Tila Tequila attacked by Mob of Juggalos

Sheriff on Tila Incident – ‘Things Got Out of Hand’ | TMZ.com

Why the fuck would she even be performing at a gathering of Juggalos?

Fucking magnets. How do they work?

I don’t like Tila but damn they beat the fuck out of her.

hahahaha thats pretty fuckin funny

I guess juggalos arent that bad

Pfft… thousands of people attack her and she just has a little scrape and slight cut over her eye. Juggalos must be pussies.

Why was she there in the first place? Same with Gallagher and Bryan Danielson.

What’s a juggalo?

a Virtua Fighter combo

she is fucking ugly

lol at not just wiping off the blood from that tiny little pockmark so it pools and looks worse for the cameras.

She probably went to the event knowing something like this would happen, so she could get more attention.

I think she looked really pretty.

I like my women the same way I like my eggs. beaten.

even beyond the “preteen who fell of his skateboard for the first time” papercuts, she is just straight up ugly when she is not made up for five hours and photoshopped.

Damn, I didn’t even know Goku was a juggalo.

Some of you guys are fucking trash. A woman got beat, have some sympathy.

cry about it, pussy.

and while you are weeping, somehow try to differentiate between a joke and a serious statement.

and, through the tears, also realize you are in the general discussion board on SRK.

and this is the internet.

srs bsns

Nah, she’s trash.

What is a juggalo?
A juggalo
That’s what it is
Well, fuck if I know
What is a juggalo?
I don’t know
But I’m down with the clown
And I’m down for life, yo

Apparently from that link, Juggalos think “dumb” is spelled d-u-m-p…

Wow. All jokes aside, that’s a damn shame. They couldn’t just boo her off the stage?

If she thought that, we can always upgrade to bricks…just make sure you talk that smack off stage homie.