Tiger Crush or Tiger Uppercut



i have always wondered this question, which is better as a

i think its Crush is better as a finisher cus it comes out faster, and Upperceut as a Anti-Air and as a damager, n e one with a different perspective?


when you combo in tiger crush/tiger uppercut they do the same damage. Obviously uppercuts are better for anti airs. When performing combos I prefer to use tiger crush, only because if somehow fucked up or misjudged the distance I am (sometimes an uppercut will miss in a combo because u are too far away) the recovery time is substantially better.


For anti air, I’d say it’d the Tiger uppercut, but in combos, I’d go with Tiger Crush thanks to the fact like above, sometimes the uppercut will miss. Though if you’re sure it’ll hit, I’d rather use a fierce uppercut as it does more damage then tiger knee. But I believe Tiger uppercut is more likely to miss if your opponent is ducking when you do it, so that’s why I’d rather have the tiger crush. So in my opinion it really depends on the situation, if you know it’ll hit, use the Tiger uppercut, if not, use the knee as it has less recovery time and is more likely to hit.