Tiger Knee Hyper Eblow Tackle

Would this have any usefulness? I did find a combo for it, i only did it once tho

in corner

TK HET, after TK HET finishes, lp, c.hp, sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. mp, sj. lk, eblow tackle xx HET

the lp timing is hard at first, but time it

maybe we should start experimenting with TK elbow tackles

Rekka1210, check out the video called “betterthanme” at the bottom of this page:


Jill does like 5 HETs in one combo… 100%, but VERY impractical

EDIT: I just re-read my post and I noticed it looked like another “seen it before, go away” kind of post, but I just wanted to share that crazy video since it was so closely related to your topic. Enjoy :slight_smile:

BTW, gotta give you props for linking that s.LP after the HET, that stuff is HARD :slight_smile: