Tight videos of me playing

hey guys, check this out. i know ppl were asking about getting some videos of me playing, so I wanted to show you the tight strats i use in these videos. this was back in april when i was playing my friend toonami99.


all 4 videos are pretty cool, but the akuma isnt me, thats my friend, and his akuma is good too. i dunno if any of u play akuma here but u could learn something from him too so check it out.

if u guys have questions on how to do any of that stuff u can post here or PM me. except the akuma stuff cause I dont play him.

damn dude you’re pretty good!

Like 80 sweeps in that match. What do you do against characters with actual supers?

Edit: after reviewing the rest of the videos, this has to be a joke.

i hope this is a joke lol

my favorite part was the in Makoto vs Makoto part 2 when your friend tried to wake up super twice. Thats top tier tactics.

will you give lessons for cash/check/american exrpess?


Will you give me lessons too? I didn’t know people could still win by just spamming j.mk.

i don’t think PEOPLE can just haunts. that fool is sick justin wong who?

no need for lessons, i made a combo tutorial vid.


check it out

Um… Rick’ showing how-to-combo with Makoto. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I guess no one minds if I do this:
I don’t think I need to say much…
Makoto daisuki!

first round i love the early ex, sound round…well goodjob

and his makato is as good as mine!

good punish of the ex shoryuken with grab!

try to whiff less hayate too

what’s daisuki?

^Japanese for

I love it

I haven’t even watched this yet and I can already tell this is a masterpiece of epic proportions.

thanks >.<

haunts proving ONCE AGAIN he is the ONE TRUE MAKOTO

^^^ hey man are you going to evo this yr?