Tiers vs MvC2


Hi. I’ve just bought the game before it’s gone from XBLA. I know about it’s tiers from matchvids and forums but havent really played it yet. I’d like to know your opinion, guys: does such imbalance break this game or does it make MvC2 more fun?

Judging from charts alone it’s pretty awful - over 50 chars and most are usless vs God-tiers. I’ve always resented “tiers” but learned to accept the concept eventually. After all balance is honoured in many modern fighting games (at least in slow paced ones, like SF4) - I can live with 7-3 matchups. Even in UMvC3 you can see many different teams in tourneys, and it’s all hype.

It’s basically the first game in my experience with such abundance (simply mindboggling when you consider all the assists), yet by tier-lists alone MvC2 has greater limitations then possibilities. Am I missing a point here?


Yes, the point you are missing is that all those characters that aren’t in God or Top Tier… can be considered to not even be in the game.

Or… If you are playing amongst friends for fun… All the boss characters are off limits.

Marvel2 is two games in one… Business and goof around.

From a balance perspective, Marvel is a testament that you can make a playable and lasting fighter, simply by giving any given character a tool or toolset that allows them to dominate in some way. In other words, you can achieve balance with broken, as long as you include checks like allowing for various flavors of OP and team mechanics to create counters, a free/wide open game engine etc.


I love goof around marvel


So only 4-10 available characters. Well, it seems I was expecting to much from the game, wanted to justify spending 10 pounds on it =) Balancing over 50 chars is simply impossible.

Guess it’s like one of my friends said: MvC2 is in the past, UMvC3 is a new pfenomena.


If you are talking about going to a tourney and having a chance to win… ya… there are only a handful of characters with much of a shot. If you are talking about playing online or with friends… then almost all the characters are viable. If you are like me you get off on going online and crushing people when they have a massive tier advantage. Something very satisfying about winning or even putting up a good fight in that situation. Kill some scrubs shitty santhrax in 20 seconds using low tier and see how fast they flee the room. Very satisfying.


If you truly think unbalanced games are a thing of the past then idk what to tell you

you seem dead set on the idea of balace and tiers, instead of what actually makes marvel 2 a great game and umvc3 a bad one.


The only reason I created this thred - I truly want to love and enjoy this game. I’ve got beaten online, I’ve got beaten by my friends. No big deal, just an incentive to improve. But when I searched the web for strategies, combos, match vids, the only advice I’ve got: “drop your worthless team, pick those four chars…” Pretty disheartening.

Guess I just want to know where to start learning the game and is it worth it at all.


hypothetically, the worst characters in this game are on high mid level teams

squads like servebot\sent\cap are just fucking LOL retarded however most low tier players always want to do bad character\bad character\bad character.

Team composition has like 75% of your success factored into it. If you don’t run good teams, you will constantly lose. There is nothing wrong with playing a mid\low tier character, just don’t combine them all on one team.

I used to play some teams like ruby\cammy ron and just go ape shit against top tiers. Its not impossible to do that with non top tier characters but I had to build that team a specific way to allow them to compete.


MvC2 wasn’t always about the top 4. In the old days there were a lot more characters that could be considered top tier in that game. I’d suggest exploring those characters along with the top 4 and you can see how MvC2 has evolved into the state in which it currently is.

Doom, Blackheart, Spiral, Strider, Iron Man. Also some characters that were mainly used as assists like Tron/Cammy were heavily used at one point beyond the current Cyke/Commando/Psylocke. Along with the top 4 that’s 14 characters you can explore to see how the game has evolved which should keep you occupied with the game for a good while.


balance =/= fun

the game was competitive for 10+ years so obviously it’s balanced enough to be a good game. just because you can’t play roll/servbot/shuma gorath doesn’t make the game bad