Tiers for obscure games


I was so excited to have someone to play against, I totally neglected to consider that. Next time we play I’ll see what we can do. I really want to test how busted Deamon and Cylic’s throw game is, anyway.


Matches for Cosmic Carnage. Rushed this out, so the quality’s ass–next time I’ll put together something a bit fancier.



Dont worry about vid quality. What matter in this case is content! WOW at Tyr and his c.lk pressure/inf! Wow!


oh god its been so long since ive played i dont even recall off hand… isnt it something like you kara cancle his slide to teleport kick?? I forget its been awhile…

And just cuz i saw some eternal champions, the thing is ive said it before that game is drastically different depending on what speed you play it. Moves dont even work the same at different speeds, and the game has very few real combos what so ever, but go on turbo(or overdrive i think its called? i forget)and you have random characters like midnight who can just slappy you to death on hit or block and theres nothing you can do. The sega CD is even worse in this instance as tons of multi hit moves got this property on turbo making it a huge cluster fuck… still a interesting game thinking about it even now. But if anyone was gonna do tiers you would deff need to do one for each speed as the game becomes different.


Ok i updated the Tier Lists in the OP (whew that was a lot)


Battle Blaze (SNES)

Not wholly unplayable, but it’s possibly the most ‘token’ fighter on the system. There’s only two buttons, and one’s for jumping. All jump attacks are active until landing. Hitstun is invincible, so no combos. Wakeup is invincible for days, so oki is a no-go. There’s a lot of pushback in general, so even tick throws can be difficult. Characters can only throw in a fixed direction. Blockstun is curious–there are no formal reversals, but you can reversal with a jump. There’s no ‘close’ normals, though most characters automatically do a ‘dashing’ version of their normal attack when standing at a certain range.
No mirrors, either–World Warrior stuff. If you’re not playing Kerrel/Lang as player 2, you’re outta luck.

B-Shnouzer, Tesya

Kerrel/Lang’s air 8A is hilarious. A multi-hit ghetto tatsu that can cross up, trumps nearly every other air attack, and allows for 50/50 throw/tatsu shenanigans. A huge chunk of the cast gets reamed by neutral jump ia8A in the corner–he can repeat this constantly, and since the only reversal option is to jump, they’ll get chunked by it and be knocked down. The only way out is to sandbag it, which lets him keep doing it again anyway. His only serious flaws are clunky ground normals (which he rarely needs) and a difficult time against Shnouzer–he has no good normals to respond to his pounce.

Shnouzer is fast. He has good tick throws, and his unusual dog stance creates a frustrating midrange game, too. The dog stance pounce is a long, fast, tall unblockable that trades extremely favourably and knocks down. He can hold his own, and poses a lot of problems for Kerrel/Lang because their air 8A can’t do much about it. He has some problems with Tesya’s projectile, but otherwise he’s solid.

Tesya is nimble, has a decent projectile (a rarity), a totally safe slide, a low-crushing sobat, a “divekick”, and arguably the best throw game in the cast. Her ‘dashing’ attack puts her at a perfect throw range–a long one. Her throw does a truckload of damage and doesn’t knock down, leading to shenanigans in the corner. Additionally, her slide has amazing pushback on block, letting her repeatedly check opponents at midrange for just-do-it knockdowns. Her “divekick”–no change in altitude, just a different hitbox–lets her stuff anti-airs more reliably, and her air attack is a great air-to-air. Her sobat is pretty reliable as a ‘wakeup’, and stuffs jumpers like crazy. If she had better answers to Kerrel’s air 8A and Shnouzer’s pounce she’d be a monster.

Gustoff’s not that bad. He has perhaps the best normals, with a good compromise between speed, reach, and damage. His [2]8A is a reliable anti-air, but it charges so slowly that air-to-air is probably the wise option. He can do a crappier version of Kerrel/Lang’s corner bullshit, and has a similar “divekick” to Tesya, so he may have the best matchup against Shnouzer–his divekick trades slightly more favourably, and he can aggress him more easily with his normals. He’s only this low because he has no cheap stuff.

In another game, Adrick would be baller, but alas. Amazing range–with horrid frames. Excellent zone control–except for his poor anti-air. He’s your typical high-damage, slow-moving bloke, but he needs an incredible series of reads to make the most of his powerful poking game. He has essentially zero responses to shenanigans because all of his normals are too damn slow. He has a cool 50/50 between his sweep and ia2A (Helm Breaker ayy), but the risk/reward is heavily skewed against him. His projectile is like Tesya’s–it’d be a killer preemptive anti-air if it weren’t a charged move. His throw is great and he looks radical, but unfortunately Adrick just doesn’t cut the mustard. [/details]


Haha I was playing it the other day! I remember something like, when you are in blockstun, you hold foward and it will end and you can counterattack or something like that?

Let me do a quick test.

Otherwise AWESOME writeup as always Amazon!

EDIT: Yep, when in block stun, tap foward and attack or jump and you can counterattack!


Secret Mode allows for mirror matches and stage and boss selection! (from gamefaqs) but sadly matches are here 1 round only.


Thanks for the vid. Is there some kind of ressources for techs for this game or Youtube is the only way to go? For what I’ve played so far, throws seem to suck a whole bunch. But it’s like the perfect poverty game while I’m taking breaks for SF5.


Wow man I wouldnt know about tech and stuff for SFTM, Im really intrigued by it myself.


Anyone got a kirby fighters deluxe tier list yet?


Well justo got an DBZ and Saint Seiya FG rush weekend so…

Tiers for DBZ Burst Limits?

And which is considered the best DBZ FG? Balanced or not.

Also any tiers for the different Saint Seiya fighters?


I’ve heard people say Budokai 3 is the best


Lats I had checked the Teir list Had

Piccolo -Strong stagger game with limps, inescapable unblockables stuff with out Z Burst.
Gohan- small hurtbox, well rounded, safe strings.
18- Combo king…eh Queen of the game, can easily stune opponent, and she has true combos since some of her commands can’t be teleported.
Browly- Simply tank, can build super easily and wipe out life bars in single combo’s
Krillin- similar to gohan but has better combo extension with solar flare and unblockable projectile and super.
-everyone else

Super DBZ (ps2/arcade): 2d.5 Made By capcom at its core its Street fighter with minor anime air dasher influence. Its not great but it snot bad either. Its the mos traditional fighter in the DBZ franchise. roughly

DBZ Infinite world (Ps2)
While I have limited experince with this game is consider the spiritual successor to Budokai 3. Combining elements of both budokai and shin budokai mobile series to final version that excel over the entire budokai series.
Burst Limit (Ps3)
Arguably consider the best and most balance Dbz game in existence. This game was an attempt to reboot the budokai series that focus on competitive play but its poor launch a left it to obscurity. Though You can still find loyalist playing it online. excluding top tier majority of character can compete with the meta game heavily influence by meter management.

DBZ Hyper Dimension (SNES)
Technically this game was the first 2d dbz game to attempt to have traditional fighting game elements and sport alot of interesting mechanics such as side step, guard cancel, projectile reflect, and having special use health gauge with the ability to regenerate. Sadly the game is also broken with infinitives, re dizzy combos and infinite guard cancel.

DBS Extreme Boutoden (3ds)
ASW take on the DBz franchise. Well actually ASW did made DBZ super sonic warriors which acted more like simulator than fighter, But this game attempts to play like Capcoms V.S series with few of ASW anime air dasher mechanics blended in. The game meta still is’t established but its holds a lot of potential. sadly The us release is still missing essential features like training mode and online vs mode.


Wow thanks. Its not much to ask if there is one site/forum where data like this is allocated?

TLDR: Where can I read competitive discussions on DBZ games?XD


Galaxy Fight!! Fucking love this game!!! But I’m missing Breakers.


Breakers info is kind of irrelevant because of Breakers Revenge, but from what I understand Sho is an S-tier freight train with no brakes in the first Breakers. I think Condor was really good, too?


My fav was Tia, who has all the ingredients for a full classic shoto


Cyberbots tier would be nice. I made tier list for Phantom breaker while back but may need to change it.

Gonna do one for face breaker but need to unlock all characters first, unless some one beat me to making one.


Let’s help

Tuff e’ Nuff (SNes)

S tier: Vortz (The wrestler). Good anti air (2+C). All his hits can throw. Just spam B and stomp everyone to death, and the shoulder charge is great to aproach your rivals on a punish.

Mid tier: The shotos, red one and blue one (Syoh and Zazi). Not bad, but nothing great.

Low tier: Kotono, the ninja girl. Charging character, good for playing the turtle, but nothing else.


I will have to respectfully disagree/debate.

Including the Bosses, this is my tier list opinion:

Broken Gods: Rolf and Ks


DIve Kick plus on block, with NO air height restriction and the ONLY combo in the game, wich also is an infinite, on crouched opponents. Since its al overhead its almost impossible to deal with him. Also c.F is a decent AA. His proyectile has awful startup but excelent recovery, so its good for downed opponents.


Full screen, multihit on block special wich if you are cornered, you are pretty much done. Also has a Superman/Psycho crusher move that TAKES YOU to the corner for more damage. He dont has a LK button, lol.

All rounders and fun: Shotos, Rei, Kotono and Sirou

Shotos Syoh and Zazi

Very good all around normals, with more than 3 decent AA moves and also one of the best ambiguous crossups moves in the game wich is J.F. They seem to have an inf on block in the corner only with standing Lk from almost max range. Dashing DP goes under fireballs BUT can be thrown AFAI remember. Hits twice on block for decent chip. So so fireball and almost useless alternate DP (hold FOWARD 2 secs??? WTF). It has a semi frametrap OS in the corner wich involves doing it on the oponent wakeup and if they block then throw them, if they jump after blocking it thet FP hits them.


Besides the fact that he cant crouch, all his normals are VERY good and have decent range. He can play somehow like someone from Samurai Shodown poke style. Also has no kick buttons (nothing assigned to those buttons lol) and just one special attack.


Good specials and all around normals, but nothing that particulary good.


Can play “the Guile” of this game, defensive and offensive while having a projectile on screen. Dash Blade is only safe on meaty and the tip of the move. Decent AA with C.F. Great keepaway with S.F but up close is punishable. Bad sweep punishable on block both hits or in between.

Boring, with almost nothing to do: Vortz, Gajet, Beans

Gajet and Vortz

Palette swap of each others. AA special move leaves him open even on hit. HUGE throw range if they can get in close. Decent sweep. Shoulder charge is decent as a punish.


Why he does look like that? Coupled with his silly name, his specials and normals are arguably the worst in the game. I have not beaten anyone in VS mode using him.


You have to take in account that this game special moves can be powered up throyugh the single player and there is a code to apply those changes to vs mode. Some moves properties change and the damage of all o f them increases.

This thier idea is with the specials at DEFAULT power level.

I had a casual set with a friend and here after midway on the vid you can see the madness that is Dolf.