Tiers for obscure games


N that’s why a lot of info is wrong on tons of old skill sf2 stuff someone has dhalsim dead last on the ce tier list in the wiki


I thought Rick was the undebatable top character in RB2?

Can you do RB1 and the one before that as well?


Might as well contribute with this old Sailor Moon Super S list:






Saturn is so powerful it’s not funny. Her weak air fireball can lock many characters in the corner (you can backdash to avoid damage but you will be stuck there, and sooner or later one will hit you), she has insane priority with her staff, if she throws you in the corner she can mix you up extremely badly, her projectile damage is extremely high, and she has a great desperation that can infinite on hit OR block (though it is extremely hard to do.) You can block the last hit of her desperation, but the chip will hurt (Still better than the 50% it does unblocked.) Only real weakness is a lack of a reversal (though she has a quick backdash, so using that when under pressure will get her out of many situations.)

Neptune’s DP is the best DP in the game, and she still has her low projectile and even gained a decent high projectile. Solid character all around.

Jupiter lost her ground projectile and got an average one in return, but she is still a powerhouse that can chip you badly with her air fireball and 360 you all day.

Mars lost her AA fireball and got another bad one. Still has her great ax kick and corner lock, but zoning is harder for her.

Pluto can hurt if she corners you with her fierce tornado and her new AA projectile helps her a lot. Bad normals though.

Moon lost her air fireball and got a shit ground one in return. Still an okay shoto.

Uranus gained a slow startup anti-air projectile and still has her Shadow Dash move (not sure she can still infinite off of it.). She lacks a solid reversal but her offense makes her a major threat (provided she gets in safely.)

Mercury lost her good charge fireball for a bad non charge one. Still good with her normals and tornado, but that fireball loss hurts quite a bit.

Venus blah blah ground fireball blah blah shit ground fireball blah blah queen of chipping blah blah needs corner to be effective.

Chibi-moon just plain sucks and requires a lot of skill to play. She lost her fullscreen chip DM and got a auto tracking instant hit projectile in return, but the startup and recovery are horrible.


Don’t forget that apparently Saturn’s far Heavy Kick is an overhead…

sigh stupid sequel…


I swear Saturn gets more broken everytime I play this game.


Rick is really good, no denying that, but I think Kim is overall alot better and doesn’t really have any bad match ups.

I don’t really play alot of RB1, but alot of characters have infinite combo’s, and can straight up carry you to the corner + ring you out. Kim in Real Bout 1 is particularly really dumb. Franco and Mary are both really ridiculous too.


Big Bang Beat Revolve tier list:

S Tier:

A Tier:

B Tier:
Devil Daigo
Nakanishi Sisters

C Tier:
Mecha Heita

Fish Tier:

Alicesoft Tier:

Shhhhhh, just accept it.


Please at least post explanations for the tiers so people will know that you at least experimented with the game and you have an idea of what your talking about.

Otherwise it just wouldn’t be much of a tier list.


Double dragon nes vs battle Williams with knife top tier


Shhhhhh just accept it.

I could write up essays on each character, what their tools are, what their weaknesses are, optimal BnB’s, matchups, glitches certain characters have, I could post one of my NUMEROUS combo videos for this game, I could post a lot. But I don’t want to. I’d be willing to bet that no one knows more about the game than I do. You can go to the old Dustloop thread, read what was posted there, talk to the people who posted in it, check the Big Bang Beat wiki and see my contributions, which weren’t as extensive as they could have been but I was lazy, hell, check SRK front page news posts for the game and you’ll run into something I did. Pretty much everyone will tell you I’ve done more with the game than anyone else.


I mean, i believe you. I wasn’t necessarily directing the comment towards you. I was speaking more in general.


So after testing this I found this out.

  1. Not only does Far HK hit overhead, so does far SK.

  2. Her close HK is actually unblockable if you are not Uranus, Neptune, or Jupiter.

  3. She can combo with LP fireball from any close HK attack.

  4. Actually, her far HK may be unblockable at certain distances.

Saturn too broke.


Just checking, is this the PSX game or the SNES one?




The second SNES one. The first is actually a really fun somewhat poverty game.

The second removed several useful moves and added some not so useful moves and added ST Akuma’s wife on top of that.


Re: Saturn

turns out her far LK is unblockable too. both versions of HK are also unblockable by anyone (outside of point blank range) O_o





Saturn may actually surpass Ooze for most broken character in a fighting game.

If you pitted them up against each other, she could probably still win.


Now I remember why Saturn was my original waifu.


Back off punk.

I’m trying to see the exact frame you need to hit to infinite with her desperation. Also trying backdash into air fireball on the regular.

In actual news I’m gonna try and tier TMNT Genesis sometime. Also may redo the SNES Fighter History list.