Tiger uppercut while being crossed up?

hi when i watch jap youtube matches online. and someone like ryu keeps trying to cross him up. the jap players can usually uppercut them just as they crossed.

how do you do this? do you have to do the shoryuken motion the same way? or the opposite?

do it normally, but as late as possible.

I made a post on the general forum but i’ll put it here …

When they are about to cross you up (still in front of you, but very close to going over you) input :r::d: (at which point they cross you up) :db: (which is now down forward)+:p:. If you get it right Sagat should go from a crouching position right into TU and fly the right way (backwards and towards the opponent who just crossed you up).

FYI - this is an old trick but since SF4 has such lenient command delay you can actually start the DP a little early and HOLD :d: (to keep yourself crouching) and hit the :db:+:p: as they cross you up!

Yeah same as SRK