Tiger Knee Shikusen?



What is this Tiger Knee Shikusen? I’ve tried doing a Tiger Knee motion… but nothing ;( am I missing some information that only Sagat users know?


This is referring to the old Tiger Knee notation which is QCB, UF + kick.


Thanks a lot ;D yeah… only started SF at SF4.


gahhhhh third double post!


Juri instant dive kick is alot hard than cammy instant cannon spike am not 100% sure why. But i have more luck getting instant dive kick out doing 214789 the kick. There are alot of unnesscary movements but those extra movements help with my timing.


It depends on the situation. If I’m in th emiddle of a block string and I think tech attempt ill jump forward and do instant dive kick. If I’m walking around, i’ll do qcb + ub + df. Weird motion. But the df helps me time it. Dunno…ha.

I dont like instant dive kick really. I use it sparingly.


Not a problem. And like what some are saying here, use it sparingly. It’s a pain to pull off and the reward is minimal compared to the effort. Definitely focus on other aspects of Juri before practicing this one.


It has to do with the height the move can be activated. Juri has to be higher than Cammy.