Tiger Woods Apology: Heartfelt or not? Share


Tiger Woods’s apology was heartfelt the way a sports trophy wife’s love is heartfelt.

i.e. It’s all about fucking the pocketbook.

The difference being its his pocketbook being fucked on both ends, paradoxical as that seems.

Seriously - why the fucking hell does his sex life matter to anyone not physically involved?

America is outright infested with the Baby Jesus’s cribmates.

They’re like cockroaches, only less smart - and more likely to start a nuclear holocaust than survive one.


its all bullshit, i think he just really misses playing golf and has to get this bullshit out of the way so he can get back on the course… honestly i dont even know why he is in sex rehab because any dude in the same situation would have been the same way if not worse. Its not like he was fucking midgets or amputees, just plain janes.


Some of those broads were ugly though


However, this is the generation of forgivefulness…so he’ll be alright…I don’t give a fudge about him cheating, I don’t know and haven’t met either of them.

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Woods will be alright. He went to rehab. If you are in Hollywood and you go to rehab they will forgive you for ANYTHING. In real life people will give you the stink eye for the rest of your life.

I still look at Marv Albert funny. FREEEEEAK!


Yea, this crap is super stupid. Tiger was very bold about his mistakes and its like shit we all make mistakes. He only owes his wife and fam a apology. I like that for once even though his statement was pre-written that he showed true emotion. Like yo I fucked up leave my fam out of this. Dont go running and telling where my daughter goes to school.

IMHO Tiger will be ok. He just waited to long to come out and speak. All tiger gotta do is still win. Look @ kobe he went from the most hated basketball star on this planet. To one of the biggest most loved now. Because he came foward said yep i cheated but thats it. Was able to get better @ a time where his play on the court should have been affected greatly.

Where’s the new’s conference for Dante Stallworth? that dude killed somebody i want a public apology from him not Tiger for cheating.

We gotta stop making our athletes and stars into semi-GOD’s. Cause shit we all human. we all have faults. We try to learn from our mistakes and move on. This guy is the richest athlete ever!! You dont think every bitch was trying to get a piece of the pie. C’mon, some of those writers are bashing tiger and they going through the same shit.

I dont even really like golf but shit im about to go cop that EA sports Tiger golf game just to show support 4 Tiger. Tiger I got ya back man. We all have sins to atone for.


Lame Lame Lame Lame.

Just take care of your business soon and get back to kicking ass in golfing. This PERSONAL LIFE shit is boring and not worth anyone’s time.


Why does anyone give a shit about his marital problems?


cowardly, to say the least. Going public about it but not allowing questions and hiding behind a wall basically.

Though to be honest, this sort of thing shouldn’t be making news.


Because Golf is boring.


I think it’s sad that Tigers so fuckin whipped by the media and his wife.


I don’t really care what Tiger Woods did. However, if I was in his position, I’d STFU and handle my shit. My whole life would be about me playing golf, and getting paid. I guess I’m older and random hoes just aren’t all that attractive, or I’ve just realized that I love money way more than sex. Either way, there wouldn’t be shit getting in my way of making my pay day. I’d bust ass for 15 straight years and retire, then fade out of the public eye. Hell, he at least could of hired some high class prostitutes and been discreet about it. I don’t really care what he did, but he shouldn’t be surprised by the attention he has received. In America, few things are as heart-wrenching to the media as those that occur to beautiful, blond white women. I mean, look how beautiful AND sad she is! :frowning: Life just isn’t fair. You know the media just loves the fact that a high profile black athlete who is two timing his woman, they love enforcing stereotypes. If it wasn’t for them, we’d have to make up our own minds on the way things in the world should operate! I love the media whores, I really do.


wow I really don’t feel sorry for his wife now, what a fucking gold digger.


Um the thing everyone is forgetting is the fact that people are forgetting that ratings are dropping without Tiger playing, wow a black guy bringing in the viewers for Golf, shit has changed. Everyone just wants Tiger playing again(including me honestly), hes the token black guy although not a very good one(about as good as SRKev:bluu:/jk), I dont think anyone cares that he cheated on his gold digger ass wife anymore.

EDIT: So my vote goes in the I dont give a fuck/care section




Why would he need to apologize to a tree?


The public eye probably thought Tiger Woods was some sort of [media=youtube]FZ1st1Vw2kY[/media]…


ya know how ya know tigers black? he never snitched on his wife.


Apology? Man, all Tiger should have done was come out on stage, said “Get money. Fuck bitches.” and moonwalked his way out. The only people he owes any apology to is his family, so who are we to judge if it was heartfelt or not? This whole thing was about re building his image, pointless to analyze it beyond that.


I was hoping that Tiger would pull some sort of swerve at the end of the press conference. Either randomly RKO’ing at least one of the reporters or [media=youtube]iaysTVcounI#t=2m59s"[/media]