what the fuck was that for…why did u close my thread?.:mad:

Figure it out.

It had no worth in this forum. This place is to display your works to others, not entertain and rate them like we’re on fucking Star Search buddy.

Your a young member… you wouldnt know about the ^ thread which rapped SRK…

:slight_smile: w00t w00t

I missed the thread here…=[

Anyways he’s just keeping spam away from this area which another mod moved so therefore… they dont know what there doing…@_@… anyways closed to keep spam out…

damn man…sorry…i put the thread in general discussion and RU put it in Image Mishmas…and to asian…what do u mean by spam?:confused:

Threads that are several pages long with 100s of one line replies (spam) bring the forum to a screeching halt. We lock those kinds of threads like that in order to keep people from seeing the “white screen of death.”