Tiger knee!

Done in about and hour one night. Couldn’t sleep and had this in my head.

Same theme…

Very nice! Finally something good comes from these new members! lol

Sick stuff! These would look great as stick art. Let me know if you do requests.

I like your style thanks for posting.

The below I entered into that competition that’s doing the rounds in this forum.

Very nice!

I like them, but Akuma looks a bit too skinny and benign. Dude needs to look more aggressive :slight_smile:

good stuff. Will you be doing the entire SF4 cast?

Dude those are some ridiculously good pics. Love the art style.

dude that akuma is sick!!!

These are awesome, I really like your style. Considering using one for wallpaper heh

your skill is insane, i’m really diggin these

Best 09 yet?

Damn nice stuff, it’s good to see a style different from the norm (for SF fan art especially)


My HDD shat itself on Friday, and I lost everything (one of those shitty Seagate HDD’s that needed the firmware updated…which I only found out about AFTER it crapped itself).
My last back-up was about 6 months ago. So the original files of these images are gone (and a zangief I was working on).

Hopefully I can bring it back alive (some hardware hacks which is listed on a forum seem to be working for mostly everyone). Hopefully…


wow, these are really sick nasty bro, i saved them all and they are my desktop wallpaper!

Aleri Approved

Great Style, love how the background is incorporated into the drawing

simply awesome

Okay - after 3 weeks I managed to rescue my HDD.

So I’ll quickly upload the Zangeif image I did.
It’s okay - some things I’m not happy about it…but meh. Rather do it and have it up for everyone to see (before I lose it again).

These are solid sick man. My only beef would be that they’re digital, so the effects look “faked”. I bet you can easily do the same thing with some traditional materials and it’ll look a lot better too.