Tiers for obscure games


Old SNES Fighter History list:


Lee- Bullshit damage, can basically end rounds in three hits.
Ray- Best projectile, okay AA with W. Kick, combos ending in D. Tackle hurt.

Mizo- Bullshit damaging combos, poor projectile game.
Samchay- Solid all around.
Mars- High Damage, okay range. D. German ticks hurt alot.

Ryoko- High Damage, bad range.
Fei- Awkward.
Jean- Struggles against most people.

Mat- Has nothing good.

I’ll explain them in depth later.


Sounds about right.


We have a Blasterz tier list yet?


Here is my tier list for Hyper DBZ, been in a HDBZ mood today so why not give you guys what I think is a pretty decent tier list.

Top - Super Saiyan Goku, Goku
High - Gohan
Mid - Vegeta, Frieza
Low - Majin Vegeta
Joke - Babidi, Mr. Satan, Saibamen


[details=Spoiler]Super Saiyan Goku - Excellent pokes, great fireballs that can be cancelled into a teleport for a free get-in/mixup, easy combos for big damage, opponents have to respect his insanely fast teleport or else they can risk getting punished for pressing buttons, Justice Mode makes him even better with teleports not costing any meter. Can almost TOD. Solid character all around despite him relying a-lot on meter.

Goku - Most of his normals are + on block meaning pressure for days. Hurricane Kick loops for big damage. Dash cancelled Flash Chop is a 50/50 mixup into either Cartwheel Kick or a low. Bicycle Kick super is a teleport attack meaning he can blow up anyone pressing buttons. The level 2 version allows for a follow up into Hurricane Kick loops which does a lot of damage. Also very solid.

Gohan - Has the best mobility in the game, Flash Chop mixups like Goku, great offensive capabilities, Does a lot of damage with only 1 bar, Masenko-ha is great for starting and extending combos since it causes stun.

Vegeta - Really good projectiles, Best anti-air in the game, Wolverine Flip has a free setup into the command grab, needs meter and the corner to do damage, lower health than the others.

Frieza - Has great combo potential and does decent damage with the use of meter, Great normals, lacks a decent fireball to fight projectiles, lacks a good anti-air, no real mixups outside cr.LK into st.HK (st.HK is an overhead).

Majin Vegeta - Has a decent anti air, weak combo potential and relies on meter to do damage, lacks a fireball so has to put up with fireballs, most of his moves are unsafe, health is similar to Vegeta’s.[/details]


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Dude…Gohan is soooo fucking stupid. Easily the best character due to retarded tatsu/Ex tatsu , Gulty Gear-ish mixup games with his air dashes, silly ass damage for literally breathing, and the same annoying ass hitboxes as both Gokus. He feels like a complete character, which automatically makes him the best.

Regular Goku is slightly better than SS Goku due to his safeness on EVERYTHING.

Frieza’s mixup game goes up dramatically after a knockdown while you have meter. Destructo Discs hold people in place for safe, jump in high/low games. His air headbutt can cross up, leading to even more mixups during disc lock down. If they ever gave him(and everyone else) Gohan’s movement, he’d be much better. I’d place him above Vegeta honestly. Only issue I have with him is his stubby ass hitboxes on everything but his tail.

Vegeta…wow…JUST like the real DBZ. Looks awesome until you realize all of the drawbacks. Low health, no way to get out of pressure, Final Flash can’t be used in neutral due to HUGE start up, shitty normals, gets destroyed by Gohan…like, they really dropped the ball on him.

Majin… you summed up nicely.

At this point, I can’t wait to see how bad Piccolo is, compared to the top two(Gohan and Goku)

I played a long ass set with another player, who plays Gohan and Goku, and realized that I was only slightly outwinning due to him not fully understanding the system. I played SS Goku, Frieza, and Vegeta. I only ever felt in complete control of the fight when I played Frieza.


Okay explanation time.

SNES FH is almost like arcade except it moves slower, there are 6 attack buttons instead of 4, Karnov and Clown are unselectable, and many characters haven’t gotten certain moves that have in Karnov’s Revenge. Oh, and the damage is insane. He also has a good AA and is quick enough to blow through fireballs.

Lee has insane damage on his rush punch, has an extremely fast version of it that can cross the screen in half a second, can knockdown off of it, and take off a third of anyone’s health upon landing it.

Ray’s Wheel Kick isn’t retarded like in KR, but he still plays a mean FB game and can combo anything into Dynamite Tackle for good damage.

Mizo’s elbow bash move is extremely powerful and will usually break any dizzy spot in a hit. It also hits low to high. His tatsu is also good for pressure.

Samchay plays a good projectile game and his Torque attack combos nicely for good damage and breaks weak spots easily. He’s just not the master of anything.

Mars will kill you if you are close enough for a double German, but he has trouble getting in. I may have put him too high actually…

Ryoko can chain a bunch of her normals together and go into her grab from them. Her command grab is also the strongest in the game. Buuuut she has shit range.

Fei just struggles to do alot due to her bad normals. Her specials are decent though.

If Jean has his multipunch he would be higher. Not only does he not have that but he doesn’t really do good damage. He can play a good defense though.

Matlock’s only good move is his projectile.


DBZ Hyper Dimension for the SNES

Top - Piccolo, Vegito, Goku

High - Vegeta, Kid Buu

Mid - Gotenks, Frieza

Low - Gohan, Cell

Bottom - Fat Buu

Piccolo - Best in the game. Bullshit fast divekick which is completely unpunishable on block and whiff, absurdly fast jump B allowing for instant overheads into knockdown, regular throw backturns preventing reversals, can stun you in 4 hits, has an infinite stun combo, has the only special cancellable far normal and it’s really good, can combo off an anti-air, has a homing projectile.

Vegito - 2nd best in the game. Best hop, all the fastest grounded normals, gets stun off of lows, has an infinite stun combo, strong and easy guard counter special, divekick is plus on block, good oki, takes -4 damage from every hit.

Goku - 3rd best. Strong normals, has an easy infinite stun combo, solid DP for ground-to-ground situations, good projectiles, fights well at all ranges. Mediocre mixups.

Vegeta - Best normals in the game, great crossups, abuses hop invincibility well due to crazy good air-normals, really fast non-invincible DP, has by far the most broken desperation attack in the game, takes -2 damage from every hit. Terrible lows, most of his specials are unsafe.

Kid Buu - Best mobility in the game, long and fast hop, very strong midrange specials, really good keepaway game with air-fireballs, regular throw does 50 damage instead of the standard 32, takes -2 damage from every hit. Really bad normals, no overheads (all jumping attacks can be blocked low).

Gotenks - Good mobility, small and annoying to hit, strong projectiles, good oki, plays a decent hit-and-run game, regular throw backturns the opponent preventing reversals, has an unreliable but somewhat serviceable stun infinite, takes -2 damage from every hit. Garbage normals, terrible range, most specials are very unsafe.

Frieza - Amazing command grab that can generate inescapable situations off of many blocked attacks, has 2 great reversals, very strong projectiles, good divekick. Bad normals, lowest damage output, oki gets universally ruined by invincible reversal hops.

Gohan - Amazing flashkick makes him very hard to approach and open up, divekick is slow but completely unpunishable on block and whiff, strong normals. Mediocre mixups, bad hop range, no good options against zoning, charge character in an aggressive game with a 3 second charge time.

Cell - Ludicrously fast crouching B can generate unblockables off of any blocked jump-in, fullscreen 1 frame command grab that beats downbacking, strong projectiles, great oki, decent jumping normals. Big and slow, has a really tough time against fast and aggressive characters, no good anti-airs, reversal hops ruin most of his tricks.

Fat Buu - Really strong jump B, decent projectiles, high damage output, takes -4 damage from every hit. Big and slow, shitty specials, terrible hop, very limited comboability, no good way to get opponents off of him, can’t keep up in neutral.


I like this, but I feel that Goku is better than Vegito and Vegeta and Gotenks are too high.

However you hammered in the point I made to @EmblemLord about Picollo being way better than what he had him as so I like your list.




Bious you didnt mention his infinite which I did not know about either otherwise i would have had him on the same level as Goku and Vegito. You only talked about his mobility and I think i mentioned his mobility is bonkers.


Didnt knew where to post them.

Eternal Champions matches (Genesis version)

Vs Lalista P1



Always wanted a remixed Eternal Champions based on the Genesis version with the cool characters from Challenge From The Dark Side. Like with combos and less plus frames.


Tuff e Nuff matches! (zsnes on classic xbox)

Lalista P1 Myself P2

Enjoy!!! (Really good and solid game until you pick GOD TIER DOLF! )


Bushido Blade 2 tier list:

Top tier:
Red Shadow (longsword), Nightstalker (katana/longsword)

High tier:

Mid tier:
Everyone else

Bottom tier:
Broadsword characters

The ninjas just outspeed everyone it’s not even funny. I feel they get advantages on a lot of stages except maybe the long, narrower stages.

The gunmen can’t do shit against ninjas 'cause they’re too fast. The other characters are too slow though so gun users can just run to get on dat ass and shoot them in the back. Plus, on stage with elevations, they get a big advantage whether they’re edgeguarding or getting edgeguarded.

The broadsword just slows everything down, including run speed and move speed.

Castle Rooftop hasn’t been taken into account, 'cause that stage’s ghey as fuck. Gunmen would be god tier otherwise.


What are the tiers for bikini karate babes,Carnal Syn(psx game)and Combatitribes(goofy snes game lol) versus mode?


Why is donovan bottom tier in vampire hunter?


Here’s my ghetto tierlist for Fighters Destiny, since I’ve been putting a lot of time into it lately. This is largely hypothetical on account of this game having essentially zero competitive exposure.

S - Joker
A - Leon, Tomahawk, Ninja, Valerie
B - Bob, Boro, Meiling, Master
C - Pierre, Abdul, Ryuji, Ushi
D - Robert

Characters listed in approximate order within their tiers.


Joker: The total package. High health, good damage, strong jab punishes, a throw game based around Locks (which circumvents good blocking), and a post-backturned Lock that deals huge damage* and *leaves the victim backturned. He has a couple good kick pokes (which is harder for most the cast to deal with), a crazy-delayable safe mid/launcher string, and a Counter series safer than most. Just about his only flaws are a lack of non-string OHKO attacks, and a lack of conventional throws. His laughter will make your ears bleed, too. I’m probably overrating him, but he’s seriously strong.

Leon: Such a good character. Good health, combined with great range on pokes and plus frames like they’re going out of style. It’s hard to keep him out forever. He has an extremely easy infinite, and several effective ways to bait or punish into the necessary launcher. His parry is the only one that can catch kicks, which reduces the number of pokes that work safely against him. He has a post-Counter string that makes it safe, and has a good throw game to catch people fond of dodging. He too lacks in OHKO moves, he has no Locks, and his Special game is lousy, but he’s still really solid and very easy to play.

Tomahawk: Easy to underestimate, but he has really good reach and does a crapload of damage. Normally dodging would wreck him, but dodging prevents you from escaping throws and his 641236A+B throw is a Special that doesn’t require a dizzy–4 out of 7 points just for trying to dodge his slow attacks is a tough pill to swallow. If you suck it up and block, his 246A+B is the most damaging Lock in the game. His 412A+B backbreaker gives him frame advantage if it’s escaped, so it’s win-win for him. His 2B(G) cross is faster to recover than dodges, allowing him to force you into backturned. Even his combo game is really strong. It’s very hard to find a no-win scenario with Tomahawk. He has no parry and his Counter game is very limited, but otherwise he’s very capable.

Ninja: This guy’s a tech machine, but his biggest strength is his 632B-46B-1B-6A-214B string–fast startup, CH launch, huge damage. If an attack is even remotely unsafe, Ninja makes you pay. He has a Lock to break down turtlers, a respectable throw game and a proximity unblockable that grants frame advantage. He has a lot of delayable strings, so his pressure’s quite flexible. He also has a Counter from BT, so opponents fond of forcing people there can get blown up if they’re too aggressive. He can be really unsafe if you guess wrong, though, and his command rolls and dashes are pretty slow and hard to apply.

Valerie: Less is more. Her string starters are strong, but her strings not so much. 44B’s an insanely fast Counter, and her other delayed Counters and launchers make baiting into her infinite effective. She doesn’t have a Lock, but she has a push on 6_A+B that can get an opponent to the ring ledge very easily if they don’t stop her–which enables yet more Counters and launchers. Not a fun character to fight if you’re reckless.

Bob: Another character who trims the fat. He has a super-sturdy long range game, with huge damage and high health. He can tank a lot of hits, and if he gets close he can start trying to loop his 62A+B into his 28A+B and vice-versa. The trade-off is no parries or Counters at all, and he has a lot of slow, badly punished attacks. He has the only OHKO attack that hits mid, which is really abusable against characters with bad parries or Counters. He doesn’t need a lot of his attacks to play solid–simple Bob is effective Bob.

Boro: Good, but in a more understated, boring sort of way. She has everything but a Lock, does above-average damage, has okay reach, and has a really useful Special. Her only real flaw is, again, a lack of OHKO attacks, which isn’t the end of the world.

Meiling: Good range and speed on her attacks. She’s quite safe, which makes her better suited to keeping the pressure on. Her whiff-punishment is strong and her combo damage is on the high side. Her major problems come from her below-average poke damage and long Specials. She takes a lot of time to deal damage and close out matches, so she has to fight both the opponent and the in-game clock. Her throw game is essentially nonexistent, making turtles with a life lead a tough nut to crack.

Master: Kind of like a mix of Leon and Ryuji. Some good kick pokes, and very easy high-damage combos. His launchers can lead into an infinite using 412AAB(G), and his throw game is average (though lacking without Locks). His health is high, so he can afford to take risks Ryuji can’t. Most of his flaws (crappy command dash and string followups) come from Ryuji.

Pierre: Another character easy to underestimate. Pierre’s a hot mess until you use his Transform. Once he gets his damage stacks and hitstun buffs his basic jabs and low kicks, combined with a great throw game, a nasty low/launch mixup and slippery movement turns him a high-risk/reward glass cannon. His BT game is really good, allowing him to avoid brute-force BT situations. Trick is, getting Transform doesn’t come for free, and he has the lowest health in the cast–you run the risk of getting blown up well before you Transform a couple of times and turn things around. His reliance on the long game can be his downfall. I might be underrating him a bit.

Abdul: Basically, This Is Bait: The Character. Lots of delayable strings and good damage, but his attacks are generally very risky. His main claim to fame is a post-launch unblockable on 44BA, and it’s easily connected after a counter-hit 3B–a mid that evades highs. Abdul’s slow and vulnerable, but an opponent can’t be too sure lest they lose 3 points in a flash. His Counters are iffy, and he has no parry, making him more vulnerable to shenanigans.

Ryuji: This character’s kind of ass. His damage and health are average, but he’s lacking in many ‘sure things’, whether on hit or block. He has okay throws, but no Locks. His 236BBBB is simply way too slow to use effectively, and his 412 options are all beaten by 2G. He’s not especially safe or fast, and his better mids are in strings, making it hard for him to poke without being dodged constantly. His best feature is the infinite on 412AAB(G), but Master has that too.

Ushi: Goofy character with good health, but an incredibly thin movelist and few standard throws. The stance on A+B leads to an interesting three-way guessing game after a launch, but other characters get unblockables or infinites instead. Has a Counter that’s extremely high-risk, even by the standards of Counters.

Robert: Training dummy for a reason. The frames on 5B and 2B are sweet, but they’re really slow. Robert has to fight with a totally gimped movelist. His only other positive trait is high health–but it’s shared with Bob/Joker/Master/Ushi.

The tierlist for Fighter Destiny 2 would probably look about the same, but I’d need more time with Fabien, Dixon and Kate before I could say for sure.


Been playing a lot of Hyper Dimension lately and realized everyone has a universal launcher.

I’m a derp for missing that all these years.


Im also playing some Clayfighter 2 on SNES and well, beside some broken stuff and some inconsistencies, the game is mad fun SF2ish.