Tiers for obscure games


Ok so now that the thread is merged i’ll be going throughout the whole thread and updating the list.

Most of the work has actually already been done by Doctor Cuss, so the credit goes to him for compiling most of the tier lists so far. The link is below.


Tier lists Updated

Merged: Tiers for S***** fighting games

OMG rise of the bots was the worst fighting game i ever played…

MK1 for the snes was badass…im thinking raiden was the best character…


the chainsaw guy in timekillers seems broken… he has sagat’s c.hp, but with a fully extended chainsaw… blocking doesn’t seem to stop you from losing health in that game… and you can’t parry… or get away…


yun is the best character in 3rd strike

(rim shot)





blanka is pretty crazy in cvs2… >_<


Thread over. :rofl:




i lawled


Any Kensei: Sacred Fist players on this planet?

I think Saya was pretty fierce. Her punch, punch, sweep combo flipped you out like Lei WuLong’s db+LK, minus the punishability. Her sweep was faster, too. That’s saying a lot in a pretty slow game.

The game is still fun, though.

For me.



Shaq Fu tiers:
God: Sett Ra, Beast
Good: Mephis, Rajah
Okay: Shaq, Voodoo
Sucks: Kaori

i dunno about the genesis version characters


Try Zero Divide…


Ken in SF1.


It’s the only reason Pyro wins.


Ryu in mugen aka CFE
Ryu in DOA 4


Here we go again. :rolleyes:


Yeah, saya was the best mostly becuase of damage she could get off of juggles and some of the stuff she can do after side steps. It’s been a while since i’ve really played the game but i remember it being fun at the time. It’d be dope if they made a new one.


duke and eiji in battle arena toshinden 2


Time killers: The grim Reaper is God Tier!

His moves all have high priority, attacks do plenty of damage, health regenerates, and the only way to beat him is to survive long enough till the time runs out with more health than he has.

The Reaper makes 3rd strike gill, look like a total pansy!


Sub Zero in MK1 = top tier