-= Time affecting hit decay =-


I need definitive explanation on how exactly this works. No theories please. I’ve searched a ton on srk forums and google… but I haven’t gotten a full 100% grasp on how this exactly works.

I know certain things effects my combos but I don’t know how. And I use c.viper on point so I need to understand this because I’m not hitting the simplest L seismo -> tk burn kicks.


Basic pointers
-once you hit someone, there is a timer that starts counting, and as the timer progresses, hitstun decays more (moves do less hitstun)
-a grounded string, on a grounded opponent, makes the timer decay not as fast as a juggled opponent. a long grounded string will not affect a combo as much as a long juggle string. (but it still affects it)
-once you knock an opponent off the ground, the timer starts counting significantly faster
-certain moves cause the timer to start at a certain point. for example, throws and wesker counter super.
-some moves seem to not affect the timer during the cinematic, like spiderman’s web throw, probably stuff like dante’s level 3.
-tac ignores the timer affect on hitstun… but the timer is still counting, so starting a tac infinite very early in your combo and ending after a lot of reps with, say, a launch will mean the launch is very deteriorated. they will pop out extremely quickly.
-super jumping adds hitstun to moves (so tac’s are relatively extremely lenient, having both max hitstun of moves and the super jump hitstun bonus)


That is probably the most elaborate explanation I have ever read… and it gave me almost complete understanding of how time affects hit-stun-deterioration. Thank you so much for this reply.


Same here. Dayum.

So not only does Bon Voyage stack deterioration on with hits, but by TIME too? Might have to look into a new way to corner carry!


hits don’t matter for hitstun scaling, only for damage scaling


your seismo into tk burn kick sounds like your not jump canceling the seismo, and if you don’t you will never hit.

use the following inputs - seismo, down, down-left, left, up-left+atk. This is on one player side, and your adding up-left to jump, but when you hit attack it will read a burn kick and cancel that jump (this can be used after a launcher to throw out seismo too, even though seismo requires you to be on the ground, your super-jump after launcher allows you to input commands and as long as you are doing a motion into atk before you actually leave the ground it will perform a grounded move, thus you don’t have to wait for that launcher to end to perform the move.)

If you ever see someone doing a move after another move before the move recovers, their is some sort of cancel going on and you need to google it or ask someone how it’s done.