Tiers for obscure games


How about a tier list for the SNES game “Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle”?


ctrl+F Ranma on this page for the original.


Street Combat?? https://youtube.com/watch?v=DmNR0AlRFs0


Would those be the same for the Ranma game?


Not even sure if TMNT:TF (NES) would be adjusted in tiers in Hothead’s perspective, since Hothead can’t be used for mirror matches (the game won’t allow it).

Outside game genie code NNNEZPIE, how would one mirror match as Hothead @Hanzo_Hasashi ?


AFAI remember, only vs CPU can be played in mirror match. First do a Vs CPU match in wich the cpu controlled opponent is Hothead. In these matches, the player first pick his/her character and then the char of the CPU controlled opponent. The cpu char cursor dont appear until the player has made a choice so you will exploit this simple omission. Win or Lose, in the next match, now the player can select Hothead and the cursor for the CPU character will appear after you select over Hothead too. DONT MOVE IT! because if you move it, the game wont allow you again to do it unless you repeat all of this.


Is Blade Arcus obscure enough to deserve being in this thread? I surely can’t find any info on the net about its tier list.


Well, believe me or not, I have never seen this FG, how obscure is it? Any tiers and more info anywhere?



The tier list is pretty solid but I would swap Danzaiver with Setsuna and Erel with Kakurine. Evil Zone measures up to how effective a character is at short, mid and long range rather then shutting down projectile spam as if that was the case Gally has that fully covered at all times. If you were guna calculate character effectiveness you would have to do it something like this (This is not accurate)

Melee: 7/10
Mid: 8/10
Long: 8/10

Melee 4/10
Mid: 8/10
Long 10/10

melee: 8/10
Mid: 8/10
Long: 6/10

Melee: 9/10
Mid: 7/10
Long 7/10

Melee: 6/10
Mid: 10/10
Long: 6/10

melee: 6/10
Mid: 9/10
long: 4/10

melee: 5/10
Mid: 9/10
Long: 5/10

melee: 1/10
mid: 8/10
long: 9/10

melee: 10/10
mid: 5/10
long: 1/10

melee: 7/10
mid: 4/10
long 4/10

The rest is then down to characters overall speed, damage plus any other extra tools they have like Keiyas move that instantly generates a blood stone and how good the defence is against things such as sidestep and anti air etc. Keiya is top just because he is a wall that can insta generate bloodstones just by hitting you with a move and even if you get into him his melee is super quick with decent enough range. Iharduca is a wall to she is just mega slow up close she does have ridicolous combos she can do from full screen that would kill you. Danzaiver is just solid agression with the sick reach melee and mid and plenty of damage. Setsuna is actually better in all 3 ranges then most the main problem is she lacks damage with no links outside basic ones. Kakurine is the ultimate mid control you either have to launch her away or get in and destroy her if she keeps at the right range she will destroy you due to her size she also has some projectile deflect punish combos from mid aswell. Erel mid is really strong but she lacks in her long game and her melee is only decent her stun ball attack is the fastest in the game tho and with she joins iharduca with the ability to insta kill someone if she has bloodstones available. Lie is very similar to Erel in matter of ranges and just like Erel and Iharduca a couple of bloodstones and he can insta kill. Gally is actually a solid character he has all you need to keep people out but if they do get in its trouble. Midori is all about getting into you her big weapon being able to fly kick over mid and long range assaults and having one of the quicker dash attacks. AL has a bunch of projectiles with strong range but they get beat out by alot of other projectiles his real power in up close not only is he deceptively quick he can pull out some nice setups and serious damage if you get him down right.


Anyone has tiers for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S and Super S? Also for Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle and Bakuretsou Rantou Hen? Sorry if they have been posted before.


I forget the exact tiers, but there’s a topic for Sailor Moon S a stone’s throw from here (somewhere). Super S is dominated by Saturn, basically.

I don’t know any tiers for Hard Battle, but Girl Ranma is great in Bakuretsu Rantou Hen. Ryoga’s not bad either.



From this thread:

Sailor Moon S

[Sailor Moon S - Arcana Heart? We know thee not. The All-Girls Fighter of kings. (Discord in OP)

Sailor Moon Super S

Credit goes to Bious and Alzarath.


Allright Shit is about to Get Real.
I need tier list for these asap.

[details=Spoiler]Transformer transmetal(n64/PSX)

Grim Adventures with billy and Mandy(Ps2,gamecube,wii)

Samurai Deeper Kyo(psx)

Zoids: Full Metal Crash(gamecube)

Face Breaker(Ps3,X360)


Tournament of Legends(wii)


Marvel Super Hero Squad:
The Infinity Gauntlet(wii,xbox360,ps3)


One Piece: Unlimited Adventure (wii)

Girl fight(xbox360,ps3)



tier list for lb1? :coffee:


Ok! These two aren’t obscure nor old, but kind of overlooked cause they seem more boxing/wrestling game or kaiju 3d brawler.

Pacific Rim XBLA

Real Steel XBLA


Ehrgeiz in this thread? I skimmed but didn’t find it.


Not sure but I used to jam on that from what I remember its something like

S Tier

A Tier
Godhand + Vincent (literally neck and neck if you had to chose I would say Godhand)
Yoyo Yoko

B Tier
Lee Shuwen

C Tier

D Tier


The Zero Divide saga always intrigued me. IMO their control has fast response and LOGICAL sense of fight, compared to Criticom or even ToShinDen 1. IMO this could be the best Virtua Fighter competition prior to Tekken 1.

Any tiers?


Divide 2 is way faster and better responsive



You can download all the Tier lists made so far in the first Opening post. I keep it updated.


I think I did the Ranma games at one time. In hard battle Akane and Gemna were bastards.

In Rantou Girl Ramna wins, she can stun you off a divekick done correctly, 2nd fastest in the game, a fuck-your-crossup reversal, and has great normals. Shampoo has high-damage and stun combos off of just about any hit, a great HP, a divekick, and is the fastest in the game, but has no decent AA. Ryoga has 100% stun combos, but he needs a good clean hit to do em. Kuno has BS priority on his sword, and Mariko is imo the best zoner in the game and has the best super besides Akane (who sucks). Rest I forgot.