Tiger knee!

Fucking love these :smiley:

sick style. love the ryu <3


awesome style, man

These look amazing man. Keep up the good work, love the style.

Could you try a Ken or a Chun Li? Bet those would look good.

WTB your coloring skills! Crazy style!!! :woot:

GREAT work man!


Wow, great work man. I love your style it feels very SF4 but still unique.

Really awesome stuff, man. I love that chunky-yet-refined, stylised look. I saved that Akuma pic to my desktop, even though like someone said he does look less aggressive than usual, I like that it’s a slightly different, but still relevant take on the character. Same goes for all of them really. I really need to brush up on my figure drawing skills so maybe I can post something up here at some point :wgrin:

These are beautiful. I’m waiting for a Ken. Haha…

Really, really sick pics! Great job!

Well - it’s coming :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t manage to finish this last night, but what I did do I’ll show you. This is (some) steps in my design process.

Essentially it starts off as a very rough sketch, then I refine the pencil work a bit more. Then I ‘ink’ it up, and add in a layer of digital water colour. Ontop of the water colour I add a few layers of acrylic paint (some of which are slightly transparent). Once that’s done, I either lighten or darken certain areas (shadows, or where the light is hitting the figure).
And then I get started on the background, adding in all the liquid blobby ink, funky splatter spray and paint FX’s (both of which are yet to be done).

I should point out that everything is done in Corel Painter (so when I say ‘inked’ and ‘acrylic paints’ - it’s all virtual tools)

Example below (linked, coz it’s quite big);


I have a pencilled Chun-Li and a half coloured Cammy waiting in the wings. But I’m still unsure about the images to continue.
We’ll see.

thats sick

I just randomed onto this page by accident. These are insane man. Don’t stop.

These are incredible. This is some of the best and most interesting SF art I have seen in a very long time.

El Fuerte! I want some fuerte! :smiley: These are awesome.

Man these are way too ill. Awesome work, looking forward to seeing more.

You’re stuff is so dynamic! It’s fun to look at. The coloring style is also unique? Are you using multimedia? or all digital?

The only one that looks a little off is Zangief. He looks like has missed a few meals :slight_smile:

But I love your stuff. Please post more!

Very cool, I hope to see more! :smiley:

Ken is completed.

Paint splatters feel a bit ‘overdone’ on this one. Might re-visit this image if I get the time.