"tighter" jlf circle and octo gate


Someone just told me about these. From the looks of it I think they are smaller than the toodles\sanwa octo\circle gate.

I know the identical square gate from the injustice stick is smaller than the stock square jlf gate and after dremmeling a small hole for the pot on the spark ce work SUPER awesome! these may offer an alternative to the big throw octo gate and circle gate.

i just grabbed a couple. hopefully they are nice!



I have a couple of small ID octo gates from a “bad” run FA had (which jman quickly reimbursed me for as soon as he heard I got them). Hitting diagonals is a problem without an oversized actuator, but combining it with a kowal (which also reduces throw) gives me a pretty tight octagon that I really enjoy. Don’t know how the experience would be with a spark, but you could email FA and see if they’ve still got any sat aside.


I have a prototype JLF gate from PAS made from plexi with a short throw circle. You need a bigger actuator and it doesn’t have the positioning tabs to hold loose switches so it only works with PCBs. I rocked it for a while for science and went back to square but it worked well. The sharp edges of the plexi can cut into the crappy stock JLF actuators. Aluminum was best.


these are the qanba ones. they look exactly like the square gate from the qanba jlf clone in the injustice stick. i ordered a couple. i will let u know how it feels. i think it will be similar to going from square to octo on the ls-56