Tiers for obscure games


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Blade Strangers


Anyone want to take a look at my old not-batcap [Pokemon fighter](Leaving this Pokemon fighter on the curb

Although I doubt I’ll ever get around to updating it with mons from Generations 6 and 7, I’d be happy to share an editable version with anyone who’d want to tinker with or expand on it…


Revised Bloody Roar 1 tiers

S - Greg
A - Gado, Mitsuko
B - Alice, Long
C - Yugo, Fox
D - Bakuryu

Gado was much stronger than first thought and has a rave infinite much like Mitsuko.


I… I never knew of this game.



One Piece Grand Adventure: Tournament Mod Pre-release
S: Bon Clay
A: Mihawk, Eneru, Usopp, Shanks, Smoker, Kuro, Robin
B: Kuina, Chopper, Luffy, Ace, Don Krieg, Zoro, Crocodile, Buggy, Zeff
C: Wapol, Nami, Arlong, Ohm, Sanji
D : Vivi
F: Tashigi

This list isn’t based on too much data. I’ve only played and watched so many matches. A lot of this is based on my experience with the vanilla game and how I believe the changes will effect the cast’s power.


Im surprised no one has done anything like this on here yet. Maybe can start doing them like this;

Star Gladiator

Gundam Wing Endless Duel

Evil Zone

Battle Arena Toshinden 2


I made a more visual version of a matchup chart of Asuka 120% Final:


Btw @Burningfist, the Fighting Game Society discord link doesn’t work anymore.


Some more discords

One Piece Grand Adventure <- This discord also has the mod I referred to on it

Power Stone


Look at the numerical scores and engage your reading comprehension. Contrary to the other tiers, S and A+ are not ordered greatest to least. Jecht = 163 Lightning = 162 Squall = 161.5 Zidane = 168


Can you explain that Endless Duel list? Cause it looks wrong.


Do people play this online? I want to.


Tatsunoko fight

i actually love this game even though its not exactly very good But It Is a perfect cheesey anime fighter with really good cutscenes and really good music becuse its mostly just anime intros remixd to fit on a ps1 disc

The only real combo video for the game: https://youtu.be/3Bn8IDXA8C8

You build super by hitting with attacksthis counts if they block it too and whiffing specials or heavys The bar is split into 3 peices and useing a super will use all the bar you have so its a good idea to save for level 3 if your character can handle not useing the meter right away.

Every character has a universal overhead built into one of there normals.

attacks cuase set stun rather then every attack doing different stun value the stun meter goes up for each hit heavys do 3 hits worth and lights on the ground are obivously worth one hit and specials are 1 ,2 or 3+ hits depending on the special and the strength used. IT takes most characters 9 light hits to be stund Tekkaman and Buraiking boss have 1 extra point of stun

Every character only has 3 special moves And One super makeing movelists thin and easy to remember Most characters only have one good special.

Anyway without further ado here is the list I know it might be weird to have it in both visual and text format but the characters names are all in japanese so i put both.


S: Tekkaman,Dobrai,Ken The Eagle,Casshern,Teru
A:Jun The Swan,Volter,Polymer
B:Buraiking Boss, Astral Chameleon,Karochi,Luna/Friender

Rosraisen: Last boss And a cheap Mofo Has a move that makes a fist pop up wherever you are even if you are blocking low and its very hard to avoid takeing damage from it+ it builds insane amounts of meter he allso has a auto combo charge attack which is safe on block and easy to anti air things with a move that blocks for him and builds meter at the same time and His super has a mechanic where if it trades with anything it automaticly dizzys The super itself does like 70 hits unblockd and massive chip 100% unbeatable.

Tekkaman: At first he Seems quite slow and useless and the fact his fate cutter can be duckd on reaction makes him seem really bad Then you realize he can stun from one jumpin and the Dirt only gets better from there tekkaman is a poke heavy machine that can do insane damage up close from just landing a jab his qcb+k is a very quick Antiair chain that does Decent damage knocks down and is really safe your stand hp has great range but alot of recovery Crouching hk which is his only low and a hilarously good sweep Its faster then most in the game and shares audio with most of his other normals so it has no audio cue at all his Standing Lk Is the best overhead in the game Its fast Its got range it forces them to stand up and eat your amazeing combos cr hp is an amazeing antiair with a gigantic disjointed hitbox that beats most jump attacks His qcf+p and qcb+p are both combo moves that should not be used for anything else becuse qcb+p is Very unsafe on block and qcf+p can be duckd When you land that one hit though the reward is the enemy being carryd semi close to the corner and dealing 30% Being in the corner against tekkaman= 1 mistake into death for most of the cast His jabs are great and have a bit of range his super is Very situational becuse he Recovers so slowly afterwords but for a chip kill or a stun kill its perfect becuse it starts up very quickly and does great damage then one last thing to note is his corner infinite Tekkaman can infinite Most characters in the corner to stun if your execution is good enough His loop Allso yealds enough frame advantage to combo directly into his lvl 3 super even from midscreen his loop allso builds way too much meter So in conclusion his corner game is the best in the game becuse he has the best overhead in the game a great low and a infinite from multiple confirms even though its character specific 11 of the 16 characters counting the last boss can get hit with a 0 to 100 in the corner the characters it whiffs on are the females the dog and astral Chameleon.

Dobrai:simply put dobrai makes it very scary to Duck With most of the cast or whiff moves at all His stand lp and lk are identical And shoot a fireball that does no chip but if blockd sets up a 50/50 between j hk or cr lk/lp for a low Jump hk has a massive hitbox that hits on both sides and Is active for a really long time WIth all that said When he forces these ducks on you he Has a Short ranged command grab with good startup to keep you checkd with And a great stand Hk to chip you with as you try to duck his sheninangans And to top all this off he has a spin move that makes whiffing moves in his face very hard and can be setup by a fireball on block this move has huge disjointed hitboxes and insane prioty that will trade with alot of things at the right rangeabout 2 or 3 character lengths away And does massive chip This move alone compliments his kit so well that its really hard to do alot against him His super is allso pretty decent Its just a gigantic generic beam but its slightly above average becuse some characters canot duck all the hits much like volters Burning star.

Ken The Eagle: top tier main character man amazeing crouch short and combo damage along with instant stuns off a jumpin Good antiair Great normals all around Spam crouch short and get results does 30ish% every time he touches you and is extremely basic and easy to play Gets super very quickly becuse of his crouch short and bird smash building tons of meter which is really usefull becuse he probably has the best super in the game It does tons of damage and is safe on block It does push them away from you which is bad in the corner but it does enough to kill most of the time and make that not matter.

Casshern: HIs normals are really really good especialy his crouching short which is in the top 3 in the game and has great range his stand Hp does great damage and has decent range plus is fast for an Overhead His cr Hp is a really stupidly good AA his Jabs are fast and good combo food etc etc His Denkou punch is simply broken Its very fast Its a combo ender it does safe chip It Is area denial becuse it has an amazeing hitbox and is hard to jump at The only thing you can really do is possibly whiff punish it if you have something really fast like kens bird smash but otherwise hes just going to walk in>normal>Denkou punch The move does litareally everything but knock down And the last reason hes good is becuse his super is 100% gurenteed safe Chip from full screen and On Stun level 3 super does like 50% he is Walk up crouch short Then spam one Move : the character.

Teru:the only character in the game who can litareally carry you to the corner with 1 jab and then enforce a 50/50 corner game right there Terus guriguri punch has insanely fast startup and combos from both her low or her jabs Then proceeds to carry the enemy all the way to the corner Where she can enforce a very basic mixup of meaty stand hk for overhead or cr lk for a low The cr lk combos into the guriguri punch again repeating the process she allso has a risky counter Its unsafe on hit and has really bad range but The damage you do back to them is more then they could have done to you in most matchups allso her super is very good becuse it starts up fast and does alot of damage If a character has a bad time in the corner she can completely dominate the matchup just from landing a single hit then starting her 50/50 game allso female hitbox so some combos are shortend on her.

Jun The Swan: Corner damage Corner stuns Juggle super top tier legs execution goddess Shes like a worse tekkaman with really dumb hurtboxes and even harder execution her jabs are fantastic and her yoyo special is basicly exactly like fate cutter with more pushback and less FA her antiair kick is well a good antiair and not really used for anything else except juggleing after her super and her dash kick is pretty safe and can be combod after if you have really good execution her main weapon is getting you to the corner and initateing a loop that will stun you If your counter is at 3 hits or more with her yoyo aside from that she doesnt have much except the female hitbox.

Volter: Really basic and mainly focusd around boreing keepaway with lp burning star which half the characters canot duck fully so its free chip lk voltic thunder is allso extremely good and fast safe chip with a hk one thrown in onece in awhile to throw them off his flashkick tornado thing does massive damage and the heavy one combos from a single jab if your point blank range his crouch lk is good and so are his jabs His super is pretty good and intresting it doesnt do alot of damage but he can confirm it off prettymuch any stray light attack so its consistent damage for a character with a very good chip damage oriented kit.

Polymer: he lives and dies by his normals which are thankfully very good Crouch short is probably the best in the game and his jabs rack up damage fast and are really quick to come out his Stand hk has good range and amazeing speed for an overhead complimented by easily the best sweep in the game that comes out lightning fast his Stand hp is worthless outside of genei jin combos his special moves are worthless except for his Command grab which doesnt have alot of range but does pretty good damage and is complimented by his normals well his super as menchiond above is just genei jin from third strike If he lands a jumpin with level 3 and activates its prettymuch gurenteed hes going to kill you He argueably raises a tier when he is in genei jin but hes not that good at building meter becuse his only useable special is a command grab.

Buraiking Boss: fat hitbox and really slow bad normals for the most part except his stand lp(strong generic overhead that is fast) and stand lk which is cancelable and his fastest normal he has a mouth laser which is a much worse version of volters burning star his grabs are kind of outstanding though as one blockd lightkick into a heavy destruction strike if not retaliated against is about 40% life and his jumping grab really keeps enemy on there toes becuse at any time he can fly pretty damn far across the screen and command grab you his super is a really good chip super becuse he just throws a giant robot at you that does alot of hits and is pretty safe He would be higher if his normals where not so terrible.

Astral Chameleon: tiny hitbox like a girl amazeing light normals which combo into themselfs for up to 4 hits A stun projectile although its slow and hard to setup the meter it builds just for being blockd is massive he allso has a slow but strong homeing tounge attack that Can go either antiair or straight and is often used to bait them into comeing to you His super is a decent hit confirm tool that does alot of safe chip
topping off his kit is his odd transformation move that lets you turn into the other character for ten seconds which can be good or bad depending on the matchup but most of the time its worth it and even though transforming has a bit of startup reverting back has allmost none so he can string together combos off reverts if your really good Sadly Reverting does have one drawback in that you canot use special moves or your super untell you stop flashing and one other big drawback is that his overhead is 100% useless becuse it is the second hit of his stand hp Even in the corner you can crouch block the first hit then transition to standing before hes done meaning he has to risk jump attacks as his only overheads.

Karochi: basic slow guy His lightkicks are fantastic and his command grab is really good too as it has great range and does decent damage and his jump attacks do multiple hits alowing him a beefy stun opertuneity if he lands jump hk aside from that he really doesnt have anything at all his projectile hits low but its way too slow to matter and it travels across the ground and hells bit is useless becuse its too slow as well So your left with normals a command grab and a super that Is as generic as they come but Some characters cant duck all the hits so atleast he gets some chip damage.

Luna/Friender:No damage unless you can actully get close enough consistently to use friender crash Which is really unsafe on whiff or block his fireball is okay combo food but as an actual projectile the recovery leaves alot to be desired his super is useless and his normals are super stubby his main saveing grace is his stupid hitbox otherwise he would be C tier.

Neon: zoneing character with nothing to back up said zoneing becuse she only has one good special and no combos But she does have the very anoying female hitbox that shortens bnbs and makes some moves whiff entirely

Belkukatse: Command dodge is amazeing and grenade is pretty good too St hp allso noteworthy Everything else except his super is Garbage.

Andro:he can teleport and he has a good crouch short but thats prettymuch it allso his hair is a Butt hes probably better then belku but the last 3 characters dont really matter at all in any order.


You can using Mednafen, the netplay is actually really good as well. Also the link is updated Bz! Thanks!


Not that I’m aware of. We could always try.


I would love to see how japan approach the 120% final. Since I play its spiritual succerssor Phantom Breaker,


Nice one mate that actually looks really good


Might just be getting the bots wrong it confuses me as well sometimes lol
Here is a brief look on it
Shenlong super fast, solid at all ranges with ridicolous hand to hand and weapon ability, super AA anything, got an answer for everything, low damage and health
Merc Powerful zoning no one gets in, insane mid range game and combos, solid up close, decent damage, best super, powerful shield
Epyon super strong rushdown from mid range from weapon, heavy damage, insane mobility, no range ability at all and poor hands only solid in weapon
Wing Powerful combo damage, really fast, Solid all round mobility, strong supers, solid up close and mid range, decent long
Wing Zero Similar to wing but more slower, harder hitting and less combos, slighty better in mid and long ranges over up close
Talgeese lots of tools super good at all ranges, best air mobility, very poor damage, awful super, low health
Death Scythe decent up close, good weapon, good damage, great all around mobility, infinite, poor range game, low health
Vayeate Good long and mid range game, good all round mobility, poor up close, has no keep out to support the range game
Heavyarms Best range game, hits really hard, slow, poor mid and up close game
Sandrock Good mid/weapon game, decent up close, heavy damage, easily ToDs, Tanky, awful meter options, poor range game, worst mobility

A lot of how they fair tier wise is down to how effective they are at each range, tools to deal with different ranges and mobility. A rather well balanced game despite the poor meter system, the differences between the characters despite how different they are is minimal Sandrock has the hardest time due to his mobility but all the characters are viable. Match up data is probably way more interesting in this game then others


Trust me, Epyon is definitely the strongest in that game and Tallgeese is the worst. Epyon can infinite you off a knockdown and has the best super in the game. Merc needs a knockdown to put her Shield up, and her Super is actually meh due to the start-up time. Plus she’s not really a zoning character (but her pokes are amazing.) She’s below Epy, Shen, and maybe tied with Wing.

Everything Tallgeese does is slow and punishable, and he needs meter to do anything significant.

You got Shen and the rest right though.


Merc super is better Eps is made of mini missle they can be bounced and she can keep everyone out with her wep moves her shield is really for dealing with ranged combat she is definitely a zoner. Tallgeese attacks are strange his weapon attacks are quite fast while his hand attacks are a bit slower but have more range he is not that slow or punishable as long as you are using the attacks correctly those under him have way slower attacks, his meter game is only for his long game but as I said his damage is abysmal his meter options doesnt do much about it best thing he can do damage wise is throw. Even if you did change it up Tallgeese would never go under Sandrock probably not even Heavy Arms their mobility is too weak with limited options all they have is damage and tankiness.

  1. Merc’s super has long startup and can be guard-dashed through.
  2. Merc has no projectiles besides the standard vulcan everyone has and the move she does when she launches her discs when coming out of shield.
  3. If you get too happy with Merc’s long normals that use the electric shields the opponent can guard-dash through them and throw your ass or just nail you.
  4. Mercs meter is best used for her shield.

When playing Merc I found her best gameplan to be poke, look for a knockdown, put the shield up, and RTSD until you get a confirm into her extremely good combo. She is not a zoner.

Epyon has a better super than Merc. It goes great damage on hit or block and gives Epy a fair bit of Meter back.

Tallgeese is definitely worse than Heavy, and if anything I would tie him with Sandrock and that’s me being merciful.