Tiers ? Thoughts?

I know it’s early but what are your tier lists ?

Top Tier
Probably some of the 16 characters currently playable
Bottom tier
Likely the ones that aren’t in top tier.

Everyone I play - Bottom tier
Everyone who I lose to - Top tier

I’ll let you know when I play anything other than Nash and Ken.


Trolling aside i’m always curious about power rankings and i’m sure someone whos new to the game is itching to know as well. People always say “Its too early for a tier list”, but I believe tier lists are something that evolves, the game could be 10 years old and we may still not have an accurate tier list, so why not just throw out some ideas on what seems to be strong early on and adjust as we go?

I dont know about concise tiers, no one does but generally I think

Stronger characters: Chun, Karin, Nash, Bison, Vega
Strong characters: Mika, Birdie, Ryu
No clue but still probably strong: Cammy, Dhalsim, Rashid, Ken, Necalli
No clue at all: FANG, Zangief, Laura

Good: Everyone Else
OK: Dhalsim

Good tier: Everyone except Zangief
Shit tier: Zangief

I have not had one decent Zangief opponent. I had one very good Birdie .

LOL you’re as wrong as can be.

Top Tier: SFV, Capcom, Combofiend, Ono, Sony

Low Tier: Everything else

Been unable to find a game online, but been hitting training mode to test each character out. I’m no good with F.A.N.G myself, but the CPU seems to be. He seems to be able to control distance and slow down the tempo of the match quite easily.

This is one of the most balanced games ive ever seen on release. You look at MK SF4 and think, “Are there characters that are so ass that they can’t be used at the highest level to win?” There is no questions like that in this game. Some might take more work, but the old “play who you like” adage has never been more true imo.

Every character I pick is the worst.

Imbalanced characters are the only conceivable reason I ever lose.

my fav are those players who say “TIERS ARE BS”

in their little minds all fighters are created equal… as though Capcom has some perfectly balanced the game.

Just wait man, threads like this never do well because it takes a while. In general a few months and a few big tournaments to have something close to an idea and even then It’s usually wrong for about 6 months after that or so.

I know what kind of thread you are trying to make, but most people will bite your head off regardless.

The best way to guage initial tier list is use the “bang for your buck” approach, where the bang is how much you win, and the buck is how much effort you put in.

Until everyone gets REALLY deep into each character’s tech, the characters with the best all-round tools and easiest execution are prob gonna be on top right now.

Early tier lists shouldn’t speak to any character’s potential down the line tho.

People too damn busy thinking SFV is gonna turn into a poverty anime game to worry about tiers.

Laura and Rashid seem dicey because I feel a lot of their tricks are surface-level and will be beaten out easily once people are more familiar with the game. Really seems like a Urien situation, where it would take some really interesting bug or happy accident that would save them from being weak.

Gief seems to rely too heavily on hard-reads.

So yeah, right now I feel Laura, Rashid and Gief are the worst.

As for the best: Chun seems really scary to me with Vega being a close 2nd.

Way too early for tier lists.