Tiers for non-fighting games?


IMO tier list.


But you can really pick any class you want.


What exactly are you basing the tiers off of? Plus Link, Zelda, Lana and Impa have weapon variations so you have to take those into account too IMO.

And I know you said this is a non-legends tier list but I can soundly say Linkle is S tier in that game. She’s as good if not better than Link (Sword/Master Sword) who is hands down the best vanilla HW character.


This needs a fix.

God: Raine, Colette (Player)
S: Lloyd, Regal (Player), Zelos/Kratos,
A: Presea
A-: Colette (AI), Regal (AI)
B: Genis, Sheena

Raine is healbot. You really only have 3 party slots cause your 4th one is the Raine slot.
Colette’s broken paraball cancels make her OP if you are controlling her.
Lloyd can lock down enemies easily and has great combos and some infinites.
Regal controlled can do massively damaging combos. Hard to use, but Kicking Jesus when mastered.
Zelos/Kratos are basically Swiss Army knives: they can do a bit of anything.
Presea is a damage beast (she outdamages almost everyone), but lacks in combos.
Colette and Regals AI’s are horrid.
Genis starts to lose steam once you realize that magic attacks suck and he can’t do much else.
Sheena unfortunately is just outclassed by everyone, and her summons are useless.


Colette has Paraball-cancels? How do those work? All I was aware of was her normal-normal-feathers-guard cancel infinite, which was patched out of the PS2-version iirc.


Virtua Fighter 2

Top: Akira, Dural
Mid Top: Wolf, Sarah
Mid: Jacky, Jeffry, Kage, Lau, Pai
Mid Bottom: Shun
Bottom: Lion

Akira has something for everyone in this game, great counters and he gains solid dmg off the opponents mistakes. Dural is well…Dural.

Wolf is impressive, his swings does well over 50%, so if he grabs you it’s pretty much over. Sarah has better combos than Jacky does, and better recovery options in her moves.

Jacky is decent in good hands, but I think they made Sarah much better than him in this one. Wolf is better Jeffry, if you pick Jeffry might as well pick Wolf for better dmg. Kage is a tough call because he has decent throws, but some of his moves seem slow to me (especially his flip kick). Lau/Pai are about the same, decent combos but bad recovery options. Lau isn’t as good in this as he was in VF1

Shun can surprise people but he has a difficult learning curve and overall I don’t think he’s all that good compared to the others

Lion isn’t that great either, probably the weakest fighter. Decent lows, but overall he’s just weak. No good dmg, bad recovery, etc. etc.


Alto’s Adventure Tier Characters

S Tier

*Tupa * - Has all other characters traits, unique ability for chasms, and no extreme flaws if any flaws at all. He is the final character you unlock, but well worth the struggle.

A Tier+

*Maya *- You get Maya early on. She can rack up extreme trick points, and she can nail those pesky proximity flips much, much better than the other characters. Her major drawback is her speed which puts her at the mercy of giant chasms. Also, she has problems avoiding the elders deep in a snowboarding run.

**A Tier **

*Felipe *- Felipe is surprising a good flipper, can double jump, and is not too slow. He has problems doing some of the tricks at higher levels and takes a while to unlock.

B Tier

*Izel *- Izel is what you get when you combine Alto and Paz. She has a unique boost that travels many meters, and she flips much better than Paz does. Focus on using boost with her because that’s her main strength, but it could also be her major weakness because of the unpredictability of rocks and chasms.

C Tier

Paz - Some people think this guy is the worst in the game because he’s the worst flipper. However, one thing he excels at is speed. I think he’s much faster than Izel, Alto, and definitely Maya. Hell, he might be faster than Felipe too. This gives him some good momentum even in the open field, but his boost will never be better than Izel. He’s good at escaping Elders but you need to be able to do tricks in this game if you want to advance. Paz is not the character for that, and by the time you get to the distance challenges there will be better options available.

D Tier

Alto - Alto isn’t technically bad per say, but his glaring flaw is that he doesn’t excel at anything. The more you advance in this game, the more you need to be creative and he just doesn’t bring anything to the table late in challenges. Once you unlock Izel, Paz and Alto become obsolete.


Donkey Kong 64
Kong Battle: Monkey Smash

First of all, this resource shares some tricks. Movement matters, so try some of this out:

I love me some Dong, so an all-Dong battle mode is right up my alley. As for the game, Battle Mode is super-unsung. Conker’s Bad Fur Day gets most of the accolades, but the mobility options and arena sizes here are quite interesting. Cancels, jumps, glitches and more (sadly, in-game upgrades like Lanky’s handstand aren’t available). The Kongs are generally similar–they have roughly identical base walkspeed, attack damage, weapon ranges, etc. The main areas of differentiation are hitboxes (duh) and movement tricks. I think the tiers are pretty close, if only because the Kongs aren’t excessively different.

Generally, melee hitboxes suck, as do aerials. It’s easier and stronger to use your ranged weapons unless someone gets into your space (you run slower with the gun out, and it takes time to arm/disarm). Because of their efficacy, being able to move quickly helps in avoiding gunfire and getting ammo/oranges to turn the tables faster. When firing your gun, the projectile limit is 4. You can easily short-hop shots, which allows you to “strafe” in midair while firing. Hopping over (or running around) shots is the most direct way to seize advantage–once caught near melee range, they either have to run away from you (and they run slower), or try to disarm and put themselves at risk. Nothing complicated, but useful all the same.
EDIT: By holding a direction while arming/disarming, it’s much faster. Why…?

The main trick in my eyes would be choosing modes that don’t encourage stalling, like Wins. Having team battles would help in that respect (Conker’s BFD has teamplay this game lacks).
Characters listed in no significant order within their tiers.

A - DK, Chunky, Krusha
B - Diddy, Lanky, Tiny

DK is the king of mobility. Just…read the SDA entry. Rolling (run Z+B) is the fastest form of movement, and his moonkicks can be of benefit in Arena 1. He essentially has the easiest time getting from point A to point B quickly, projecting hitboxes the whole time. His coconut gun does not fire in spurts any more or less than the average.

Chunky is not actually slower, though it may seem so. He’s is a big target, but it’s compensated by his bazooka. The height of his shots makes hopping/crouching them essentially impossible. Since he doesn’t have to short-hop to get his shots to an ideal height, he can fan them out to make them harder to strafe. Very solid zoning ability.

Krusha–the unlockable character. He’s essentially a variation of Chunky. First things first: his melee attacks are easily the worst in the game. Horrendous hitboxes leave him at a serious disadvantage when ammo is low. Everything else is solid stuff: his slide (run Z+B) can let him run a bit faster (but doesn’t decrease his large profile). His shots are like Chunky’s (but are easier to hop over). The trade-off is that he shoots oranges–dealing more damage. Krusha only needs 4 shots to KO instead of 5, which adds up fast, and compensates his reduced coverage.
EDIT: Krusha’s shots are the only ones that bounce off ceilings. Why…?

Diddy’s the smallest, which helps in avoiding shots. Peanuts are fairly easy to jump over, and his double-jump stuff isn’t the most useful mobility, but being hard to hit can go a long way. Consider him the best for “passively” avoiding gunfire (and hiding around corners, behind other players, etc.). His left-right peanut spread is interesting, if not totally useful.

Lanky’s major claim to fame would be his melee attacks. His aerial is remarkably active, helping with up-close scrums. His melee attacks are indeed long, and jump-cancelling removes the steep recovery. His grapes are pretty much average (I’m struggling to tell if they’re better or worse than coconuts). A good character in areas where Krusha struggles.

Tiny is fairly small, and is probably the best character for actively avoiding gunfire. Her slide (run Z+B) enables faster mobility, and combined with her skid she can avoid short-hop shots–most notably Chunky’s. Her aerial is basically a jaguar kick, so it’s fairly reliable. Sadly, helicopter hair isn’t an option in multiplayer.[/details]
Essentially, every character’s good for at least one thing. Team play would really spice it up.


FTL - Faster Than Light equipment tier list

I wrote this during a lecture about 3 years ago, at a time I still played the game actively. I think I have ~80 completed playthroughs.
Do note that this is vanilla FTL, not the enchanced edition. I was kind of burned out on the game long before enhanced was released. Enhanced brought on a lot of changes, and new equipment types, and a lot of the top tier equipments here got a lot worse because some ships now have direct hard-counters to them.

Explainations of the tiers:
S tier: Extremely useful equipment. Useful in almost every build, either as a main weapon or as a support weapon. For augments/drones they will give you great value for your scrap. Almost always a good choice.
A tier: Very useful equipment. Has a lot of useful build combinations, either as a piece of support for the rest of your build, or something that you can focus your build around. Usually doesn’t have the synergy of the S-tiers, or they’re less cost/energy efficient, so they’re not complete no-brainers.
**B tier: **Mostly useful equipment. The kind of gear that usually tapers off later in the game, or isn’t something you can construct your entire equipment build around, but it’s useful as support equipment, or in the early game. Not always useful, but more often than not it can serve a purpose. Depends on the rest of your build.
**C tier: **Mediocre equipment. Either used as a filler, or for very specific builds. Otherwise not very useful.
D tier: Bad equipment. Not worth its cost, will do very little work and take up equipment slots and energy unnecessarily. Sometimes they’ll even be detrimental. Just sell them and try to get something better as soon as you can.

**Weapons: Lasers **
**S tier: **Burst Laser 2, Dual Laser, Crystal Burst, Heavy Crystal
**A tier: **Hull Laser 2, Hull Laser 1, Heavy Pierce 1
B tier: Burst Laser 1, Burst Laser 3, Heavy Laser 1, Heavy Laser 2
C tier: Basic Laser
D tier:

I don’t think there’s that much discussion to be had on this weapons group. Burst Laser mk.II and Dual Laser are the most energy efficient lasers in the game, and will almost always add something useful to the weapon setup for a very low energy cost. At the same time you can easily build a setup around these things. 3/4x Burst Laser mk.II is an amazing build. There are very, very few situations where these weapons aren’t worth getting, and thus they’re put in S-tier. The crystal weapons are also flat-out great, even though they can be hit by defense drones, they still offer a lot of the advantages of lasers combined with shield piercing.
Hull Laser mk.I and II are also relatively energy efficient and very easy to fit into most weapon setups for that reason; in addition the hull damage bonus as well as their increased chance of breaching(which delays system repairs) puts them a notch above the others. Pierce isn’t quite as good late game as early, but early game it’s flat-out amazing, and it still holds up later. All the B-tier lasers are also really good, they’re just not as good as A and S. Basic Lasers are also still usable weapons, but they’re usually just something you’ll change out or just stack onto a laserspam build since it does so little.

**Weapons: Missiles **
S tier:
**A tier: **Pegasus
B tier: Artemis
C tier: Breach, Hermes, Hull
**D tier: **Leto

I really feel that Pegasus and Artemis are the only missiles that are really worth it. Artemis is amazing early game but falls off later when dodge and defense drones might come into play, but the fast recharge speed, low energy cost and relatively high damage makes it a good early game weapon. Pegasus does have a slow loading time and uses 3 energy, but having two missiles per shot mitigates most of the weaknesses of the other missile weapons, making the weapon actually really good. The rest of the missiles are sort of meh because of slow reload speed, even in spite of high damage and shield piercing. The Leto is just a bad weapon overall and usually not worth the missiles you spend on it. If you started with it, you’ll probably want to replace it as fast as possible.

**Weapons: Ion **
S tier: Ion Blast 2
A tier:
**B tier: **Ion Blast 1, Ion Bomb
C tier: Heavy ion
D tier:

Ion Blast mk.II is the only ion weapon worth using on its own, but by god that weapon is good. It can single-handedly lock down a single system indefinitely and sets up both drones, lasers and beams very efficiently, AND it fires so fast that anyone on the weapons team will level up really fast. All the other ion weapons are kind of worthless on their own, but combined with an IB2 you can now shut down both shields and another system permantently, which is a ridiculously good combination. Even if you don’t have another ion weapon, simply shutting down the shields and let the other weapons do the dirty work is a great way to use the IB2.
As for the non-IB2-ions, IB1 ranking higher than Bomb is because I feel the faster rate of fire makes it more consistent, and Bomb over Heavy is because I feel Bomb brings more to the table. Still, IB2 combined with any of these three(or a second IB2), later combined with either lasers, a good beam or drones, is still a very solid build.

**Weapons: Beam **
S tier:
A tier: Halberd Beam, Glaive Beam
B tier: Mini Beam
C tier: Fire Beam, Anti Bio Beam, Hull Beam, Pike Beam
D tier:

The only reason why there’s no S-tiers here is because all beams require some setting up. In return they’re freaking amazing with that set-up. Halberd and Glaive Beam with the proper setup can both end a flagship phase in two good shots. I personally think the Halberd is slightly better because of the lower energy cost and reload time, but the Glaive with its additional shield piercing and huge damage makes it so close that I’d call it personal preference. Combined with enough lasers to take away a shield, or an Ion Blast mk.II, both of these can blow up anything the game throws at you.
The rest of the beams aren’t really notable. The mini beam is extremely easy to fit into a setup because of the low reload time and energy cost, but it’s not a very strong weapon and will probably phase out later in the game. The Fire Beam is really fun with Rock boarders, Anti-Bio can kill crew with some setup and gives blue events against Giant Alien Spiders, but they’re not useful against the Flagship. Hull Beam and Pike Beam can do some damage, but while they’re not useless, they’re nowhere close to the sheer destruction the Glaive and the Halberd put out, and are usually not worth your time in my honest opinion.

**Weapons: Bombs **
**S tier: **–
A tier:
B tier: Ion Bomb
**C tier: **Fire Bomb, Breach Bomb 1, S. Bomb, Heal Bomb
D tier: Breach Bomb 2

Bombs aren’t very useful overall, honestly. Ion Bomb can be extremely useful paired with an Ion Blast mk.II, and does do 4 ion damage even outside ion builds, so while it’s situational, it does have its uses, and is therefore ranked highest. Fire Bombs are useful with Rock boarders. Breach Bombs and Small Bombs are okay early game at taking out shields or other systems, and the Heal bomb is okay when boarding people. All of them are extremely situational, and none even damage hull, so you’ll probably start with them and then replace them. Me putting the Breach mk.II at the absolute bottom is just because of the extra energy cost and horrible reload time compared to the other bombs. Most of the other ones aren’t very good either though, but Breach mk.II is complete ass in my opinion.

**Augments: Generic **
**S tier: **Long Ranged Scanners, Scrap Recovery Arm, Automated Re-loader
**A tier: **Weapon pre-igniter
**B tier: **Drone Recovery Arm, Stealth Weapons, Shield Recharge Booster
**C tier: **Reverse Ion Field, FTL Recharge booster, FTL Jammer
**D tier: **Advanced FTL Navigation, Repair Arm

There might be one question here worth asking: “how the hell is the pre-igniter not S-tier?!” Well, for two reasons: it’s expensive as hell, and there’s at least one powerful build(Ion builds) it doesn’t synergize too well with. Otherwise it’s one amazing piece of augmentation.
The rest shouldn’t be too debatable. The Scrap Arm is one of the best early game investments in the game. The scanner gives a lot of blue options, gives very good control over your jumping route, and makes it possible to navigate nebula sectors relatively safely, netting you almost as much scrap as the scrap arm and more flexibility. The Re-loader is a very cheap augment that works well with absolutely every build in the game, and I always get one if I can. Drone Arms are kind of meh, unless it’s a drone heavy build, in which case it can make or break the build by giving an infinite drone supply. Stealth Weapons and shield recharge boosters are moderately useful. The C-tier upgrades are better than nothing and can occasionally be useful, but otherwise they’re not very noteworthy.
The repair arm is just horrible, and in my opinion the worst piece of equipment in the game. It isn’t worth its cost, and it’s usually better to just sell the piece of shit if you get it randomly and use that scrap for repairs. The advanced FTL navigation doesn’t do anything useful either: it’s only useful if you’ve jumped yourself into a corner, in which case you’re probably dead anyways, and jumping back probably just jumps into another three rounds of rebel ships. I can’t think of one situation where it’s been useful for me.

Augments: Ship-specific
S tier: Zoltan Shield, Rock Plating
A tier: Titanium System Casing, Engi Med Bot Dispersal
B tier: Mantis Pheromones, Slug Repair Gel
C tier: Crystal Vengeance
D tier: Drone Reactor Booster

The Zoltan Shield and Rock Plating will both save you for a lot of scrap throughout the game. The former is one of the two reasons why the zoltan ships aren’t complete shit, and the latter doesn’t need further explaining(I mean come on, you get blue events that lets you ram mantis ships!). Titanium Casing can be extremely useful in a pinch and save you for repair time, Engi Med Bot Dispersal is overall great to have and makes the engi ship in question much easier to use. Mantis Pheromones are neat(especially with Rock crewmembers), Slug Repair Gel can be really nice to have when you get a breach. Crystal Vengeance requires you to be hit, doesn’t do that much damage, and rarely goes off even when you get hit, so it’s kind of meh. The drone reactor booster only helps on-ship drones marginally, and the on-ship drones in question are kind of shit anyways.

**S tier: **Defense Drone 1
**A tier: **Anti-Ship Drone 1
B tier:
**C tier: **Beam Drone, Boarding Drone, Defense Drone 2, Anti-ship 2, Hull Repair Drone
D tier: System Repair Drone, Anti-Personell Drone

Defense 1 makes you almost immune to missiles, solving any problems you might have on that department and probably saving you a lot of scrap you’d otherwise have to spend on repairs. On top of that, it’s useful for shooting down boarding drones from the second flagship phase. It’s freaking amazing, and often worth the investment into drone control by itself. Anti-ship 1 is amazing with ion builds and supports laserspam-builds pretty nicely since it’ll keep shields from recharging after a volley, and possibly do some damage itself. Both of these drones takes 2 power and costs only 50 scrap, making them easy to fit into almost any build. The only drawback are the fact that you may have to buy a new system to be able to use them.

Beam drones and boarding drones are very situational: beam drones are amazing with ion+dronespam builds, but completely worthless otherwise. Boarding drones are a good addition if your only offensive option is boarding: incidentally this is the situation with the Basilisk ship, a ship it’s included in from the start. For most other ships they’re kind of bad. Hull Repair isn’t worth buying, but it can save you for some scrap if you have spare drone parts and you get it through a drop. Then it’s anti-ship 2 and defense 2. Neither of these can justify the higher cost and power usage over the mk.I models, and defense 2 is actually worse at its job than defense 1 in my opinion, simply because you risk it shooting down lasers instead of missiles if the drone AI decides the lasers are more important.

System repair and Anti-Personell are fairly useless, in my opinion. They just don’t do anything I can’t do by simply getting more crew, which would again save me the energy and drones I spend on these things, as well as allowing me to level those crew up and actually control what the fuck the crew members do at any given time. To illustrate the point: the one ship they’re included in from the start is, in my opinion, the worst ship in the game, because you need to spend drones, energy and drone slots on doing something regular crew does for you by default. Just stay away from them, they’re not worth it.[/details]

tldr: lasers are great, defense drone is the GOAT, Ion Blast 2 is retarded good, bombs and on-ship drones suck.


More lists due to boredom. This time, it’s a doctrine tier list for Company of Heroes, focused on 1v1. I’m mostly concerned with the average impact of the abilities of the support doctrine here, rather than the overall power of the factions (though my opinion of the last patch is Wehr >= US >= PE >> Brits).

Top tier: Infantry Co. (US), Defensive (WM), Terror (WM)
High-mid: Airborne Co. (US), Luftwaffe (PE)
Low-mid: Blitzkrieg (WM), Royal Air Force (BR), Tank Destroyer (PE), Scorched Earth (PE), Armored Co. (US)
Bottom: Royal Engineers (BR), Canadian Artillery (BR)


The good old matchup of US Inf vs WM Def is well known for a reason. Defensive doctrine gives Wehrmacht time to settle down, stabilize, and tech towards their upgrades which allows them a powerful mid-lategame. Bunker reinforcements and For The Fatherland are extremely useful bonuses that come in very early, and allow stable midgame transitions. It’s not great for lategame, but Wehrmacht generally has that covered already.

Infantry Co. allow basic Riflemen to build field improvements (most notably, they can now lay mines), but also gives access to off-map artillery strikes, which is one of the best ways to deal with stationary positions. Rangers are also quite good though expensive to maintain (in particular, they’re excellent against lightly armored vehicles), and Off-Map Combat Group always gives you more Manpower back than you invest, though the random unit distribution kind of hurts.

Terror isn’t as good as Defensive for holding positions early, but is better suited for mobile combat and gives better late-game bonuses in Zeal, Propaganda War and of course the mighty King Tiger.

Airborne thankfully got Strafing Run nerfed in the last patch, but it’s still very powerful. Paratroopers are great infantry-based AA against everything except armored cars, and Recon Run gives you sniper dominance. Resource Drop is nice, but not a big deal.

Luftwaffe gives PE some very nice anti-infantry units, and more defensive options against both US Airborne and British Air Force, both otherwise very useful doctrines against PE. The faction doesn’t rely on its doctrinal units, but this is the most flexible one of them by far.

Royal Air Force struggles by the fact that the doctrinal abilities are largely redundant, but it’s still the best British doctrine by far and gives some nice options for fast, on-field reinforcement and surprise Commando drops.

Blitzkrieg also struggles with redundancy: it has a lot of powerful abilities, but the other doctrines or non-doctrinal units already cover those bases. The Tiger is likely the best all-round tank in the game and can do a lot of work, but it comes in late and is incredibly expensive.

Tank Destroyer, Armored Co and Royal Engineers all struggle with the same issue: they’re based on tank warfare, but the metagame is based on mobile infantry warfare. All three doctrines give access to some powerful vehicle powerups and call-ins, but they don’t suit the metagame very well. It’s kind of ironic that the best reason to pick US Armor is for the Calliope, an artillery unit. Engineers are significantly worse than TD and Armor though.

Scorched Earth is fun, but gimmicky. It buys you time, and sabotaging strategic points or zoning with sector artillery can be useful, but it’s not likely to turn games against an aware opponent since almost all of these things can easily be avoided on reaction. One notable exception is booby trapped buildings, however, and this can turn battles. It’s still a long shot, however.

Canadian Artillery is likely the worst 1v1 doctrine in the game, which is funny as it’s probably the most powerful multiplayer doctrine. Artillery is extremely powerful in 2v2/3v3/4v4, since the fighting is more static and you have teammates to protect you. 1v1 is much more mobile, however, and the units are so slow and expensive that you likely won’t get your investments back.[/details]


aaaaaand more lists. Because triple posts with several months in between them yay

Darkest Dungeon class tier list:
S-tier: Vestal, Man-At-Arms, Hellion, Houndmaster, Bounty Hunter
A-tier: Plague Doctor, Occultist, Grave Robber
B-tier: Jester, Abomination, Crusader, Highwayman
C-tier: Arbalest
D-tier: Leper, Antiquarian




Best healer in the game by a LARGE margin. Basic heal is amazing, but group heal is just insane, especially since it lets her heal effectively from position 2, making her remarkably shuffle-resistant. Also equipped with an okay nuke with a self-heal attached to it, an okay stun and some other stuff. You literally can’t go wrong with this class, and I’m almost tempted to put her in a tier of her own.

Swiss army knife with an adorable canine attached. Utility for days in form of stuns, bleeds, prot reduction for bosses and self-heals, along with a fucking group stress heal (which is somewhat inconsistent, but who the fuck cares, it’s a group stress heal). Plays well in every position aside from pos 1. Has the best set of camping skills in the game, and access to good trinkets. Can set up dodge-tanking which turns every fight into a grouper fight (you can stall and stress-heal idefinitely). Mediocre base damage (mitigated with doggy treats and bleeds, and is higher against beasts which is great late game), and doggy treats take up inventory slots early, but that’s really not a huge deal when the class does so much.

Double frontline stun is completely insane against anything that isn’t size 2. The debuff it applies to the hellion is whatever since it can be removed with herbs, and because you just stunned two characters ffs. She hits incredibly hard as well, and is one of the few frontline classes that can hit position 3 and 4 and do very good damage from that (Iron Swan tends to oneshot position 4 enemies). She has good camping skills as well. Her only real drawback is that she needs to be in position 1, but her strengths more than make up for that. Great fucking class.

Bulky support-tank. Can hit positions 1-3, and is equipped with a bunch of useful skills to keep fights under control, and can take a lot of hits himself. Bellow is probably the most underrated skill in the game. Amazing camping buffs for combat. Also has 2 movement points, which is really helpful if he gets shuffled. Below average damage, and doesn’t work amazingly with Hellion (since Hellion needs position 1, and the MAA-stun moves him forward), but otherwise easily one of the best classes in the game.

Bounty Hunter:
This is what you get when you take the Hellion, remove the double stun and ability to hit position 4, and let him function from other positions than 1 and lets him screw up enemy positioning. He deals HUGE fucking damage, has great stuns and reasonably high health. Can set up Mark and reduce protection bonuses too, which is great against certain bosses. Hellion is better when things go well and you don’t get shuffled, but BH is still a very powerful damage dealer even from position 3, which means he’s a lot better at salvaging bad situations.


Plague Doctor:**
Double backrank stun is amazing, especially since PD has very high speed. Stack stun chance on this girl and you can literally have her eat two rounds of backrank actions. On top of that, having the ability to remove DoTs from up to two targets at the same time is great, especially since there’s a small heal on top of it. Stacking blight on certain bosses is useful. Disease cure camping skills are boss. She has really bad damage output later in the game (aside from on enemies with multiple actions), but does a lot of useful things for the party. And it really needs to be said that Blinding Gas is completely bonkers.

High crit rate helps on stress and allow you to randomly finish fights early, which is great when he does decent damage already, especially against Eldritch enemies. His debuffs helps on huge targets and bosses. He also has the (on average) second best heal in the game, but it’s woefully inconsistent and heal for zero+bleed gotten my characters killed before. He has bad camping skills, and is annoyingly squishy on low light. Very powerful class, but very swingy. Darkest Dungeon is all about consistency, and his lack thereof does hurt him a lot.

Grave Robber:
Versatile damage dealer that works in a lot of positions, can effectively hit all positions, does fairly good damage, has a stun, can move around with shadow fade/advance if shuffled, and is equipped with a good toolset of camping skills (Pilfer is really noteworthy since it only costs 1 time point). Squishy, and though she’s very easy to fit into a composition, nothing about her screams “broken”. Still, she’s a fairly safe pick as long as you can keep her alive.


Has a grand total of two great skills: Finale – which lets him oneshot most small enemies if you stack damage items – and Inspiring Tune, the by far best stress-heal in the game. He’s squishy as hell and doesn’t do much outside of those two things, but removing one enemy and stress healing for the rest of the fight isn’t terrible in a lot of cases. If you have a dodge-tank stalling composition using a houndmaster you can also really abuse the jester. The rest of his skills can be used, but you’re not picking him for them. Kind of a one-trick pony and requires specific lineups to really shine, but is very much a playable class. He’s just not a no-brainer include in a party.

Tankiest class in the game. Good damage (particularly against unholy), okay mobility with Holy Lance prevents him from being screwed on shuffle. His main draw, however, is his utility from his (mediocre) stun and a stress heal. Terrible speed and bad ability to hit rank 3/4 is a bummer, though. Still, if you have someone to provide backrank-damage, a crusader can do work. Does a lot of useful things for a party, but he’s ultimately outclassed in a lot of situations. Not hitting backranks is a huge drawback.

Somewhat comparable to the Grave Robber in that he moves around quite a lot and can play from multiple positions, is squishy and does a lot of damage. He has great melee skills (his ranged-skills are mostly poop), and his riposte can do a lot of work in situations where AoE is a thing. He still doesn’t want to get hit, however (bad for a riposte-class), and you can’t just slam him into any lineup and expect him to do work, since he’s dependent on moving around to get his damage. Also lacking in utility, which further limits his group options. However, solve those specific issues and this guy does hit incredibly hard.

Huge toolbox (6 skills omg) with every tool a frontline class could want, including one of the best stuns in the game and the ability to do huge damage. Sadly, the built-in drawbacks of the class (can’t team with religious classes, notably Vestals, inflicts stress on teammates) are very serious. As with the other B-tier classes, you need specific lineups to make him work, and even though he’s powerful when you get there, he still doesn’t truly stand out. Shame, because the class is quite cool.


Good damage, has a decent off-heal, and more damage. Snipes shit like no tomorrow and has some utility. Flare is an unique and useful effect. Obviously this class works well with other classes with marking abilities. Camping skills are good too. Her speed is terrible however, so she won’t be preventing actions from anyone which is a huge deal. She also gets fucked over by Move/Shuffle, even though Blindfire does a decent job at covering that weakness. Her biggest downfall is that she competes for slot 3/4 with several other classes (usually a tight fight since Vestal takes up one of those spots most of the time), and though Arbalests aren’t useless at their job, they really don’t stand out in any way either. Several classes bring so much better utility while also doing while being more stable and doing comparable damage.


The Timmy-class. Highest damage in the game on individual hits, lots of health and a self heal. Literally a juggernaut. Problem is, he’s slow, has no movement skills, he can’t hit position 3 and 4, and aside from damage and health he has zero utility. If you want a slow, tanky class that can’t hit backrank, you’ll rather run a crusader instead since that class has great utility and is even tankier. Leper’s fun when he hits for big numbers, but he’s ultimately not a good class.

The gimmick behind this class (more money and special drops) is really cool. However, it doesn’t really help that much after the Stygian-patch, where gold gain got buffed massively, leading to the nerf of the already by far worst class in the game. She does no damage, her protection buffs are passable at best (+dodge is really bad at low light), and her self-heal is meh. Complete liability on higher level dungeons, and not even useful in the lower level ones. Do not use.

Someone fight me on this, provided someone actually finds this thread now that it’s buried this far down in the forum =V


B rap boys
Top tier: top,Pan
Garbage: Pea

Top Has the best normal moveset in the allso has good range with the stick and His back attack with the stick is great for starting combos becuse it has extra range

Pan has a decent normal moveset but he has the most range of the 3 with the stick so he can just outrange most of the enemys with proper play

Pea Has no range at all Its luaghable Even when he gets the stick he does tiny little nudges so he gets thrown out of or punchd out of alot of things

This game is all about keeping the damn stick so you dont die the bat is a decent alternative if you happen to drop the stick but you really need the stick if you drop them they disappear after a certain number of knockdowns and the enemys can pick them up too Try to never let them go off screen if you need one at the time

for refrance Top is player 1 Pan player 3 and pea player 2

Weapon tiers
God: Stick
High: Bat

stick has range so its automaticly the best thing in the game(unless your pea)

the bat is like the stick with less range

didnt tier the mechsuit since you only use it at the very end of the first level but it seems pan might have an inf with it

bike/skateboard are hard to tier since theres times you want them and times you dont Bike is definetly better but swap it out for a stick when you can


Persona 5 party member tiers


  • Makoto - She is the best character in the game by far, excluding Akira (Protagonist). She has the best defensive buffs and has Mediarahan, which is really all the healing magic you need at the endgame. Makoto puts out respectable Nuclear damage and her ultimate gun gives her +10 to all of her stats. Makoto is your most versatile character and can do anything well, except Physical/Gun damage and crit.


  • Ryuji - Ryuji is arguably the best single target damage dealer in the game (excluding Akira) thanks to Charge and God Hand. Ryuji has Matarukaja, which is one of, if not THE best party buffs in the game. He is also your most durable party member and you get him early enough that maxing out his Confidant is a breeze.

  • Ann - Ann is your best nuker by far once she learns Concentrate. She sucks for exploring dungeons since she relies totally on her Fire skills, which would eat through her SP reserves quickly. She’s also useless against Fire resisting enemies. Ann at least has some of the more useful debuffs in the game. If only the game didn’t troll you by giving Goro Debilitate.

  • Haru - She is great for exploring dungeons and is going to put out insane damage against anything that can be critted thanks to One-Shot Kill. She learns a lot of good skills, which becomes a problem later on since you have to choose whether to build her up as an attacker or support character. One other problem is that she joins very late into the game, so you don’t have a lot of time to cultivate her Confidant before the endgame. If the player focuses on her Gun skills, she’s A-Tier, but Haru drops to B-Tier if they player focuses on her Psychokinesis skills since Haru does way more damage with Gun skills than Psychokinesis.

C-Tier (Yes, these guys are outclassed endgame)

  • Morgana - Morgana is to this game what Sazh is to FF13, insofar as being the best character early on, but getting sorely outclassed later. He and Makoto are your primary healers, but Makoto brings better buffs than Morgana, is more durable, and her final gun giving her +10 to all stats seals the deal. All Morgana can really do well is heal and has the lowest damage output late game due to having to settle for a the -dyne Garu spells. Morgana’s Confidant being based on story progression also hurts him since it isn’t maxed out until the final playable day in the game.

  • Yusuke - Worst character endgame. Once Ryuji gets Swift Strike, Yusuke’s utility as one of your primary physical attackers begins wanes a bit, and he becomes totally obsolete once Ryuji learns Charge. Yusuke is admittedly more reliable for damage than Ryuji early on, but he’s way too dependent on Baton Pass late game to be worth using over Ryuji.

I excluded Akira (Protagonist) and Goro. Akira is obviously going to be better than the rest of the party and Goro isn’t a permanent party member.
In general, the best party is Akira/Makoto/Ryuji/Ann (boss) or Haru (exploration), although this isn’t as big a deal if you max out Hifumi’s Confidant.


I haven’t played NG+ yet, so I assume your list requires NG+ and that it changes party dynamics a lot, because I think Yusuke might be the straight-up best exploration character (Joker and Crow aside, obviously) until you get SP adhesives, and I still used him afterwards. I also thought Morgana was fairly lackluster early game as well as late, honestly.

I definitely agree with Makoto and Ryuji though. They’re useful throughout the entire game and both have skillsets that gives them a lot of sustainability.


I hope it didn’t sound like I was saying any character was useless. They all can pull their own weight, it’s just that Yusuke is outclassed by Ryuji and Morgana outclassed by Makoto. I was mostly basing my opinion on Hard Mode and NG+. Ann requires a bit of protection since she’s squishy, but her damage output and debuffs make up for it, plus she can single-target heal if need be. Morgana is just too frail w/o AGI buffs for dodge tanking, plus not maxing out Confidant until the last day of the game (Elec eats him alive).

Yusuke is a good exploration character like Ryuji, but Yusuke crits more often than Ryuji, which can come in handy. The problem is that Yusuke gets outclassed by Ryuji about midgame, whereas Makoto doesn’t completely outclass Morgana until she gets her ultimate gun. Morgana has a higher MAG growth than Makoto, but he’s the squishiest character and Makoto gets Mediarahan. Morgana is technically the best healer, but Salvation is too situational.

Morgana is very useful early in the game because Makoto is awful when she joins, making Morgana your only functional healer besides Akira, which you should only have him do in an emergency. Morgana can also also get a lot of cheesed crits with Miracle Punch early-mid game.


@pizzacat83 Yusuke is better than Morgana endgame just by having Masukukaja (assuming Makoto didn’t die and got emergency shifted). Ryuji belongs in S alongside Makoto.

Other than those nitpicks that list is probably what I would have done.


Darkest Dungeon tier list for the Crimson Court-DLC:

S-tier: Vestal, Houndmaster, Hellion
A-tier: Occultist, Man-at-Arms, Bounty Hunter, Flagellant, Highwayman
B-tier: Jester, Plague Doctor, Abomination
C-tier: Crusader, Grave Robber, Arbalest
D-tier: Antiquarian, Leper


The big three are still the best classes, as they didn’t even get nerfed.
MAA and BH are still great, I only downgraded them because I think the S-tier classes are clearly better. BH got buffed a bit, too, caltrops is a pretty useful ability.

Occultists are amazing after their heal got buffed, and are something like A+/S- rather than just A-tier. Main healing from any position makes them super-easy to put in, and you can let them double as stunners and damage dealers. The only reason they’re not clear-cut top tier is that they’re still squishy and still somewhat inconsistent as a solo healer.

Highwaymen are good now, and one of the best pure damage dealers. They also wreck fights where riposte is useful. You need to build a party that can tolerate the highwayman moving around, though.

Flagellants are great as long as you’re not in the ruins. Super-consistent and has shitloads of utility, along with decent bleed damage. Needs bleeds for damage though.

Bloodsucker enemies in all dungeons were a huge nerf to Plague Doctors since the generic ones are incredibly resistant to both blight and stuns, the two things main things PDs are good at. They’re borderline unplayable until you beat the Baron, and thankfully okay afterwards, though they’re so useless against generic bloodsuckers that even in those cases I’m wary of bringing them now.

Aboms got indirectly buffed by occultists getting buffed. Doesn’t bring them up very much, but it’s worth noting if you like using them.

Jesters got nerfed pretty bad since Finale’s a lot worse now, but they’re still very playable. Oneshot position 3 -> stress heal a bunch is still good enough to bring to most dungeons.

My opinions of crusaders get worse and worse the more I play with them. They’re literally a meat shield with a stress heal attached in 90% of the cases. I still use them since high health and a stress heal is still valuable, so they’re more like a C±tier class, but the two other full-time stress healers bring more to the table overall.

Grave Robbers are currently worse and squishier Highwaymen, outside of maybe the 8-pounder fight. Bad class.

Lepers and Antiquarians are still shitty.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars tiers

  1. Mario has the highest potential damage output in the game against bosses with Super Jump, as well as exclusive access to the Attack Scarf which gives him the highest average output as well. In a game where defense is very easy, offense is everything, and Mario is great at it.
  2. Toadstool has the highest magic, and since you can glitch her into learning Shocker and Geno Blast, she’s capable of doing insane damage against entire parties. Therapy and Group Hug are all right in a pinch.
  3. Geno is a fantastic character just based on Geno Boost, but his high attack and good weapons give him more to do. Geno Beam is really good when you get him, but it wears out quick. Geno Whirl instantly kills Exor, and Exor is annoying as shit otherwise.
  4. Bowser has high physical attack and you can occasionally get some use out of Terrorize.
  5. Mallow wears out his welcome the very instant you can remove him from your party. Thunderbolt is all right, I guess.


Figured with Dark Souls Remastered out now I’d do a class tier list for DS1 (apologies if someone did it already).

It’s pretty simple, really. Useful classes reach certain build types in as few Soul Levels as possible. Useless classes … don’t for any build.

So basically:

Useful Tier
Pyromancer, Wanderer, Sorcerer, Cleric, Warrior, Bandit

Useless Tier
Everything else


Streets of Rage Remake


Skate 2
Shiva 3


Blaze 1
Axel 2
Shiva 2


Axel 1
Axel 3
Blaze 3
Mr. X


Blaze 2




Skate 3