TILT TOURNEY 4/22/07 (cvs2,mvc2,3s,t5dr)

you know how we do!
Man we are back AGAIN! we need to keep it going guys. hope everyone can make it out to this so we can throw down hardcore as only NORCAL can do! lets get it hype.



T5 dr
kof xi ( I would really like to see this have a tourney this time around) ill have flyers at tilt soon.

Entry Fee: $5 plus single token play

pay outs: 70/20/10

Tilt Info:

1372B Travis Blvd
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 426-5444


I should be there. Can we have signups from 10-noon, tourny start at 12:45?

shuma will be there playin and smokin like always plus im tryin 2 see if i can get one of my girls to help someone after they win only for mvc2


“help someone”

i like that. looks like i have to win marvel.

Ill see what i can do about that but I really think we should have sign ups stay the way they are. I mean we ran a pretty smooth tourney and ray thought it was a great success. I like it the way it is but that is just me.

HAHA, I guess Tyram you forgot that I was gonna setup a tourney after your bday so I could buy you a drink. Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

I’l be there again. Working on a better middle man this month.

the time worked well…my only concern is we had like 22 marvel entries and maybe 15 cvs2…we usually have like 20 cvs2 entries…what if we have 20 in both…the tourney is gonna take longer…the only thing is if you bumped the time up alot of people won’t show cause it’s too early…but will see…i have faith everything will work out…plus this tourney i had alot of fun!!! i’ll probably sign up for all three games again…but i’ll concentrate more on marvel!!!

hey tryam, I got more memory for my camera so we should coordinate on videos. I can handle some of the matches that you might not grab.

yeah. next tiem man. its what the manager wants. ill get that drink from you in MAY.

fo sho. and you can maybe tape cvs2 grand finals and ill tape marvel’s grand finals

yo whats up dude… that tournament was hella good dude! im lookin forward to going to the next one! this time ima try and sign up for CVS2 and MVC2! just so i get used to the joystick! hahaha

haha, you’re just saying that cuz you think your gonna be in the grand finals again and I won’t. :wgrin: lol, j/p I can tape whatever I just gotta find out how much footage I can take, before the tourney so I know when to switch cards or when I’m out.

so NO kof xi againg?? any good comp there lately or is ut just dead all the time??

People don’t play xi in tourney here. If you want to play just show up on a weekend and play the regulars then.

if by XI regulars you mean random Mexicans, sure.

that machine is dead… :frowning:


They are the same mexicans coming time and time again though. are they any good?

The only good random guy I can think of is some kid who uses gato/kula/k’ or something… otherwise all the random people are crap. Decent players around are mostly from out of town sadly.

Lack of comp is why I got bored so damn fast… Only people I ever got to play against a lot was Rene, Paul, Ram and occasionally CJ… I only really play now when I can rally people up on random crowded days… usually while people are waiting in between rounds for tournaments.

Then Spider-Dan hops on the machine and makes us all looks like fucking scrubs :frowning:

fun times, that KOF machine.

btw Adel god press > top tiers =)

yo what’s up! hey dude, i finally got myself a joystick made by MASSYSTEMS… ima get some good practice on that shit dude! it’s on sucka! lol

hey stiltman…how about those mirror matches yesterday of BH/SENT/CC. It was very FUN! Thanks to all my fans that watched those AMAZING matches!

Heh. Well, I was trying to get a little too cute most of the time so I didn’t even really hold it together in the games when I was ahead. And there were a number of them. You should use that team somewhat in tourneys, it suits you very well and if the other player isn’t using Cable it’s very good. (If they’re starting Storm you just start Sentinel.)

That said… don’t get too happy about that one, because at first blush I’m frequently not very good on the rare occasions when I first run into someone who’s using my own tactics against me worth a damn. It’s not often that it happens to me, so if you are any good at it, it’ll often work the first time. I just don’t have to often think that hard about where and when I should move, and I don’t always deal with it very well. It’s ironic, but it’s true. :sweat:

Of course, if we really wanted to drive people crazy, we’d stick our heads together and compare notes on how to play that team, and then rule the bay together with it. Nobody would ever be able to move again. Hee. :badboy: