Tiger Woods' ex-wife bulldozes $12 million home


Sounds like she took a 5-iron to the head.

$12 million dollar home? Dude if you have $100 million I don’t think $12mill is nothing. That’s a considerable chunk.

What does she even do anyway? I have never heard of her career other than being a model, IIRC. Can she get that money back without divorcing another celeb?

Anyways, she should get her head out of her ass. That’s a huge waste of money. Shows where her priorities are at.

Why not sell it instead, make more bank and just get a place elsewhere?

What a waste…

damn white people…just damn.

Tiger Destruction.

Tiger One-Upper Cunt.

As I see it.

I think a golf clap is appropriate.

Wait it wasn’t his house? She bought a 12 million dollar house of her own and then tore it down?
Why not just get a Tattoo on your forehead that says “FUCK CHARITY”?

more like fuck yo 3rd world country.

What a fucking bitch…Its not even my damn money, why am i mad…

That bitch is stupid as all hell. 12$ million is a huge chunk out of 100$ mil. Even 250 grand is a huge chunk.

No offence my white peeps, but damn your women can do the stupidest things.

Pro tip: It was bought with his money.

She doesn’t need a tattoo saying FUCK CHARITY.

How do you think she got her millions?

You’d think you guys were the ladies financial advisory. And she got 100 million in the divorce settlement, theres no telling what she had already stored up in the bank for those 10 years or however long they were married. I mean give the lady credit for something, she was a devoted wife and supporter of her husband throughout his entire career. He cheated on her with like 7 different women you’ve got to be kidding.

Seeing as most old people live off the 400-800k saved up in retirement, she’s never going without. Worst case scenario she can find another black man that wont cheat on her.

what a spoiled bitch, especially with money she didn’t earn herself. Her dumb ass aint making that 12mill back. u know shes mad.

Eddie knows…


“Hmmmmmm, help starving kids around the world, or bulldoze 12 million dollar house? Both leave me with less money, but one is less fun…”

Hopefully she ends up broke when the kids are adults.

Er, correction. She did earn that money. If you marry a woman you expect her to be a wife and take care of the home. Raise your children, remain faithfully while being your emotional crutch/support and stand by you. We have NEVER heard of Tiger Wood’s wife doing anything for publicity, doing reality tv, posing for mens magazines or even running around in the public eye for attention. That lady was one of the better industry wives out there.

You expected them to divorce and she get nothing? Well it doesnt work like that. Shes entitled the right to maintain her standard of living through marriage, and Tiger Woods prevented that. This is why women get such large divorce settlements, especially women who never worked and took care of the home.

And then you shit on her after a decade of commitment by having unprotected sex with random women you met over the years? Thats fucked up. And thats why tiger woods got cleaned out.

I dont know what world you guys live in, but if you marry a woman and you break your oath to her after she’s been there for you through thick and thin shes entitled to your earnings because she was there before you had it. Thats not sympathetic to the womans behalf, thats just the the right thing to do.

is she gonna rebuild something else? because if she does, its justified.

but if she’s gonna leave it as is, then this bitch needs to be slapped.

Do you have a penis?

If yes, why?

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why you simping for? I didn’t hear the call of captain save a hoe :confused: