Tighten a Joystick?


Hey All,

This may be a dumb question but here goes. I have the Hori fightstick for the Wii and the stick is a little on the loose side. I can move the stick about a quarter inch or so in any direction without it registering an input. I feel this is leading to some missed moves. Is there any way to fix this without replacing the whole stick? Thanks for any feedback!


have you tried to change/tighten the spring to see if that helps?


you can get a spring that fits the dimensions of yours and intertwine them, put it back, and watch how much tighter the throw gets.


Stretch out the spring if you can’t find extras


To fix your issues with needing to move the stick too far to register inputs…

Open up the stick and remove the gate to reveal the actuator, and wrap even layers of tape around the actuator, trying to make it look as neat and even as possible. By enlarging the actuator, you reduce the distance you need to push the stick until it registers an input.

Add a little at a time, you do not want to add too much and then discover you’ve made the deadzone too small. A deadzone that is too small will result in more unintentional inputs from when you release the stick or it go to neutral.

As for the looseness, you can replace the spring with one from another stick that is stiffer… though imo at that point you might as well just buy a Sanwa JLF to replace the stock Hori stick and be done with it.


are you talking about the stiffness of the stick? or the responsiveness of the microswitches? I tried adding a spring to my jlf. I liked it for a while then decided i didnt like it. Recently, i put a small piece of post-it not in each microswitch. Im still not sure if i like it yet, it’s more responsive for sure, but it makes me jump randomly sometimes. Still deciding if i like it yet… :confused:

So for stiffness, either stretch out your original spring or add one that fits(i put a spring from a 84 spring assortment pack i got from home depot for like 4 dollars.)
For responsiveness, add a small piece of post-it note in it. like in this vid: [media=youtube]QytcbzZmXaI[/media]



and if you do the tape… glue it. I taped mine out to 300mm… and after a week of heavy playing… I noticed I was dropping inputs left and right. It was still together, but was sliding off, looked like an electrical tape christmas tree. Effin annoying