he isn’t very useful in this game outside of specific set ups.

[ D- ] Adray: How do I…describe Adray accurately…uh…well…he sucks. To be quite honest Adray is a waste of a slot. Being forced to take Adray with you is well…appalling. I don’t understand why the game forces you to hold on to him, especially considering Sophia is far above and beyond Adray in terms of damage and versatility. Chaos Tide is good, but…theres not really much else to write about him. I guess he’s good for making items…and crafting certain swords…although…you’ll probably find better one to replace them. Yeah…Adray is just bad.


Ni No Kuni Tier list

After playing it maybe 100 hours, i have evolved almost every type of familliar in 1 final form, sometimes 2, didn’t max lvled most of them but i’ll try to list some of the best familliars in the game :

In no particular order

S+: Dinoceros
S : Lumberwood, Naja, Toko, Bonehead, Hooray, Monolith, Girlfiend
A :Purrloiner, Mite, Green Buncher, Mandragorer, Sapdragon,Sleepeafowl
A- : Little bighorn, Thumbelemur, Fuddy-Daddy, Teeny Bopper, Splisher, Pom Pom, Tin-Man, Sparkee, Dongo, Shrimpaler, Minor Byrde, Buddud, Whambat, Clubber Cub, Clinketyclank, Worker Bumbler, Sprog Cog
B : Everyone else is viable as you can use gems and items.

Dinoceros : Broken, Earsplitter and his one target skills can kill everything in a few seconds. (I prefer Catastroceros on him, especially for the atk and the skills)
Lumberwood : Probably the best tank in the game, give him to Esther and she won’t die anymore in defense mode. ( I use Wildwood)
Naja : One of the best attacker for Oliver, Naja can kill bosses really fast, very good choice before you get Dinoceros, and even after as you can switch between these two (Najapatra is better in my opinion)
Toko : Hard familiar to get but have a very high evasion and 5* move speed. (Didn’t evolve him to his final form, chose whatever you want)
Bonehead : At first he seems weak, but once he is in his final form he will get stronger and stronger, give him a Dragontooth ring to boost his attack speed and postgame he’ll wreck everything (Bone Baron is the best here)
Hooray : Another very good attacker here with good stats (Grimray)
Monolith : A very good tank with good stats and good buffs (Paleolith)
Girlfiend : Excellent caster, but give her gems so she can get better spells (Phantasma)

You can evolve the other in pretty much everything you prefer, they are great. Always try to raise them to their max lvl before evolving them.

It’s good to have a balanced team with one attacker, one caster and one tank. You can use pretty much every familiar if you have a balanced team. Try to get the familiars with the character they have an affinity with. This is the team i use :

Oliver : Catastroceros, Najapatra/Puss in Boats, Scrapdragon
Esther : Grimray, Wimpeafowl, Wildwood
Swaine : Bone Baron, Phantasma, Paleolith

I personally don’t use Marcassin because he doesn’t have a special skill but you can use Toko, Shrimpaler and Relixx i believe.

With Oliver i try to swap Naja and Dino depending on the situation, scrapdragon have the best stats of all familiars and is very good for tanking. Also he doesn’t need a caster because he already have very strong spells.

Esther with Grimray will do a very good job cleaning mobs, get some gems for Wimpeafowl, whatever you want he is a great aoe caster, and wildwood is just so tanky.

Swaine with Bone Baron is top tier end game, Phantasma is also a great caster get her some gems and she’ll destroy everything, Paleolith is not as great as Wildwood, but he have some really cool aoe spells and buff spells.


I’ve tiered X-Men 2: Clone Wars before, but this is better than any of the tier lists I made in the past.

S Tier

Wolverine: He has some of the highest damage output in the game and I think he might be the fastest runner. His low attack comes out either instantly or damn near instantly, and his special attack makes it really easy to keep the momentum going along with doing absurd damage. He’ll also heal a bit if you’re low on health and stand there with your thumb up your ass for a bit, but if you do that, you’re really not playing the game properly. He can also climb on walls and ceilings, making him extremely mobile in a very linear way. His one weakness is that he lacks range, but that isn’t really that much of an issue in this game.

Nightcrawler: He runs a touch slower than Wolverine does, but he has a more versatile moveset consisting of a flying kick (better than anyone else’s), a divekick (always too good), and his teleport, which is one of the most damaging attacks in the game and allows you to bypass certain hazards. He and Wolverine can also both climb on walls, and they are the only characters who can walk on ceilings. It comes into play more often than you’d think!

A Tier

Beast: The last speed run that I saw used Beast on one level, and it was a level that consisted of nothing but a boss fight. This is because Beast has the highest hit-for-hit damage in the game, and because his jab is fairly quick (still probably the slowest jab, but it’s fast-ish), he can keep that damage going for as long as he needs to. He’s also surprisingly mobile for those of you who want to speedrun, because he has a very long and fast lunge that cancels into itself and he can climb walls very quickly.

B Tier

Cyclops: He probably has the shortest melee attack range in the game and he runs very slowly, but certain attacks of his are incredibly quick on the draw, such as his one-frame optic blasts (you can stunlock almost any mundane enemy with these) and his blistering fast jumping B. Other than that, he isn’t great, but his optic blasts alone make him worth playing.

C Tier

Gambit: He and Nightcrawler are the only characters with flying kicks, and Gambit’s is… okay? The true strength of Gambit lies in his melee range, which is the longest in the game. He can cover a hitbox as big as he is in front of him and stop obnoxious hopping enemies in their tracks with his standing B. With his up-B and jumping up-B, he can hit more above him than most. His damage is okay too. His cards, however, are fairly weak as projectiles go; they come out slow and leave him wide open after they’re done. In general, he moves and attacks very slowly.

Psylocke: She’s kind of a mixture of Beast and Gambit, but not as good as either of them. Her jumping B is fucking awesome and functions as a Screw Attack by covering a complete radius around her, and she can stick to walls and climb them just as quickly as the other characters who can do the same thing. She also has better melee range than anybody except Gambit and easily the worst special power in the game. In order to justify the windup, the psionic blade needed to do about five times the damage that it does. I guess having a pseudo-flying kick from it is nice, though.

D Tier

Magneto: You get him as a bonus and there’s a lot of hype surrounding his arrival, but Magneto just isn’t very good. He’s the single least mobile character in the game (he walks faster than Beast, but can’t lunge or climb walls), his damage output is atrocious, and his levitation is situational at best. I know that it’s great against Apocalypse, but you can also kill Apocalypse in like two seconds by ripping into him with Wolverine. Magneto sucks.


Ninjitsu Tiers Revenge of Shinobi (RoS)


**Jitsu of Ikazuchi **- Lighting protects you 3 hits which easily makes this the best jitsu in the game. With Super Shuriken you can get close enough and spam your sword against bosses or difficult enemies who won’t die in one hit. Also, you’ll need this Jitsu if you want any shot at getting the games good ending.


Jitsu of Fushin - Creates shadows for higher double jumps. It’s useful in the sense that you’ll practically be forced to use this ideally in some levels (dark city, that BIG ASS ledge jump on the pier/docks level). Also, you can skip a good chunk of the chop shop level just before the fight with the Terminator with this Jitsu.


Jitsu of Mijin - Blow yourself up and take out everything on the screen for decent damage, but at a cost of one life. If you got lives to spare, this ones pretty good but I never found
use for this and on hard mode they start you out with 0 lives–which means game over if you use it. I only use it against Godzilla, yet I can still beat him without it.

*Low *

Jitsu of Kariu - Terrible Jitsu, summon flames to dmg all on-screen opponents. But, it doesn’t cause nowhere near the amount of dmg as Mijin does. Super Shuriken spread does a better a job and it’s much faster. I only use this Jitsu once the entire game, and that’s on the shadow boss in stage 2 the only place where it is useful because it oddly hits his flames multiple times


Rockman 5 AirSliding Tiers:

Imagine a Megaman game where you can slide in the air and cheerful Kirby music plays all the time!



Gravity Hold- This is no longer a one-hit kill but a full-screen weapon that takes a few hits to “floatkill” an enemy. But that’s not why this is broke. If you hold up while using this Rock will “flip” and stick to the ceiling. He can avoid a lot of crap this way, plus if he keeps changing directions he can “float” in midair. A weapon you’ll want to always use.

Crash Kick- This basically let’s you slide through almost anything, and it hurts a lot as well. You will always air slide with this on.


Crystal Eye- Let’s you fire a wall-phasing projectile in any direction provided you aim the orb correctly. Powerful and can clear tight spot.

Napalm Bomb- Fires a fast moving Napalm Bomb. Nice to use when you need power.

Gyro Attack _ Shoots a curving Gyro Blade. Hard to aim.


Star Crash- Summons a clone of yourself that will turn into stars, travel in a line to and past where you currently are, and hit anything in it’s way. Too situational to use.

Water Wave- Summons a water tornado to hit anything above you. Situational.


Power Stone- Summons a stone you kick around and try to hit things with. Ew.


Things about this list
1-This list is about 2deepness4u and not about quality
2-Being level 6 doenst mean the thing is 3 times more deeper4u than a level 2 stuff. It just means its more deeper4u than tier 5 and less deeper4u than tier 7.
3-If you really want to know your level, do this, make a list of genres you really like, and find their level, your level is the level of the most deep4u genre. So as some example if you like post-grunge and harsh noise, your level is infinite.
4- This list is a wip and can and WILL be changed if something here is 100% proven to be wrong, also new styles, genres and sub-genres not here will be added. So if something on this list sucks tell what it is.

>Level 0
Country music
House (excluding house sub-genres I say on other levels)
Electro house
"Euro trance" (excluding dutch trance)
Contemporary folk (problably would split into different levels if I knew what are the genres that contemporary folk have)

>Level 1
Hard Rock
Dutch Trance
Filter House
Hard House
Tech House
Acid House
Happy Hardcore
Neue Deutsche Härte
Vocal Jazz
Punk Rock (excluding pop-punk, grindcore, noise rock, powerviolence, hardcore)

>Level 2
Psy trance
Classic trance
Progressive Rock
Abstract Hip-hop

>Level 3
Power metal
Heavy Metal
Dungeon Synth
Winter Synth
Progressive Metal
Math Rock
Hardcore (Punk Rock one)
Ambient breaks
Stoner Doom Metal
Industrial Metal
Trip Hop
Ambient House
Smooth Jazz

>level 4
Acid jazz
Traditional Folk
Folk Metal

>level 5
Classic Industrial
Martial Industrial
Thrash metal
Classical Music
New Age
Digital Hardcore
Softer Hardcore (electronic music one) subgenres (excluding happy hardcore)
Traditional Doom metal

>Level 6
Sludge Doom Metal
Death/doom Metal
Noise Rock
Death Metal
Black metal
Avant-garde Jazz
Ambient Techno
Ambient Psy
Ambient Trance
Ethereal Dakwave

>Level 7
Funeral Doom Metal
Power noise

>Level 8
Free Jazz
Musique Concrete
Drone Doom Metal

>Level 9
Dark Ambient
Field Recordings

>Level 10
Power Electronics

>Level infinite
Harsh Noise


I’ve seen a WWF No Mercy thread here. Is there any general thread for Wrestling games in general? The ones back in the 90s and early 2000s didn’t have visible ratings like modern ones do, so it’d be interesting a tier list for all the n64 wrestling games and the SmackDown! games before Here Comes the Pain. I’d say that in Shut Your Mouth, Kurt Angle, Triple H and The Rock were the strongest wrestlers. Lesnar, Undertaker and Austin were petty god, too. Then again this is just my experience. Feel free to disagree with me.


Fuckin’ Rock in SYM and HCTP. Dude ALWAYS had a special.

Charisma was too damn good back in those games.


GTA3 Weapons:


M16 - Ridiculously powerful, army grunts take you out with little effort, and blows up cars instantly. More powerful than the AK-47, yet slightly less durable.

Flamethrower - Probably the only weapon that can destroy Tanks effectively, good damage, solid weapon choice for crowds.

Rocket Launcher - Slow, but still a force to be reckoned with. Blows up just about everything, takes down helicopters, go-to weapon for rampages


AK-47 - Slightly weaker than the M16, but very durable. You can aim with it, still blow up stuff, and can take down people easily.

Sniper Rifle - A situation-type weapon, has it flaws and strengths. Most people go with the Rocket Launcher.


Shotgun (Sawed Off/Pump Action) - Powerful, but extremely slow. Not good in crowds, but one on one probably the most effective weapon out of the selection you have. It does good damage to cars, as car damage is extremely easy in this game.

Grenades - Good area damage, but you have to throw it accurately which hinders its effectiveness. Good weapon for surprising gang members during missions

Uzi - An improved version of the pistol. It fires faster, you can run with it, and it holds a lot of bullets. Nice weapon early in the game, but becomes outclassed later on by the AK and M16

Cocktail - They blow up the moment they hit the ground which makes it unsafe to throw one anywhere near you. They can damage Tanks nicely though, and from a distance that’s a good thing. Not much use outside that.


Pistol: Your standard weapon choice. It’s weak, fires kinda slow, but always have one on you anyway. You never know when you’ll need it


Bat - Run up to someone and start swinging away. It’ll take a few hits but eventually they will die, outclassed by every other weapon in the game.


Tales of Symphonia character tier list, vaguely from memory:

God tier: Raine
Easy one. She’s the only full-time healer, and she’s got great support magic and even some decent attack spells to boot. The only actual auto-include in a party.

S tier: Zelos/Kratos, Lloyd
The sword 'n board-boys can, with the right gems, do a 6-hit chain before going into specials. This means that, if an AI-character is attacking in rotation with you, it’s possible to infinitely stunlock any enemy (barring them entering Overdrive, of course). The 6-hit chain into specials also means they do some mean damage even when disregarding the infinite stunlock. Their healing comes useful early in the game as well, though their spells are mostly a nuisance.
Lloyd can also infinitely stunlock people, though it’s a bit less braindead than with Kratos and Zelos since you need to use his specials to keep the stunlock going. He’s also got all the overpowered specials, is the only character with a natural 4-hit chain (attack #3 is done with the stick in neutral) and is easily the best character early in the game.

A tier: Colette, Genis, Sheena
Support characters! Genis destroys people, Colette has the best support magic and can function several ways with her angel spells, Sheena has her great summons, debuffs and can help the S-tiers with stunlocking people. All of them are viable as a 4th character on the team, though Colette is complete shait before she gets Holy Song and Judgement.

B tier: Presea
She’s okay. She’s just unremarkable, considering Lloyd does all she can, but better.

Butt tier: Regal
He’s worse than Presea and doesn’t do anything. He also has no combos in team attack mode.
Why would you ever put this guy on your team

Oh, and I’m horribly bored. Here’s a Hearthstone hero power tier list:

S tier: Warlock
It says “draw a card”, which should already tell you how good it is. The life cost can be used to your advantage in a lot of situations. Outclasses everything else by a mile, and explains why there’s pretty much always been a top 5 warlock deck.

A tier: Paladin, mage, hunter
Paladin makes an 1/1 without using a card, mage randomly pings things. Both affect the board and are otherwise good uses of mana when you have it to spare. Steady Shot doesn’t affect the board, but for a class with as much reach as hunter, softening people up before you play double kill command at their face is quite okay.

B tier: Druid, priest
Druid hero power is a marginally better than mage when going to the face, and significantly worse when targeting a minion. Priest is amazing at holding board control, but doesn’t help you reclaim the board when you’re behind. Both can help slightly against face decks, which is always a plus as well.

C tier: Rogue, warrior
Both of these hero powers are pretty bad in a vacuum, but are significantly helped by their classes being built around the effects the hero power provides. Still, they’re not as flexible as the hero powers above.

D tier: Shaman
Hooray for RNG! The totems themselves are actually really good, but the fact that you can’t select which totem to get makes the power significantly worse.

Oh, and I wrote a tier list for all of the equipment sets in FTL: Faster Than Light a while back, due to immense boredom during a cancer biology lecture. It’s kind of outdated now that Advanced edition dropped, but I’ll post it when I find it.


Anyone do a Dragon’s Crown tier list?


Xenoblade Chronicles character tiers:


Melia: She’s great because she can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. Lightning + poison/flame/ice DOT = huge damage. Melia is a must for fighting high level enemies; just be sure to have someone to keep aggro off her.

Shulk: Great character who’s easy to use. He’s basically the rogue class of the game; he’s fast, and is most effective by attacking the enemy from the side or the back. Also like a rogue, he can’t take damage well, so have someone keep aggro off of him. All of the Monado powers are useful, even if some of them are situational. As the main character, Shulk works well in any party setup. and he’s the only character who has access to all of them at once (once his skill gauge is full). The only problem is that you can’t make builds with him since his initial skills and the Monado arts are all he gets.

Dunban: Does crazy burst damage, and his high agility makes him hard to hit. Dunban is a glass cannon, so he pretty much needs that high agility. He can fill up his skill gauge really fast with Soaring Tempest, so he’ll always have opportunities to do big damage. One issue is that some of his moves depend on Gale Slash in order to debuff the enemy, so you’ll likely be keeping Gale Slash + certain moves on deck. This means that any build you make will probably have the same few set of skills, making Dunban somewhat inflexible.

Reyn: He’s a very good tank. He does have some offensive power, making him useful for scoring topples or dizzies. More often than not, you want him in your party since he takes damage very well and can keep enemies off of the other members.

Seven: She’s the only fighter with a variable Talent Art, and she’s a good character regardless of what you equip her with. Seven can do lots of damage in a short amount of time, especially with something like Sword Drones. Final Cross is amazing, but requires a lot of resources to use it.


Sharla: She’s the best healer, but her big drawback is her gun overheats and must cool down before any art can be used again. A mistimed heal can be the end of your party, so you might have to micromanage at times.

Riki: He’s fun to use, and has lots of debuffs to work with. Happy Happy is a must. His damage isn’t too high, but he does have a lot of HP (but not the defense to go with it, initially).



Top: Miranda, Thane
High: Garrus, Samara, Zaeed
Middle: Grunt, Tali, Jack, Mordin
Low: Jacob, Morinth
Bottom: Legion

Biotics are better on Insanity than most people realize. It’s just that the specific powers that are really, really useful has changed. Miranda is the best squad mate in the game, period, the end, because she can buff everyone else’s damage output and she has access to both Overload and Warp in a game where stripping protections quickly is everything. Warp also lets you use the all-powerful biotic detonation, which brings me to Thane. Thane is better than Zaeed because his damage output is just as high, but he also has Warp and Throw, which aid him in crowd control, whereas Zaeed can pretty much only do really good damage. Zaeed’s usefulness is also determined by your class. He’s much less helpful to Soldiers and Infiltrators who already have access to Disruptor Ammo, Zaeed’s best skill.

Pull is the most consistently overlooked ability in the game because it takes enemies out of play for extended periods of time and allows you to detonate Warp bombs more or less at your leisure. As a result of this, characters with Pull are really valuable, and Samara is the best of the so-called “Pull bot” squad mates because of her additional abilities (Reave and Throw) and her good weapon selection. Jack is also pretty good, but only due to the presence of Pull and Squad Warp Ammo; on higher levels of difficulty, Shockwave is pretty much worthless.

Grunt is durable but not much else; his damage output sucks and he has no crowd control at all. Tali’s Combat Drone and Energy Drain are nice, but her weapons aren’t great and she goes down like a sack of rocks on an embarrassingly frequent basis. Morinth and Jacob are better than Legion because Dominate is more useful in more situations than AI Hacking is, Jacob can use Pull, and both of them have decent weapons as I recall. AI Hacking isn’t actually all that special. If only Legion were around in the first game.


Old Persona Shadow Lab Tiers that I decided to fix up:

In no order, based off of Stats/Main Persona moves/good tactics:


P4 Main
Naoto (against random encounters.)
Zen and ReI

Extremely Useful:
P3 Main


Limited Use:

Naoto (against bosses and strong enemies)

Fuuka > Rise, but depends on the situation really.

*Yukiko> Yukari if you teach her a group heal though.


Akihiko has high stats and Death Counter. The only thing bad about him is that Bash is often an awful attack type.

P4 Main has high stats, good skills, and Dark immunity. He also is great with Links.

Naoto with a good sub persona can basically win random battle after random battle. It’s when you get to the Light and Dark immune enemies (or she misses) that she turns to crap due to having to rely too much on techs others can do better. Also she is made of paper.

Zen and Rei have nice skills and do excellent Pierce damage from the back. They also have access to all elements and a cut attack, meaning the can hit weaknesses extremely often.

Mitsuru has high magic and good stats, meaning she can go up front or sit in the back and support/heal (which IMO is her best position unless you need her pierce damage.)

Yukari and Yukiko are both healers: Yukari starts out better at healing while Yukiko is better at attacking. Yukiko slowly gets better than Yukari thanks to her better stats, skill cards, and better speed.

P3 Main has high stats like P4 Main (though he leans towards magic), but he has lighting and light weaknesses that hurt him.

Yosuke is the fastest character in the game, meaning he’s excellent at setting up links and using items first. He has good stats in everything exceot luck. His poor luck screws him over with status, which can make a battle harder than it needs to be.

Aigis can launch hard hitting attacks from the back and also can cover members if she needs to. Orgia mode is pretty bad unless you reallllly need it.

Kanji and Shinji are both straight out attackers with good defense: Kanji is a bit more versatile than Shinji though. Shinji is a better tank however due to not having any weaknesses and RtoY.

Koro is the second fastest and will wreck anything dark-weak; unfortunately being fast is all he does.

The rest are usually outclassed by someone else except possibly Junpei.


Issues to note:

Melia and 7 have horrible AI, so you will usually need to control them. Don’t put them on the same team.

If Shula has TM he is high.


You lack Kasumi in your list and there’s no practical reason why Garrus should be above either Samara according to your logic, nor Zaeed for that matter.

Glad we agree on Miranda. That doesn’t seem like a point of contention for most people.

As far as Thane topping the list alongside Miranda, I’d have to disagree.

  • Throw does not affect enemies with active protections, in which Insanity has in overwhelming abundance. In fact, outside of the Prologue mission everyone you fight will have protections in one way or another. This vastly limits the usage of Throw to anyone without a barrier, shield, or armor. In which case it’s more efficient and effective to shoot them.

  • Warp is indeed amazing. Unfortunately, Thane has to put points into Throw in order to gain access to Warp. Though I admit you can get away with getting Heavy Throw/Unstable Warp/damage passive and not put a single point into his bonus power.

  • Zaeed has about as much crowd control as Thane, if not more so- Inferno Grenade induces panics toward organics and detonates flamethrower packs, Disruptor Ammo is essentially Overload in every bullet, and Concussive Shot knocks down organic/synthetics. Whereas Thane is crap against shields, Zaeed can actually handle them on his own. While they have identical passive bonuses, Zaeed is still doing overall more damage than Thane simply because of packing assault rifles over submachine guns; the difference is honestly quite noticeable when you factor in the numbers.

  • I’d argue similarly toward Thane- for classes that can handle shields without much issue (Which is two-thirds of the playable classes), Thane is a fine choice. But Zaeed doesn’t care about what class you pick: he’s still going to remain able to strip down any defense you throw at him and still hit like a truck. That’s immensely helpful in the early game where you’re going to encounter multiple kinds of defenses quickly without access to the stronger upgrades and power ranks.

  • Thane becomes available after Horizon whereas Zaeed is immediately available assuming you have his DLC. This is important since aside from the Collector Ship, most of the more difficult trials happen during the early-mid game, when Thane is unavailable but Zaeed can be of use. At the point you acquire Thane, he’s essentially relegated to missions with Collectors. Which is a great niche for lategame, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a valid issue.

I don’t give a shit about Pull because like Throw, it doesn’t do anything against anything with protections up and if their protections are already down, chances are you can shoot them dead without wasting a power anyway. If Samara had Warp/Pull instead of Pull/Throw she would be fantastic but unfortunately she’s kinda dicked. Thankfully Reave is a good ability but didn’t detonate combos.

Jack isn’t terribly useful since she’s only going to be helpful in the late game- before Horizon she’s going to stick out like a sore thumb and she’ll ever really be helpful once she unlocks Warp Ammo and on the Derelict Reaper. Both of which you’ll likely already have enough upgrades and maxed out skills to render her obsolete.

  • I need to find the old post that ran the numbers but Grunt w/ Claymore is one of the highest damage potentials a squadmate can achieve. It’s a riskier proposition than Grunt with a Geth Shotgun since the latter will actually observe the importance of cover but there you go. I’ll also acknowledge that Grunt lacks crowd control on the basis that he is crowd control. His charge, while putting him in danger, can still incapacitate people and attract attention away from Shepard and your second squadmate. It means little when he goes down relatively quickly in the early game but it makes a hell of a difference versus that one captain/boss, especially the humanoid ones and varren/klixen.

  • Tali with the Geth Shotgun is better since the A.I. for squadmates in general isn’t pants-on-head retarded with the thing equipped. They actually use cover! I’m not sure why it is what it is but there you go. As you said, Drone and Energy Drain are good but Drone is a less effective Grunt and Tali gains Energy Drain too late for it to really matter.

  • Morinth arrives too late to be of real use and unlike A.I. Hacking will not pierce protections. And I’ll repeat myself as I did with Throw and Pull- if they don’t have protections, you’re better off just shooting them in the head. Jacob arrives early on and if you don’t have Kasumi or Zaeed, is a fine squadmate until you get your hands on Garrus. Otherwise he’s simply outclassed: armor is arguably the easiest protection to contend with since every class has an answer for it and I’ve already expressed my thoughts on Pull. Both of their weapon loadouts aren’t particularly great either; I’d argue Zaeed and Garrus have the ideal loadouts since Sniper Rifles hit like trucks and Assault Rifles deal with barrier/shields.

  • Legion is ranked where he is because Pull doesn’t pierce protections. If they could, he’d be dead last. Alas, here we are.


Nobody’s really attempted a Hyrule Warriors tier list, have they? Let me try:
(Does not include Legends characters)


Young Link

Twili Midna



The Nintendo Switch Thread! - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe 1/11 - MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!

Young Link is in S tier, bro.

He can stay in Fierce Deity forever. Making him unkillable, and the damage.

Shiek is more A tier. She can’t die, but other characters do way more damage, and faster.

I’d throw Volga in S tier too. He’s fast, has infinites, and his AoE’s are absurd.


Played Blur competitively for 5 years and at a one point, was a top 5 player in the game (stayed in the top 20 pretty much throughout the entire run). Ran one of the more successful clans on 360 and hosted both clan matches and open competitions in virtually every possible game mode.

Vehicle tier list:

Class A

S: Astra Extreme, Mustang GT-R Concept
A: CCX-R, Monaro VXR (Drift)
B: R8 4.2 FSI Quattro, Viper Venom 1000, FR-100, Transit Supervan3, Skyline GT-R NISMO Z-tune, Mégane Trophy
C: Camaro SS (Drag), C3 (Drag), Viper GTSR
D: C3 (Race), Challenger SRT8 (Race)

Class B

S: Challenger (Tuner)
A: ZR1, M3 E92 (Drift), Golf W12 650
B: X5 xDrive48i M Sport, C3 (Rat), Scirocco 24, Ford GT
C: Concept 1 Series tii (Race), Nemesis, Viper ACR, Focus RS (Race), Exige Cup 260
D: HHR (Race), F-100 (Off-Road)

Class C

S: Shelby GT500
A: Camaro SS, F-100 (Rat)
B: M3 E92 (Tuner), 69 Camaro, F-150 SVT Raptor (Off-Road), 350Z (Drift)
C: Hummer H2 (Off-Road), Hummer H2 (Rat), LRX, Supra (Smooth), Beetle (Off-Road)
D: TTS Coupé, Ford Bronco (Off-Road), Navara (Rat)

Class D

S: ACS1 Coupé
A: Concept 1 Series tii, Challenger SRT8, Supra
B: Beetle (Rat), Camaro (Rat), Stallion Ford Mustang, 350Z NISMO Z-tune, Rat Rod
C: Audi S3, Navara (Off-Road), Renault R230 F1 Team R26
D: Camaro, Defender SVX, Focus RS

This is generally based on “unlimited” public lobby racing where Drifter Mod strategies owned all, but some of these cars were equally viable in Front Runner/non-boost/Hardcore setups and that made them extremely versatile. A Motor Mash-specific tier list would look completely different though - the top cars were usually the slowest-in-class (like the TTS Coupé, Audi S3, Renault R230 and the Concept 1 Series tii Race). List also doesn’t factor in the legendary or boss editions of cars, which were all generally lighter and faster, which made them harder to control (if you added them to the list, Shannon’s Astra would be S tier and the Astra Extreme would be bumped to A).

Some fun facts for people unfamiliar with the game:

  • The Astra Extreme was Ryu. Starting car that you didn’t have to unlock by leveling up, good in all situations if you knew how to use it. A bit boring to use though.
  • The Shelby GT500 was 3rd Strike Chun. It had every tool you ever wanted, safe in any situation, picking it meant you were generally going to do better than everyone else, but it didn’t guarantee a victory.
  • The Challenger (Tuner) was O.Sagat. Once people started picking this in lobbies, you basically had to do the same or you’d lose. It had a fixed paint job though, which made it unavailable in team racing and therefore all clan matches. People then would shift to the ZR1 and Golf depending on preference.
  • The Audi S3 was Dan. It was awful and slow, but it wasn’t quite as bad as everyone made it out to be, so every once in a while you’d see a top pro pick it for shits and giggles, and then bop the entire lobby. There’s nothing quite so humiliating like seeing an S3 on the victory screen.
  • Just like in fighting games, there were a few players in Blur dedicated to making low-tier stuff not only viable, but competitive. There are entire montages dedicated to wins in vehicles nobody had any business driving in the first place, much less drifting alongside the top tier stuff.


Asking again.