Tilt Tourney v2.0 05/31 : 3S, MvC2, T5:DR

just got off the phone with Junior, flyers will be up soon!

3 Dollar entry fee for all games.

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. (yes it will be back!)
Marvel Vs Capcom 2: Sentinels Rage.
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

1st 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

Sign Up’s are at 2pm-3pm I would like to start the tournament before 4pm but i know with us we always seem to start things out a tad late but lets try to be prudent.

if for whatever reason i will not be able to make it Fatbear has volunteered to run it in my stead.


it’s on the third floor bye the theater in the food court.

Any other questions? =)

Put the address or a mapquest address in and I’ll sticky it. :tup:

BAM Edited

3rd strike…this is gonna by hype.
i’m in.

Tight turd strike tourny.

Since consoles are sucking up the arcade market… how will tilt react to a handheld version of its big moneymaker?!?



man ill probably win the marvel tournament; ive gotten a lot better since last time.
i was at tilt earlier and only lp, 2nd assist, and taunt worked but that didnt stop me from running that machine. sometimes none of the buttons would work but i still managed to win with my mind games and mix ups.

don’t lie, i beat you with the gibson

A day after my bday. Ill go to this 1 since 3s is back =)

yeah right you know you want to play marvel that game is TYTe

Kinda true. To lazy to learn it. I’m still tryin to improve my game for 3s and ST

4 more days get hype son!!

Is the 3S cab back up yet?

who cares,3S sucks, tekkkkkennnn!!! By the way Jwo and guy named eddie are coming down for this. They are the best two players in washington. Its gonna be crazy, P.sack@(Current king of scrubs)ME@Kent vs JWO @ Eddie, thats hype.

Hopefully this will all start on time regardless of out of towners…

heard it was to be up today, but i don?t think it is though i hope it is before friday

who’s comin through?

me. might be late. MIGHT

i hope the tourney had a good turn out.

i had to work.