Tiger Woods Apology: Heartfelt or not? Share

Was it heartfelt? Share your opinion…

I don’t think he should be apologising at all not publicly anyway.

I don’t know why people are acting as though Tiger Woods personally hurt and offended them. He behaved like a human being, majority of individuals in today’s society have likely had an affair at some point in their life.

That being said I think the guy is a fool for getting married, he has basically cut his pocket in half.

According to ESPN, Elin wasn’t present. His mother looked terrible.

Emmy award winning performance.

Can’t watch it because I’m at work but I read CBS was sending in Katie Couric? Please tell me she was wearing pants or Tiger Woods is gonna fall off the wagon again. :lol:

For some reason I just picture Tiger Woods singing over and over again “Tiger Woods ya! It’s all good ya! Tiger Woods ya! It’s all good ya!” for a good half hour during his speech. That Chris Rock joint is catchy man. After a half hour of listening to that you’d forgive anything. :looney:

Not at all. He’ll have to pay child support but the prenup was MONSTROUS. If she wants a shot at anything more than a few mil she has to stay with him.

Tiger’s in sex rehab. They don’t even let you masturbate there, they make you sign an agreement that you won’t. Hmm how to word this for any kiddies that happen to read this? He got some blue golf balls. :clown:

What did it specify? Also it makes me happy to hear that he did the sensible thing before getting married. I cringe every time I read about someone making an easy profit through divorce.

Holy fuck that’s brutal.

Initially, she had to stay with him 10 years to get 20 million and the clock started in 2004. As of December, they were renegotiating, but I don’t think that’s finished. He paid her $5 million to stay for now with the possibility of a max of $50 million spread out over the next few years, but I think she lost that option when she left him anyway; I’m not sure. Either way, if she stays she’s a high paid prostitute and it’s chump change to someone worth around 750 million IMO. I would have let her leave with nothing though. Fuck a renegotiation.

Is he back on the tour yet??? No?? Then I don’t give a shit

I really have never cared about this to begin with.

wtf does he owe anyone but his family an apology? The guy gets paid to hit golfballs. His life ain’t some fuckin’ reality tv show. I don’t remember ever seeing any espn highlights of Tiger taking his wife out to dinner.

Are people really this stupid? I bet before this little incident, no one gave a fuck what Tiger did with his wife or even knew wtf she was. Did y2k turn everyone into pussies or something? The last entire decade has been nothing but pc this/that, no child left behind, reality tv, zero tolerance, blah blah blah.

I think he’s truly sorry for getting caught. Not for fucking all those girls.

Pretty much.

I saw a picture of his wife up close…not as pretty as people say she is.

all this cause of what


to answer alfaphlex question… society has changed playa. we are no longer in that generation of whatever the fuck keep it movin. if u are in any type of limelight you are looked at for whatever you do… if its gettin some pussy to gambling to simply over eating… you will be chastised an most likely have either a senate hearing on it or a press conference about it. nothing new post 2003… especially with the ability to dwell into peoples world with a click of a button or a flash of a HD camera… things have changed.

Joclyn James…really?!

His apology is full of shit, but then again he shouldn’t have to apologize. (To the public of course, it’s a given he should apologize to his wife and family.)

This whole ordeal is a mess. The whole “I’m a sex addict” thing was ridiculous. What man that get women thrown at them is not a sex addict? Actually the word “addict” shouldn’t even be in there. He just like sex plain and simple like every other man out there.

I’m not defending him,but this entire story is blown way out of proportion. Quite frankly I never liked him. He has always had a poor attitude and the way he handle this situation just made things worst. Him holding a press conference to say sorry is also ridiculous. I can’t believe people would waste their time, money, and energy to hear one man say “sorry I had sex with someone not my wife.” You can go to the hood and hear that 100 times over in less than 2 hours.

MJ’s ex wife got $150 mil I think when they broke up. (They file for divorce then got back together and then divorce again)
I think Tiger’s situation is going to end up exactly the same way. She will get back with him until the prenuptial agreement runs out and leave him soon after.

Link to vid, please.

He didn’t need to apologize for what he did because he did that a while back. I could care less about him apologizing for his personal issues.

All I care about now is when will he return to golf and will he be the same great golfer or did his skills diminish a lot due to isolation from competitive golf that he will never be the same again.

Thank the media for blowing this shit out of proportion. :arazz: