Time Attack. Arcade mode

It’s possible, now that 3S is emulated, to put together a decent time attack run through the game. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a time attack, you can find out more here; http://tasvideos.org/

Imagine playing through the game with knowledge of what will happen next, perfect timing and flawless input? The interesting thing is that you still have no control over what the CPU will throw at you, so you’d have to apply your knowledge to great extent in order to maximize the damage you inflict. If, for example, the CPU player jumps in, your anti-air parry is guaranteed, but because your input is perfect, you could follow up with somthing utterly, utterly outrageous. I don’t know about anyone else, but these scenarios fascinate me.

Naturally, every match will be double perfect. It’s also customary for tools assisted runs to beat the game as fast as possible.

…And so my question; Which character would you play and why?

I’m seriously thinking SA3 Makoto. Granted she doesn’t have many combos with that super, but you can pretty much guarantee full meter by the end of round 1. Unleashing the SA, plus taunt early in round 2 would be devastating. In fact, I doubt any of the cast could match her speed here. You wouldn’t need combos. Landing successive hits with SA3 and not knocking the opponent down, would finish rounds very, very quickly.

I might have a crack at the first match today. So much time …so little to do. :lol:

Any character that deals damage fast is good. Supers with good damage but too long anymation might not be appropriate.
SA3 Makoto could be interesting, just forget using karakusa -> wasting tons of time, even if cpu falls for that easily
Hugo SA2 could be an interesting experiment, SA2 has better damage/time rate than Gigas and it builds faster. SA2 Ryu could be good too, can actually kill some characters fast before charging meter, and ending the second round really quickly with shinsho.
I would rule out characters with juggles that take a lot of time (no Urien, no Yun)
Dudley SA3 could be good also, SA3 animates very fast for the damage it deals, and he has damaging non-juggle combos, just don’t use ex mgb
Also don’t rule out the might of Ex cross counter vs cpu, that shit deals huge damage in no time, who cares if you lose health in a time attack
(actually with no “perfect” showing you might gain a couple of seconds)

but I think that a Score Attack would be more interesting. I can’t find the page that listed them anymore, but Gamest records go up to almost 16M points with Yang, most scores are in 12M-13M range and only Necro falls shorts of 10M points (but he’s almost there)
In my calculation a “simple” all perfect with Superfinish every round, excellent witha good time on the car, perfect sean bonus and MSF final grade which gives a 2M bonus at the end of the game (that score is shown only in the grade screen riepilogue) grants something around 10M.
Since most characters exceed that score by a lot, it would be interesting to find how they do it.

You could win a lot of time by picking chun and EX hyakuretsu the SUV to death, and maybe use SA1 for the shorter bar.

ok, maybe not a lot, but I like the idea.

Denjin Ryu is the fastest CPU beatdown character- High damage plus high stun plus free jump-in combo.

A time attack run would allow you to roll back the clock and abuse the knowledge you gained about what the computer will do next. Every time it throws out a move, you will parry. Every time it blocks, you can command grab. Every time it tries to throw you can tech or punish. Everything you attack with would be free. The CPU would spend almost every frame of every match eating damage in the corner. Denjin would be painfully slow and would yield no real advantage in this situation.

I’ve done some testing and the CPU is usually stunned at about 30% life, before he fills a Denjin stock anyway.

Shinshoryuken works nicely. I can see it making very short work of round 2. But by the time the meter is built in round 1, the CPU is so close to losing that it’s pointless to waste it. You could probably play SA1, finish every round with a super and still claw back the time it takes to play out all those Shinshoryuken animations.

The mostly costly parts of a round so far are the time it takes to close the distance on startup (Hayate kicks ass here) and the amount of time the CPU spends in the air and waking up. You can minimize this with resets, or by avoiding knock downs, but you sacrifice damage. Could be another reason to go Ryu SA1? You could reset after hitting the super in corners.

Like I’ve said, it looks as though Makoto SA3 would destroy worlds here!

Are CPU exploits allowed? For example, pick Ken, knock the opponent down, meaty st.mp, pause, lp.srk, kara lp.srk. No need to worry about spacing, timing, the computer pulling instant supers/srks or whatever. Boring as hell, but guaranteed damage.

I wouldn’t rule out Yun just yet. SA3 charges so ridiculously fast and can do so much damage. As soon as you get your first bar, you could activate, then exploit the AI to start a juggle. Then, to make things even MORE broken, you could do a reset, wait for them to land, then exploit the AI again to start another juggle, which would lead to even more damage AND build more bar after GJ.

i bet you’d still get jabed out
also if you wanna get the fastest time you could try using someone that can combo and then reset the opponent, so you dont waste time while theyre knoked down, yun and yang come to mind, maybe Q?