Tiers for obscure games


Not that I’m aware of. We could always try.


I would love to see how japan approach the 120% final. Since I play its spiritual succerssor Phantom Breaker,


Nice one mate that actually looks really good


Might just be getting the bots wrong it confuses me as well sometimes lol
Here is a brief look on it
Shenlong super fast, solid at all ranges with ridicolous hand to hand and weapon ability, super AA anything, got an answer for everything, low damage and health
Merc Powerful zoning no one gets in, insane mid range game and combos, solid up close, decent damage, best super, powerful shield
Epyon super strong rushdown from mid range from weapon, heavy damage, insane mobility, no range ability at all and poor hands only solid in weapon
Wing Powerful combo damage, really fast, Solid all round mobility, strong supers, solid up close and mid range, decent long
Wing Zero Similar to wing but more slower, harder hitting and less combos, slighty better in mid and long ranges over up close
Talgeese lots of tools super good at all ranges, best air mobility, very poor damage, awful super, low health
Death Scythe decent up close, good weapon, good damage, great all around mobility, infinite, poor range game, low health
Vayeate Good long and mid range game, good all round mobility, poor up close, has no keep out to support the range game
Heavyarms Best range game, hits really hard, slow, poor mid and up close game
Sandrock Good mid/weapon game, decent up close, heavy damage, easily ToDs, Tanky, awful meter options, poor range game, worst mobility

A lot of how they fair tier wise is down to how effective they are at each range, tools to deal with different ranges and mobility. A rather well balanced game despite the poor meter system, the differences between the characters despite how different they are is minimal Sandrock has the hardest time due to his mobility but all the characters are viable. Match up data is probably way more interesting in this game then others


Trust me, Epyon is definitely the strongest in that game and Tallgeese is the worst. Epyon can infinite you off a knockdown and has the best super in the game. Merc needs a knockdown to put her Shield up, and her Super is actually meh due to the start-up time. Plus she’s not really a zoning character (but her pokes are amazing.) She’s below Epy, Shen, and maybe tied with Wing.

Everything Tallgeese does is slow and punishable, and he needs meter to do anything significant.

You got Shen and the rest right though.


Merc super is better Eps is made of mini missle they can be bounced and she can keep everyone out with her wep moves her shield is really for dealing with ranged combat she is definitely a zoner. Tallgeese attacks are strange his weapon attacks are quite fast while his hand attacks are a bit slower but have more range he is not that slow or punishable as long as you are using the attacks correctly those under him have way slower attacks, his meter game is only for his long game but as I said his damage is abysmal his meter options doesnt do much about it best thing he can do damage wise is throw. Even if you did change it up Tallgeese would never go under Sandrock probably not even Heavy Arms their mobility is too weak with limited options all they have is damage and tankiness.

  1. Merc’s super has long startup and can be guard-dashed through.
  2. Merc has no projectiles besides the standard vulcan everyone has and the move she does when she launches her discs when coming out of shield.
  3. If you get too happy with Merc’s long normals that use the electric shields the opponent can guard-dash through them and throw your ass or just nail you.
  4. Mercs meter is best used for her shield.

When playing Merc I found her best gameplan to be poke, look for a knockdown, put the shield up, and RTSD until you get a confirm into her extremely good combo. She is not a zoner.

Epyon has a better super than Merc. It goes great damage on hit or block and gives Epy a fair bit of Meter back.

Tallgeese is definitely worse than Heavy, and if anything I would tie him with Sandrock and that’s me being merciful.


Mercs super is not that long of a start up and both supers are used for OTG most the time anyway. Epy does not have vulcans and the chances of a merc ever letting someone dash through shields are slim to none. Merc can do a lot of things she is guileish the fact that she has solid pokes and disgusting AA in a game where air game is heavy definitely makes her a zoner. With the factor of mobility I stand by what I said on Tallgeese, heavy and sandrock


How the fuck is Ihadurca not top tier? Her up and back specials are insane.


Ihadurca is good but not insane, Kakurine mid range game is what you would call insane. As for Danzie and Setsuna have all the tools making them disgusting at all ranges and have almost no flaws, Keiya is similar plus on top of that he gets super off just using one move on you and again if you wanna talk about insane his side punish rain storm that is insane


I know you guys posted this a long time ago, but here’s a recent Tourney i just happened to come across



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I mean, i have all the tier lists made so far, backed up and saved but this still sucks. I always thought Shoryuken forums were pretty popular. This is unexpected.
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Man I think I still got that old zip of the old tier lists.


Oh thanks. It’s been a while since I saw an actual high-level AVG2 video.


There is a new One Piece Grand Adventure mod that a few people have been working on. So far only overall system changes have been made and no character specific changes. This is a rough estimate of the current tiers in its earliest release. Expect some of this to change when we figure out how to make a few minor character specific changes. This was ripped off the discord related to the game, but I added some explanations to some of the characters at the top and bottom.

  • SS+
    Enel : Strong combo game, powerful zoning, high damage. A good all around package. His normals are pretty quick for the amount of range they have. His unlockable has ridiculous range as well. His assist last too long which allows for his zoning/stalling game to be too strong.

  • SS
    Bon Kurei: Lots of quick safe moves that can cover a lot of distance or control a lot of space. Nice projectile, good priority, amazing range on normals. He also currently has an infinite in some situations if the opponent has no meter.

  • S
    Shanks: Rushdown and combo god. His main assist, Benn Beckman, really amplifies his combo and rushdown games to the point that he becomes one of the strongest in the game.
    Mihawk: Another combo god, but more dependent on specific set ups. His keep away game is powerful enough to force you into these set ups especially with the aid of his unspinnable assist, Greatest Impact. His rushdown and combo games aren’t as strong as Shanks’ but his other tools make up for it.
    Robin: A tricky trap character with a powerful punish game. She is hard for many characters to approach, and if her opponent makes a misstep in doing so she can easily take off a good chunk of their health.
    Smoker: A beefy character with situational combos and some very safe moves. His wall combos are pretty fun to watch and perform. He also has a ranged grab special that can catch a lot of people off guard especially after he pushblocks back their attack.
    Nami: A fairly zoning character with a wide range of projectiles and tools. She also has a unique ability to push out a large amount of meter from her opponents. She has decent range on her moves, which have average speed. A very well rounded, and above average, character with a bit more of an emphasis on her zoning tools which shoots her up into this tier.

  • A
    Kuina, Kuro, Chopper, Ace, Cockodile, Usopp, Luffy

  • B
    Zoro, Sanji, Zeff, Wapol, Vivi, Buggy, Don Krieg, Arlong

  • C
    Ohm: A little too slow and some of moves have weird hitboxes that dont protect him if the opponent is in his face.
    Tashigi: Lots of damage but has a hard time getting a chance to do it. Too slow and doesn’t have enough safe moves.


They should make online compatibility, i would play it.


The game runs ridiculously well over Dolphin’s netplay.

You can find matches here -> OPGA discord


You know a fighting game’s gotta be good when it starts off with someone taking a crap.


DEATH CARGO(yes it exists)

mechanics worthy of note

T weapon: This button is used for movement actions like double jumps or dashes It allso activates a characters special ability by tapping the button twice which slowly drains the weapon bar You can gain weapon bar simply from whiffing normals or takeing damage

EX Moves: Obvious but whats funny to note here is that You can ex every single special you have and all the special inputs are just qcb or qcf to do a super you just do ex Qcf+H with full bar

Throws: You can only throw backwords and all characters can can combo off a throw for a very small juggle its a very usefull tool to keep in mind especialy when trapd in the corner

Fireballs: These work very strangely You can only have one normal fireball out at a time but useing the Motion again while its moveing cuases the fireball to explode This still has a hitbox and creates nasty zoneing You can allso have a regular fireball and ex fireball on the screen at the same time regardless of character(Except for silent)

Combos: Combos are extremely Scarce Most of the time its just a single normal into a special or a small auto combo that only Half the cast has canceld into specials Alot of the game is simply neutral and pokeing Or mashing out fireballs at eachother

LEACH: Slowest fireball ever accompanied by a safe on block tackle and very disgusting antiair with qcb+H Has an easy time with nearly every matchup Becuse his Weapon special is simply upper body invincibility untell it runs out… so you can imagine A ex tackle that does like 6 hits on block Is safe Is being done by someone whos invincible and is being backd up by 2 really slow fireballs Yeah… He beats everyone period

Aracno: One of if not the best fireball Decent normals Has a low hitting slide special for trickynes Weapon special is she turns into a FMV scorpion and it Has gigantic hitbox and can be juggled for the entire Weapon bar off a jumpin Decent range slash Moves for zoneing Basicly very good against everyone except leach

Plasma: Biggest Combos in the game Becuse his 3 hit light string is a natrual combo Ex spinkicks do a ton of damage and theres no damage scaleing at all in the game so that adds even more to it fireball is Pretty decent and ex fireball is near instant Weapon special is a Lightning Legs that come out near instantly and can allso be juggled like aracnos These make for a really nasty poke in neutral becuse of how fast they start up Holds his own with anyone(except leach)

Nova: Most unique character in the game Stubby normals but has an auto combo string like plasma that actually combos into big damage her fireball SIts in place and doesnt move and the ex fireball Travels extremely slowly and is much bigger This creates great shenanigans where she tosses fireballs in front of you Then does a dash through you and either throws you into the ex fireball if she can pull it off or she trys to push you into the stationary one Her weapon special is invisibility with even more obnoxious camera then Say like umk3 So its very powerful especially with her fireball Gimmicks.

Agent malcolm :Zoneing is pretty good as you would expect from someone with a demonic fish gun Normals are extremely stubby but His jumping normals are very fast he plays a really basic keepaway game because the explosion on his fireball is huge His Weapon special is just another mash move but his is the worst of all due to a lack of range Has a glitch where hitting him out of the mash move cuases the gun sprite to stay on top of him randomly Acting as a Sort of shield This glitch would make him Higher tier if not for the fact its entirely random.

Silent: Incredibly slow movespeed both on the ground and in the air Worst fireball Terrible range on most attacks Qcb+H and qcf+H are his only really useable Pokes one being a Instant but short ranged anti air move and one being a head swing with decent range Chain spin is unsafe on hit outside of the corner And his normals are really not that noteworthy His biggest saveing grace is the fact that his Weapon special is simply a full screen health drain So when he has that up hes still a threat despite being so slow and clunky The threat of constant fullscreen health drain If he can get meter still makes him compareable to the power of a mid tier from most other games despite being the weakest character in the game.

Overall this game is more fun and balanced then i thought it would be and i think everyone can beat everyone except for leach who is the death bringer above all