Tilt Tourney March 11th (cvs2,mvc2,3s)


We are gonna try something a little different this time. We have never had a tourney on a sunday before and we want to see how things would go for everyone. Anyways here is the info.


Capcom vs Snk 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Street fighter 3 third strike
Tekken 5 DR

Sign ups

start at noon and will end at 2pm

Entry Fee

$5 plus single token play
Pay outs**


Tilt Info

1372B Travis Blvd
Fairfield, CA 94533
(707) 426-5444

Good luck to all! hope everyone can make this even though its on a SUNDAY!


well like always i will be there and not playin sike i might play at this one just might play other games 2


Tyram’s an animal setting these things up! I’ll try to make it, but the 13th is my wife’s b-day and I need to make sure not to piss her off :slight_smile:


I am off for this… I will be there. Also, do you have the brackets from the last tourney so I can update the Tourney software.


god no tekken wtf:arazz:


i think rey set this one up


I shall be attending.

I am kevin,
You’ll know me by my omega red.


I do. give me a call so i can give you the rundown.


You will have to battle it out with our Omega Reg Guru, Rene.


yo what’s up dude! it’s mikel! i finally found the official website to get those boxed joystick! hahaha! took me forever to find…anywayz, i’m lookin forward to going to ur tourney! peace!


lol sup man? about time you got on here lol. yeah this tourney will be pretty dope so roll threw if you can.


i’ll be there this time and ill bring a couple of guys with me if i can…i miss the other one but i told you i would make it to one of your tournys…rep that modesto…haha


oww man another one! Woot! imma try to make it to this one! keep it up tyram!


lol thanks. Hope you can make it.


I hope sunday tourneys don’t become standard… I can’t make it at all on sundays :frowning:


HAha, i’m going to try and make this one, Hopefully I will see some boys from Stockton, or they will ride with me, so I dont get lost on the way up there.:confused:


your booooooooooy, the moghty k.o.r.n will be there. along with` the flunksta and crazzle. i’ll prolly be joining, what it do niggas.


I’ll be at this one too. I’ll try out the new team I’m working with, I think I’m finally finding my comfort zone. Look forward to the CVS2 and getting to know everyone better.


holla biooootch!


Fa Sho It Finna Be Cracking…just Wish My Msp Was Better To Run At The Tourney…but Korngizzle Finna Sign Up…you Know It’s Murda…oh Yea I Got Grapes All Day For Niggaz At The Tourney!!!