Tiger kneeing Cannon Strike on a Dualshock 3 pad



I’ve been trying to learn Cammy and so far the most difficult thing for me is approaching opponents and pressuring since it seems that Cannon Strike is the most reliable way to get in but it’s pretty hard to pinpoint the exact height at which I can execute the move. Add to that I can only play on a Dualshock 3 for the time being and execution is even harder.

Is anyone here also playing on a pad? If so, do you have any tips on how to do the move more consistently?

Should I switch to another character?

Your advice is much appreciated.


I use a DS4 for this.
Tigerknee CS are basicly 9214+k motions.
The hard part is to hit the button at the right time. If you do it to early Cammy will fly trough the air with a normal.

Take your time, it’s the hardest part to learn about her. Try different motions for this.
I do them 963214+k since this is much more comfortable for me.
(963214+k,look at your numpad on your keyboard,each number gives you a direction.)